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If you’re in need The Woodlands TX packers and movers near me for a stress-free move day, Summit Moving & Storage is just right for the job. We know how to give you the holistic moving experience you need so you can finally relax. You deserve to enjoy the fact that you’re going somewhere new and starting a new chapter in your life. Don’t lose all of that excitement to stress because of moving – let us take care of the difficult stuff for you.


The Woodlands TX packers and movers near me

Are you moving with pets or children? Ask our specialists for tips on how to handle it best on moving day.

Residential & Senior Moving

Your professional movers from Summit have a wide array of packing services you can use, so you don’t have to do the work. We can assemble, load, and unload furniture that you want to be taken with you to your new home. We’re also happy to pack and unpack larger items in your home for no extra cost to you. This includes items such as pool tables, exercise equipment, playgrounds, swing sets, etc. Don’t fall into the traps of other movers in The Woodlands that try to charge you extra for such basic services.

If you’re older in age and looking to move, we have plenty of ways to accommodate you. Our relocation specialists are available during all business hours to help you with any of your concerns. Do you need tips on moving with pets? Would you like us to draft up a detailed moving plan? Whatever you need, our specialists will be able to assist you. Don’t be afraid to reach out so you can get the information you need when you need it.

Commercial Business

When it’s time to move your highly esteemed business, it’s time to get in touch with moving specialists. Summit has experience moving corporate office, retailers, industrial facilities, and more. We know how to get your business and all your office equipment into your new office as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When we arrive, don’t be afraid to let us set up for you. Simply tell us where you want certain items, and we’ll have the whole thing done in no time.

Long-Distance Moving

Are you moving out of Texas? If so, give yourself the opportunity to indulge in a few free services with Summit. Full-service packing, fragile packing, custom crating, and our DIY packing kit are all included when you move long-distance with Summit. We want to make sure you’re getting the best out of our professional moving services. We can also offer assistance with vehicle shipping, large-item shipping, and short-term storage if you need it. You can come with us for help with anything throughout your move, even if Summit itself doesn’t offer that particular service.

As you probably already know, other The Woodlands TX packers and movers near me like to make moving as expensive as possible. Here at Summit, we really don’t see a reason to do something like this. Our goal is to help you, not run our wallet dry. In order to provide the best assistance possible and claim that we successfully do so, we have to prove it. Stick to the company that always puts your needs first.

The Woodlands TX packers and movers near me

Your specialists at Summit will walk you step-by-step through the process, so you know what’s happening at all times.


Summit is undoubtedly the group of The Woodlands TX packers and movers near me that you should stick to. We’re not just here to physically move things from one location to another. We’re experts in every facet of moving – why not spread the knowledge? We figured it’d be more helpful to assist our customers throughout the entire process. We think this holistic approach is far more beneficial to our customers than leaving them out to dry once we’ve moved their items.

Our relocation specialists make sure this happens by providing customer service that goes well beyond what you find from local companies in surrounding areas. You’re always our number one priority. We want to be as accessible as possible so you can always feel at ease.


Crating & Boxes

Summit Moving & Storage has plenty of crates and boxes available, and there are some for every price range. Our wardrobe boxes, for example, are completely free. These are perfect for light items or loose articles of clothing that were accidentally left behind. You can request as many as you need from one of your movers the next time they visit the house. If you’d rather something that’s a little more solid, our boxes and crates come at a discount. We’re always looking for ways to make things both convenient and cost-efficient for the people that are moving with us. In an effort to save since you’re using our services, Summit will reduce the actual price of the boxes your movers purchase out of pocket.

The Woodlands TX packers and movers near me

Need extra boxes? Get yours at a discount from The Woodlands TX packers and movers near me.


When you need storage options for your personal items, office equipment, or vehicles, you can turn your favorite local moving company. We have a wide array of storage units that are sterile, some of which also come with climate control. Whatever your storage needs, we have you covered. Ask your movers or contact one of our specialists to see which one would be the best fit for you and your belongings.


Getting a quote from Summit is quite different than your average experience from other The Woodlands TX packers and movers near me. We make it a point to be as upfront and straightforward with our customers as possible. The quote you get at your initial consultation will always be accurate and within reason. We truly don’t believe in tacking on additional costs or hidden fees – it’s simply unethical and unnecessary.

With us, you’ll always be kept in the loop throughout your moving process. We pride ourselves on being open and amiable, so our customers always receive the best from us. If you’re ready to get in touch with The Woodlands TX packers and movers near me, all you have to do is call (713) 623-1444.

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