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With a combined experience of over 20 years, Summit is the most efficient and affordable The Woodlands TX moving company.

If you need the perfect The Woodlands TX moving company, Summit Moving & Storage is the best candidate for the job. We understand how daunting moving can be. Whether you’re going down the street or to a different state, it’s a lot to take on. We’re here to give you a stress-free moving experience – with efficient and friendly team members; we’ll have you moved into your new place in no time.


Summit provides the best moving services in the Houston area. Uprooting your life is a big deal – make sure you’re only getting the best for a moment this big.

Residential Moving

If you’re moving into a completely different home, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Summit is here to take some of the weight off your shoulders. Your local movers are experts in packing and protecting items, so they aren’t subject to damage. Don’t stress about trying to pack your own car with your belongings – leave that to us.

We’re the most detailed The Woodlands TX moving company you’ll ever come across. We’ve handled move day for over 20 years – we’re prepared for anything you could think of. If your current residence has difficult access points, we can work around that. Whether it’s bad traffic or rainy weather, we hit the ground running so you can get to your new home.

Senior Moving

If you’ve got elderly loved ones in the family, you can trust us to take care of them and make the process as easy as possible. We understand that moving can be even more exhausting for them. That’s why we have specialists that are accessible when you need them.

Our consultants have extensive experience with relocating. Whatever your questions or concerns, you can reach out to them for suggestions and advice. They can guide you through the process and help you with your specific situation. At Summit Moving & Storage, making our customers happy is our number one priority – don’t be afraid to reach out for any of your concerns.

Business/Commercial Moving 

We provide moving services for any of your business and commercial needs. If you’re heading to a new building, the idea of moving your entire office elsewhere can be overwhelming. You could have office chairs, desks, electronics, files or filing cabinets, and more that needs to be taken care of.

This is where Summit comes in – we’re experts at handling these things. We’ve moved retailers, industrial facilities, and corporate offices to new locations. We know how to keep things simple yet efficient. If you have any particular requests about how we handle certain items, let us know.

Moreover, we’ll come to your office and pack everything up for you. Even if you’re only moving a couple of floors down, you can depend on us to get your items boxed up.

Out of State

Long-distance moves will be much less of a hassle with Summit Moving & Storage. Besides our normal high-quality service, you have access to a few extra benefits to help your interstate journey. We also include full-service packaging, custom crating, and fragile packing for your belongings.

Don’t forget, our consultants are also available to help you through this process. Their experience spans across all areas, so you have someone you can depend on any time you need help.


Special Items

If you have larger items at your residency, we can take care of it, no problem. We’ll move pianos, exercising equipment, pool tables, swing sets, and playgrounds to your new home. We don’t charge extra for these items – just let us know what you have so we can prepare to take it over with the rest of your belongings. Our packing services keep these items in the best condition.

The Woodlands TX moving company

You can always reach out to our specialists at Summit Moving & Storage. We’re here to help.

Reach Out to the Specialists

As mentioned before, Summit has moving specialists to assist you with anything before, during, and after the moving process. We have unmatched customer service – our number one priority is taking care of the community. We want to ease the burden of moving so you can have an enjoyable experience and outlook on the fact that you’ll be somewhere new! Stress less – trust your specialists at Summit to get you through anything.


What else can you get out of moving with us?

Crating Options

We have additional options in case you need more space for your personal items. For one thing, we have free wardrobe boxes for clothing. This is great because you don’t need to purchase extra boxes for your clothes.

If you do need extra cartons or more moving trucks, that isn’t a problem. We’ll have more on the way in a matter of minutes. You could get a discount for using our cartons. This is far more convenient than buying and bringing boxes from another business. Sit back, relax, and let us bring everything you need to you.

The Woodlands TX moving company

Our storage areas have video-surveillance, so your belongings will be monitored 24/7.

Storage Options

If you’d like to keep your belongings in a clean, safe, and monitored environment, you could utilize our storage options. We have the space to store almost anything of yours. This applies to personal items, business items, vehicles, and climate-controlled storage should you need it.


Here at Summit Moving & Storage, we’re adamant about making sure our customers are receiving the best for the best price. You can absolutely expect to receive reasonable, affordable, and accurate estimates for your items. We take pride in being a great The Woodlands TX moving company. You’ll never receive an estimate that ends up being higher than necessary. The moving quote we give you is what you’ll pay if you don’t end up paying less than that. We’re the best North Houston movers you can find – know that you can always get what you expect with us. If you want to know more about the best The Woodlands TX moving company around, please call (713) 623-1444.

Fun Facts

  • The Woodlands area is known as “The Invisible City.”
  • 8,000 acres of open space and forestry remain untouched.
  • Many bird species migrate and live here.
  • Learn more about The Woodlands!