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Instead of searching “The Woodlands TX moving companies near me” again, contact us for quality moving services. Summit Moving & Storage is here to provide the right team members for your moving experience. We bring you the best North Houston movers for the big move day. From packing services to storage, we make sure that your next long-distance or local move is stress-free. Our job is to bring The Woodlands and the surrounding area the most satisfying customer services around.

As local movers in The Woodlands, moving and storage are essential aspects of our job. Our professional moving services provide the most optimal way to organize and execute on your moving projects. With our knowledge of the Houston area, we provide speedy and efficient transportation to your new location. We also provide equipment, like moving boxes and trucks.

Our goal is to offer the most reliable and exceptional moving experience for our customers. Our full-service movers ensure that you get the support you need when you need it. As a result, we bring you the best results when moving to a new neighborhood, city, or state. Our movers will also ensure that your things are well taken care of during transit. You can expect this level of quality from our residential and commercial moves.

The Woodlands TX Moving Companies Near Me

The Woodlands TX Moving Companies Near Me

Summit Moving & Storage brings you the most effective way to get your belongings from point A to point B. We also offer storage services to all of our clients as well. With our storage, you can take care of the excess items you may have that you don’t wish to get rid of.

With our team’s skills, knowledge, and experience, we provide the most efficient moving services. Never bother searching “The Woodlands TX moving companies near me” again.

The Woodlands TX Moving Companies Near Me

Summit Moving & Storage is a moving company that specializes in local and long-distance moves. Whether it’s a residential or commercial move, we have the experts and experience for the job. We can help you move down the street, out of the state, and every place in between. We also offer specialized moving services for pianos, pool tables, exercise equipment, swing sets, playgrounds, and much more.

For well over twenty years now, our team has helped thousands of clients with their relocations. In this time, we have mastered the art of moving and storage for your benefit. With our help, you’ll be able to execute on your moving project with ease. We also provide moving tips on how to handle complex and large pieces of furniture.

We can also offer free quotes online or in person. Whether it’s a local move or international one, we’ll bring everything you need for the trip. Summit Moving & Storage also offers a selection of storage choices for your excess belongings. This ensures that your things are safely stored where you can reach them anytime. Our multi-purpose storage spaces provide the room you need for securing your items. These units are perfect for business storage, vehicle storage, climate-controlled storage, and self-storage.

In Houston, you can find a variety of movers for your home or office. However, only Summit Moving & Storage has the most outstanding track record of success. Our mission is to provide our excellent services to every client we possibly can.

Moving and Storage Options

As world-class movers, we know how essential it is that you get the right services for the right job. That’s why we offer moving and storage services that maximize your time and space. Our crew makes your move a smooth and seamless transition from one place to the next. This kind of quality can be expected from our residential and commercial services. Our services are so good that we even help with out of state projects.

The Woodlands TX Moving Companies Near Me

When your home moves, we’ll help you move with it.

Along with our moving services, we also offer storage services as well. This lets you avoid having to throw anything out during a move. Even if you move to a smaller or less accommodating location, you can still hold onto what you want. In the end, you don’t have to dispose of things that you don’t want to. After you deal with excess belongings, you can focus on the move itself.

Residential Moving

Summit Moving & Storage wants you to have everything you need for a successful move. Our residential moving service provides aid with moving your home and belongings. For us, it doesn’t matter whether you’re moving down the road, to a new neighborhood, city, or state. All that matters is that we get an idea of the layout of your new home.

We take the time to get to know the key points of the moving route. This is so that the move is much more convenient and easier. These key points can include gate access restrictions, boat transfers, car transfers, narrow driveways, storage needs, and more. Once we have these aspects down, helping you pack, transporting your belongings, and unpacking becomes far easier.

Commercial Moving

Sometimes, people move their businesses to find a new market or customer base. Whatever your reason for moving, your equipment and supplies need to go with you. That’s where Summit Moving & Storage comes into the picture. We help you move your commercial business so that you can keep the transition seamless.

We’ll help with the packing and unpacking process to ensure that your equipment isn’t damaged. Our team will also provide transportation, moving equipment, planning, and a flexible schedule. On top of all of that, we also offer storage options for your commercial property as well.

The Woodlands TX Moving Companies Near Me

From commercial moves to residential, we’ve got you covered.

Long Distance Moving

Moving can be an incredibly stressful endeavor. However, moving out of the state of Texas can be even more stress-inducing. That’s why we here at Summit Moving & Storage provide assistance here as well. No matter where in the United States you move, we offer moving services. Our services include custom crates, full-service packing, fragile packing, and more.

Call Our Team Today

Summit Moving & Storage is here to make moving easier than ever before. From residential to commercial and long-distance moves, no one does more than us. Call (713) 623-1444 or find us online for more information. After that, you’ll never have to search “The Woodlands TX moving companies near me” again.

The Woodlands TX Fun Facts

  • “The Invisible City” is one of The Woodlands’ nicknames
  • The city has close to 150 parks
  • The Woodlands Townships is made up of nine villages
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