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If you are trying to locate The Woodlands TX Long Distance Movers, there is only one place that comes above the rest. Summit Moving and Storage provides the best customer service for all your moving experience.

Moving out is a significant part of anyone’s life. It marks the beginning of new starts and ends another era. Filled with many emotions of excitement and stress, moving can produce a feeling of anxiety. However, to help avoid that, Summit is here to help.

We make it possible to enjoy the new adventure by providing moving services and more. Our crew has over 20 years of experience in the industry, making us highly qualified for the job. If you are looking for the greatest movers around, well, you’ve found them with us!

The Woodlands TX Long Distance Movers

The Woodlands TX Long Distance Movers You Can Trust

Whether you require a long-distance moving service or just a local move, we provide you with the best of the best. Other movers in The Woodlands offer moving services too. However, we do the most to give you the most enjoyable moving experience.

Trusting the right moving company makes all the difference when getting a job done. So when you are searching for The Woodlands TX Long Distance Movers, choose Summit Moving and Storage for any of your moving needs. Contact us soon for a direct quote when the time for a move comes!

A Team Committed to Success

Our moving company began as a family-owned business. Having started that way, we maintained the need to treat our clients like family. In other words, our crew gives you the respect and kindness you deserve. From start to finish, we are there to ensure a successful move day.

Everyone wants a stress-free move, and although it may seem impossible, it can be. When you come to Summit, we do everything in our hands to help you enjoy such a memorable life moment. While our priority is moving you, we also offer storage and packing services. Go to our website to learn more about why choosing Summit is the best decision you can make!

 Our Many Moving Services

As stated, we do full service moving and much more. No matter if you are moving far or near, we are here to take you home. We will be by your side throughout the whole process. In fact, from the beginning, we establish excellent communication.

In doing so, we can avoid misunderstand and mistakes. Also, we provide you with an estimated cost of the project before starting. With this, you are more than aware of our services and prices. Therefore, there will be no surprises when the time for moving comes.


If you are moving houses, our services are here to help. We understand that daily life keeps you busy, and moving may overwhelm you. However, when you contact us, all nerves can be put aside. Many services come along with your residential moving, making it easy for you to continue with your regular schedule.

Some of those services include packing and unpacking, de-cluttering, and storage.

The Woodlands TX Long Distance Movers

Summit provides all the help to set-up in your new office.


Also, place your trust in us for any commercial move you require. We’ve worked with many businesses moved, both large and small. In fact, we build secure connections with most of our clients. When the time comes for another move, they know to come to us.

We keep in mind that time is money, and the faster we relocate your business, the better. With strategic planning beforehand, we can achieve a quick and efficient move.


Not only do we make residential and commercial moves, but we also keep in mind our older people. When it comes to taking care of your belonging, our crew is the most compassionate and caring. We ensure that every situation is handled to perfection, making it a less stressful job.

Long-Distance Moving

Besides local moves, our moving company is also well trained to perform long-distance moves. Moving can become a nightmare if adequate planning and resources are not available. However, with our experience, we can conquer such events.

We have personalized solutions to help satisfy any of your moving services and needs. Whether that be packing, unpacking, or storage, we have it here. With us, you get more for your money.

Moving Trucks You Can Count On

Having said that intrastate moving is more challenging; we have more resources available. Although standard moving trucks offer a vast amount of space for all your items, they do require more trips for long-distance moves. When moving far from your current location, more trips are usually needed to get all your belonging safely to your new home.

However, with our supersize trucks, we are able to carry more things and make fewer trips. At Summit, we do what it takes to provide you with a more efficient and enjoyable moving experience.

Specialized Services

While moving you is our number one priority; we do offer more services. A lot comes along with moving, like packing all our items and safely transporting them. Therefore, we provide many services that can ease the process.

The Woodlands TX Long Distance Movers

Summit can help move your piano to your new home!

Packing and Unpacking

Acknowledging your busy schedule, we take the time to pack all your belongings. With the best care, we ensure that all valuables will be cared for and packed correctly. Also, once at the new location, we do all the unpacking for you.

If you would, however, enjoy packing some items, we are more than happy to let that happen.


Another service that we offer for larger items is crating. To ensure the proper transport of big things, we will build a crate to help give support.

Piano Movers

Lastly, if you require moving a piano, we have what it takes to do it. Our piano movers will give the most care when moving such valuables. However, make sure to contact us before the move to have all accommodations ready.

Summit Moving and Storage Gives You More

For a free quote, call us now at (713) 623-1444. We will provide you will information about our services. Keep Summit Moving and Storage in mind when looking for The Woodlands TX Long Distance Movers!

The Woodlands TX Fun Facts 

  • The Woodlands area has almost 150 parks.
  • In 1976, the first high school opened in this area.
  • The Woodlands area is known as “The Invisible City.”
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