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From all The Woodlands TX Local Moving Companies around, only one provides more than what is expected. Anyone can transport your belongings to your desired destination. However, the difference comes in the eye for detail and the care they give. Summit Moving and Storage has the best hands for the job.

With over 20 years of moving experience, our team has established a set of values to work by. Having first opened as a family-owned and operated business, we give any client the respect of a family member. With that, you can expect to be heard and valued for your decisions.

If looking for a mover in the Woodlands, make sure to contact our services. Our quality work will ensure that you are more than satisfied with the outcome. Moving shouldn’t have to be stressful, with us, enjoy a smooth ride.

The Woodlands TX Local Moving Companies

The Woodlands TX Local Moving Companies

Your local movers might offer services that seem convenient. However, there is more that comes to moving that needs consideration. When you move, there is packing, storing, loading, and much more that comes into play. Therefore, look for a company that will provide everything that you need.

At Summit, we offer more than merely moving services; we ensure that all your needs will be completed to perfection. All the heavy work is done by us so that you don’t have to. In fact, we believe that moving is a special occasion. To help you enjoy it, we do what it takes!

So when you find yourself comparing The Woodlands TX Local Moving Companies, keep in mind that Summit offers many benefits. No one will give you the care and attention that we do.

Experienced Movers

Our years in the industry have helped our team members learn precisely what it takes to get a good job done. Every single relocation is different and unique; therefore, we provide personalized moving services. In doing so, we can accomplish exactly what you specified.

More so, our excellent customer service can make any transition smooth and stress-free. Our experienced movers are skilled and well trained to perform any service. They give your belongings the best care and ensure safe delivery. Having experience makes the difference when it comes to a successful relocation.

Our Mission

Whether you require local or long-distance moving services, our crew is ready to tackle the task. Summit is well aware that moving happens all the time and for various reasons. However, no matter the reason, you deserve to enjoy this exciting chapter of your life.

To help with that, we take full responsibility for any task that comes with relocating. Our job is to give you the best and smoothest moving experience, and we are glad to do it!

Home Moving

Changing homes is always a stressful yet exciting situation. Finding the time to pack can be a challenge when working through your busy schedule. However, when you hire Summit Moving & Storage, you can continue with your daily life. Our crew will handle all the packing and more.

If you are moving with children and pets, we also have some helpful tips to offer. For a smooth transition to happen, it is best to inform your children about the relocation. One of the best advice we give is visiting the new home and its surrounding areas. Doing so will get them familiar and less stressed when the change occurs.

As for your pets, we suggest making sure the new place is pet-proof. Knowing this information will help keep secure all your pets. Also, it will prevent any potential for escaping. Either way, for any concerns, make sure to take to our team.

The Woodlands TX Local Moving Companies

We have all the equipment necessary to get your new office relocated.

Office Moving

For companies, we also offer full-service commercial moving. Any industry and sized company are welcomed to take advantage of our services. We will provide all material necessary to safely move your computer equipment, printers, fax machines, and more.

Don’t wait longer, like many companies have, you can also enjoy our work. Many companies that we have worked with have developed excellent relationships with us. In fact, for any of their moving need, they come to Summit!

Senior Moving

Aside from residential and commercial moving, our team is also highly qualified for senior relocations. With our care and compassion, we will give your elders the treatment they deserve. Also, by providing our services, we will provide you with the family time you require before such an occasion.

Our Specialized Services

Providing you with more than moving services, we are not your regular moving company. We are a professional moving company that does what it takes to keep you happy. Our specialized services range from transporting pianos, exercise, and pool equipment, to much more.

Packing and Unpacking

One of the main tasks involved with relocating includes packing all belongings. Our packing services make your move day as easy as possible. We will take care of providing all boxes, packing, and loading all your valuables with extra care.

The Woodlands TX Local Moving Companies

Summit offers you more for your money!


For items that are too large for boxes, we offer custom crating. Our talented crew will take the time to build a crate that will help securely transport such belongings.

Piano Moving

As for pianos, we ask to be informed beforehand. Pianos are massive objects that require special care. With their irregular angles and weight, it is a difficult task to get done. However, being prepared with the correct equipment will allow our crew to deliver your piano safely.


Lastly, any valuables that do not need to be delivered immediately can be stored in any of our facilities. We offer a variety of storage to ensure that any item will be protected and well maintained. Our facilities hold self-storage, business storage, and even climate-controlled storage.

Plan Your Next Move with Summit

If you require Woodlands moving services, make sure to contact Summit Moving and Storage. We are unlike any other local movers you encounter. Our services go beyond just relocating you.

To learn more about us, visit us online or call at (713) 623-1444. Ask us for a direct quote on your project when you call. And remember, from all The Woodlands TX Local Moving Companies, we are the best!

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