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Summit Moving & Storage is the perfect team of The Woodlands TX hire movers for your move. We have been helping people with their local moves for over twenty years. Whether your cargo is large or small and no matter how far, our team is up for the job.

The Woodlands TX hire movers

The Woodlands TX hire movers will have everything packed up in no time.

People move for numerous reasons. You could be moving for a new job, a project for your own task, college, starting a new married life, for new scenery, or anything else. We will be with you to get you all the way to that new life too. Summit Moving supports you with the relocation process.

Moving With Summit

Moving across the city is more stressful than one might expect. There’s lots of planning to do before you get to the packing and moving part. There are months of preparation. You need to organize everything in your home. Eventually, you can finally get to packing it up. Some of the trouble is leaving enough unpacked to live until you actually leave.

On moving day, itself, you have the packing, the long drive, and unpacking ahead of you. Not to mention that touchdown will include the difficulty of getting everything set up, like the Internet, phone, and cable. We highly recommend hiring a team of professional The Woodlands TX hire movers. Moving is daunting. So, lighten your load with us. We take the heavy lifting off your shoulders.

The movers at Summit have experience moving. With us, you do not have to worry. And while working with you, we can pass on the tricks we have picked up. Through consultations with us, you can learn what you need for any steps in the moving process. And, if you need any, we have moving supplies ready for purchase.

The Woodlands TX hire movers

We pack larger household items for no additional cost.

Residential Moving

Summit has over two decades of experience comfortably moving people to their new homes. Throughout our lives, people tend to gather more keepsakes than they realize. So, by the time you are ready to move, you have more to deal with than you understand. Moving does not mean you need to throw stuff out that you still appreciate. Your Missouri City, Texas, movers will help you make that move with everything you want with you.

Besides that, furniture and appliances fill the rest of your home. You may not be planning to take your refrigerator or your washer and dryer with you. But if the house you are moving into is not already furnished, it could be a whole lot easier. And most plan on taking their couches, chairs, and mattresses with them. Plenty of other heavy or cumbersome objects like computers and TVs take up a lot of space when packing.

Many of our clients have particularly heavy items to carry and transport that we luckily specialize in. For instance, a piano demands full service moving. We know how delicate this instrument is and how it has to stay finely tuned. Summit’s professional movers will get your treasured piano to your new home with care. And we also carry other unwieldy objects like pool tables, exercise equipment, swing sets, and playgrounds. These require larger moving trucks for delivering them over city or state borders.

Moving Offices

We can help companies of any size move location. You want your business’ transition to a new office to be as seamless as possible. With expert The Woodlands TX hire movers, we can accomplish that. Summit Moving & Storage has worked with industries of all sorts: retailers, corporate offices, industrial facilities, and more. We will work diligently to make sure all your office furniture and files make it there safe and sound.

You can be moving across town or the hall, and our moving services can help. We offer our own crates, use excellent equipment, pre-moving planning assistance, and protective wall and floor materials. You can get assistance with your move coordination and acquiring third-party service. Our Missouri City movers give you professional and friendly customer service.

Senior Moving

Moving is always an incredibly stressful experience. And for the older part of our population, it is even more formidable. As The Woodlands TX hire movers, we have experience handling senior-specific needs. Whether you want to be closer to family or better hospitals, we can help.

At this point, it is easy to have accumulated an entire lifetime worth of mementos. And it is hard to keep it all organized or move everything yourself. That is where we come in. Your Summit movers will help you handle everything.

Content Pack-Outs, De-Cluttering, and Storage

Pack-outs are usually done during emergencies like natural disasters or while renovations are going on in your home. For example, if you have a flooded home, you need to store all your belongings while your home is fixed. Or you might have a full remodeling job yourself.

The Woodlands TX hire movers

Need somewhere to put your belongings? Don’t sweat it; we have storage units with climate-controlled options available for any of your items.

A pack-out requires efficiency and organization. You want to know where everything is for when you can put it pack. But you also need it out of your house soon. Summit movers use a streamlined inventory system, so you have no need to worry. We get everything processed, packed, stored, and unpacked in a timely manner.

Otherwise, there are plenty of other reasons to store your home or office contents. You could have too much overflow in your garage. Or you have boxes upon boxes of taxes, confidential papers, and forms from work to store. You could also be in between leases and need a temporary holding area. Either way, we have self-storage, business storage, and climate-controlled storage units perfect for you.

The Woodlands TX Hire Movers

Hiring this work out to experts will help you when it comes to these difficult parts of the task. Such a momentous chore demands attention to detail. And we can help make it a stress-free experience. When working with us, you can give us all the specifications you require or important notes. These notes can include gate access codes to your neighborhood, your location, a narrow driveway, car or boat transfers, or storage needs. We tailor our services to you.

There is no need to keep searching for local moving companies in Missouri City anymore. If you need help with your move and need professionals, then contact us today. Call us at (713) 623-1444 or email us through for the expertise of our The Woodlands TX hire movers.

Missouri City TX Fun Facts

  • We had the first operating railroad in Texas
  • In a historical park, our Freedom Tree still stands.
  • Our city spans across two counties.
  • Once, a railway connected us to Los Angeles.
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