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Summit Moving & Storage is the right Sugar Land TX moving companys for you. We can get you to your new home down the street or across town with as little stress as possible. Whether you have a residential or commercial move planned, we can handle it. And no matter the size of your cargo, we can carry and transport it.

The Woodlands TX Cross Country Movers

There are many reasons that many people need to move great distances, and it hardly matters what it is. You can be moving for a new job, a job relocation, for college, or a change in scenery. We just want to help you get to this new stage of life in a seamless fashion. Summit operates a supporting role to get you from one place to the next.

Moving Homes

Our moving services are the best in the business. We have over two decades of experience getting people comfortably into their new homes promptly. People tend to gather plenty of mementos, knick-knacks, and souvenirs in their homes.  When it comes to moving, they only begin to realize how much stuff they have before they try packing it up. We can help with de-cluttering and managing to organize and pack everything to keep.

Unless your new home is furnished, you are likely trying to take massive, bulky appliances with you. These appliances could include your dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, dryer, and washer. Plus, you have your furniture, like a couch, chairs, and mattresses. And there are delicate and awkward to pack appliances like your TV and computers. With you Sugar Land TX moving companys, we can quickly get these hefty and cumbersome necessities across the country.

The Woodlands TX Cross Country MoversAdditionally, some clients have unusually heavy or fragile articles to transport. For instance, we know pianos are especially massive, cumbersome, and delicate and that they need to stay precisely tuned. We have the experience to move this item with care. But we also manage pool tables, playgrounds, swing sets, and exercise equipment on a regular basis.

Moving Offices

Summit has worked with companies of all sizes and all kinds, industrial facilities, corporate offices, retailers, and more. We can move you down the hall or across the country. Do everything in your power to make your office transition as seamless as possible. That includes hiring Sugar Land TX moving companys. When moving you to your new location, we keep your files and furniture safe and secure.

We offer quick moving estimates and flexible scheduling. Our professional movers are experienced and give quality and friendly customer service. We use great equipment with our own crates, provide pre-moving planning assistance, and help with move coordination and finding third-party services. And you can utilize our short and long-term storage options.

Senior Moving

Everything is more stressful when it comes to these significant life events. Whether you need to move closer to familiar or to better hospitals, we can help with our senior-friendly expertise. And it is easy to accumulate so many keepsakes over an entire lifetime. Beyond simple de-cluttering, you should not have to leave anything you want behind.

From travel to the heavy lifting, we know that moving everything has become an impossible task. So, let your Sugar Land TX moving companys take care of it for you.

Content Pack-Outs and Storage

A pack-out is usually performed after a natural disaster when your home needs renovations. For example, after Hurricane Harvey, many homes were destroyed and needed drastic repairs. During these repairs, people had to pack up and store their belongings elsewhere. Renovations, too, are another time when people need to clear out their homes and use temporary storage.

You do not have a lot of advanced notice when it comes to a content pack-out. During this time, you need to be quick. That point is where we come in. We get your keepsakes and furniture packed away efficiently and in an organized manner. That way, you can temporarily move and get your renovations started fast.

The Woodlands TX Cross Country Movers

You can store your stuff with us as well. And we help in the organizing and packing process. You want to know where everything is for when it is time to unpack again. Our streamlined inventory system ensures you will.

Our storage facility is top-notch as well. We have self-storage, business, and climate-controlled units. And storing with us means your stuff stays secure. Our well-lit property, video-surveillance, and on-site resident managers and staff offer security and customer support.

Your Online and Free Quote

Summit Moving & Storage can give you a free estimate right away. All you need to do is fill out this online form, and, on your moving costs, we give you a direct quote.

Sugar Land TX Moving Companys

Such a momentous project as moving across the country asks a lot of attention to detail from you. But this is why it is a good idea to instead opt-in for hiring experts. We help make it a more hassle-free experience for you.

When we sign on for your move, we would love for you to give us any specific requirements or notes you have for us. For instance, let us know about any gate access codes into your neighborhood, narrow driveways, car/boat transfers, or storage needs. We do our best to customize what we do for your needs. Leading up to your move-out date, we will contact you 24 hours before just to make sure everything is in order.

There is no need to search for moving companies. We are here for your interstate and Texas intrastate moves. If you’re thinking about your big move, we highly recommend our team. Contact us today. Call us at (713) 623-1444 or email us through [email protected] for our experienced Sugar Land TX moving companys.

The Woodlands Texas Fun Facts

  • Woodlands High School is the largest high school in the state and one in the country.
  • The Woodlands has over 150 parks.
  • We have the famous Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion.
  • “The Invisible City” was once our area’s nickname.
  • The George Mitchell Nature Preserve has over 12,000 acres of nature and wildlife.
  • For more on The Woodlands, visit