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Finding The Woodlands TX Best Movers doesn’t have to be hard. Go with the experts at Summit Moving and Storage for your next relocation job. Summit has been Greater Houston’s go-to movers for the past twenty years. The level of services we provide our customers is insurmountable in comparison to our competitors.

We handle all moves as if they were our first, guaranteeing impeccable proficiency and execution with every job we do. Our customers are always put ahead of the profits, and our intense dedication to making your move as simplistic as possible shows that exactly. We handle hundreds of residential, commercial, and intrastate moves for our clients year-round.

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The team over at Summit Moving and Storage are The Woodlands Best Movers.

Go With the Best

In and of itself, moving can be a downright pain. Finding movers, getting your belongings in order, and sticking to a set timeframe can be stressful, to say the least. Over the past two decades, we have refined and improved upon our services to make your next move as simple and hassle-free as possible. We realize that not every move is going to be the same, so we have come up with a more personalized approach to moving to match up with each of our client’s needs.

If you are planning on moving in the near future, we would love to hear all about it. Give us a call at (713)623-1444 today to see how Summit Moving and Storage can make your next moving experience a breeze.

Services We Offer

Unlike most other moving companies, our services are intended to leave you with as little work to do as possible. We cover just about every aspect of the move from start to finish. Here is a list of the services we can provide our customers on their next move.

  • Packing/unpacking by our moving team
  • Packing supplies (boxes, tape, etc.)
  • Specialized crating
  • On-site free estimates
  • Free use of wardrobe boxes
  • Safe transportation
  • Storage spaces

Residential Moving

Every now and again, you will move to another home either for business, family, or a whole smorgasbord of other reasons. Whether you are moving down the street, to the other side of the city, or to an entirely different state, it is good to have a moving company you can rely on. When that day comes, Summit will be here ready to help.

Give Us a Call

The first step in your journey is to give us a call. You will be able to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable relocation specialists who will answer any questions about our services that you may have. Once you are familiar with what we can offer, the next step is to meet with one of our moving consultants.

The Woodlands TX Best Movers

Our moving consultants represent the business end of our company. They will come to your current home to conduct an honest and accurate assessment of all the items you will have brought with you. You will also be discussing with them the possibility of needing any additional services to help make your move more seamless. After the survey is complete, you will be given an exact estimate of the transportation costs. Please note that this estimate is free and that you are not obligated in any way, shape, or form to be beholden to our services. You may also get a quote on our website if you are unable to meet with a consultant, no matter the reason.

Schedule Your Move

Once you have wholeheartedly accepted our estimate, the next thing to do is to schedule your move with our company. If you opted to have our movers box up your belongings for you, there will be a separate date made for that service prior to the moving date. In order to meet your desired dates, we ask that you call us no earlier than four weeks in advance. This will give us plenty of leeways to carve out time and resources to meet your intended moving schedule. After everything is situated and the dates are set, feel free to call us if you have any questions, concerns, or updates.

Depending on how far your old and new locations are from each other, along with how many items are being transported, we might be able to knock out both the move out and move in on the same day. Nevertheless, our consultants will be able to give you a more accurate timeframe.

Moving Day

The day you would have been dreading before calling us has now arrived. Now it is time to see our team in action. Our movers will be at your home bright and early to make sure everything you need to be gone is boxed up and ready to go. They will also prep your home to make sure no damage is one by moving boxes on their way out to the truck. Additionally, any furniture you have will be wrapped up in protective blankets to make sure they are protected from dents and scratches.

As soon as the last box is loaded up, we will go through the house one last time to make sure everything that is coming along is accounted for. Once the walkthrough is completed, it’s on to your new destination. If the move takes more than a day to complete, we will contact you twenty-four hours prior to our arrival at the new location. This will provide you with enough time to meet us there so that you can direct our team on where everything needs to go.

Commercial Moving

Homes aren’t the only locations we help clients move out of/into. We also lend our services to businesses in the area who are looking to relocate. As an added benefit, we have storage space specifically for businesses to store any excess supplies and equipment they might have.

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We offer free services if you’re moving long-distance.

Long-Distance Moving

If you are planning to move to another state, we can help make that happen as well. Our fleet of transport vehicles are certified for intrastate travel, and we will be able to take you wherever you need to be.

The Woodlands TX Best Movers

Contact your movers right away. Call us at (713) 623-1444 or email us through Summit Moving and Storage is The Woodlands TX Best Movers.

Fun Facts about The Woodlands, Texas

  • The Woodlands area is also known as “The Invisible City.”
  • 8,000 acres of open space and forestry remain untouched in the area.
  • More than 12,000 acres of nature and wildlife are protected in the George Mitchell Nature Preserve. The George Mitchell Nature preserve includes almost 40 acres of hiking and biking trails!
  • Learn more about The Woodlands here! ( )