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If you’re in need of Sugar land TX Moving and Storage services, then you should definitely contact the team here at Summit Moving & Storage. Your move doesn’t have to be stressful or annoying. We offer comprehensive, and full service moves for movers in Sugar Land and the surrounding areas. The team of professional movers helps clients by handling moves of all types; after all, we are a full service moving company.

Whether you’re moving into a new residence or you’re moving your team into a new office, we’re the team with the best Sugar Land TX Moving and Storage Services. We treat residential and commercial moves with the same attention to detail and will move your belongings with extra care every time. All in all, our family-owned and operated moving company has years of experience. So you’ll get great moving services in addition to exceptional customer service.

Choosing a professional Sugar Land TX Moving and Storage company will help you avoid the headaches that come with DIY moves. In addition, we conduct business with 100% transparency, so you’ll know what you’re paying for every time. It’s our mission to do what we can to make our client’s moving experience as soon as possible. We put the time and effort into ensuring that our moving team conducts itself according to the highest standards around.

Sugar Land TX Moving and Storage

Does your family have all the materials it needs to pack for your big move?

Experienced Movers

After so many years working in the field, we’ve developed methods that consistently delivers great moving experiences in addition to easy-going customer service. We’re always delicate in the way we handle your belongings, as we know that these may be very important to you and your family. The end goal is to pay close attention to every small detail to make are our clients are getting the best out of us.

As a family-owned and operated business, our constant goal is to help movers through the highest quality of moving services around. Our team is passionate and dedicated, and we’re all committed to constantly improving as relocation specialists. We hold regular security checks and train our crews extensively to make sure they always uphold our very high standards.

Direct Quotes

From all of our years in business, we’ve realized that every move is completely unique in its own way. As such, we plan our services according to the move’s specifications. We provide direct and accurate quotes free of extract costs. So when we visit your property, you’ll receive a very accurate quote without any hidden costs.


Whether the move you’re making is a planned one or one that came out of thin air, we’re here to make it as easy to deal with as possible.

Solutions for Every Move

Moving projects, for the most part, will come with some form of stress and can become overwhelming. So having a trusted and reliable moving company by your side is very important. This can be the difference between an annoying move and one that smooth and easy-going. Not only that, but our team of professional and experienced movers will also get you moving the right way. The evaluation process includes:

  • Access to buildings
  • Elevator usage, long carries to trucks, and any special equipment used
  • Other tasks that our team has to complete

Thanks to over two decades of experience, we have complete confidence that our clients will get the results they need without any hiccups.

Step-by-Step Assistance

Regardless of the type of move you’re going through, we’ll do everything in our power to make the move a swift one. Our team of clean-cut, professional movers, will guide you all the way. Moreover, we never mix the belongings of different clients, as we want to avoid any type of mixups.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Ask about our state-of-the-art storage areas. We have hundreds of square feet for storage, and you’ll be able to store any items which won’t be moving with you immediately. Contact the team at your earliest convenience for more information.

Specialty Moves

Our team of professional movers has experience with all types of moves. Our team can help with special items as well, including:

Sugar Land TX Moving and Storage

Climate-controlled storage

  • Pianos
  • Gun safes
  • Swing sets
  • Trampolines
  • Exercise equipment
  • Large machinery
  • Pool tables
  • Cars and boats

Custom Crating

For larger objects, we use specialized crates to protect the items while they reach their final destination. Contact our team for more information on our special moving services.

Disassembly/Reassembly Services

Moving is stressing with itself, and that’s without thinking about the process of disassembling and reassembling items. Fortunately, we’ve seen it all, so we can help in this process as well without any problems.

Moreover, you probably have a good number of electronics in the house. This can cause a bit of a hassle when disconnecting the devices. During the evaluation process, we’ll take into account any major electronic sets and make sure we have a plan in place for these devices. In addition, we’ll also make sure to restore the layout as it was. Moreover, we also have drivers who can have your vehicles waiting for you when you arrive.

Moving & Storage

Our team of professional movers is absolutely the best choice for you and your family. Throughout the many years of on-the-field work, we’re the masters in packing and moving in smooth fashion every step of the way.

Not only that, the experience behind guides us as we get clients where they need to go. Our team is here to get you to your new home, help you pack, and get you back to your everyday routine. Choose our team and experience high-quality:

  • Packing and supplies
  • Short and long-term storage
  • State of the art storage facilities
  • Experienced moversSugar Land TX Moving and Storage

We’re here to help you achieve a stress-free move. So reach out to our team as soon as possible. Our company’s foundational values of honesty, integrity, and diligence will provide you with the best moving experiences. Don’t waste your time with sub-par moving companies. Instead, choose the best one around.

Sugar Land TX Moving and Storage

If you need assistance with either a residential or commercial move, contact Summit Moving & Storage at your earliest convenience. Call us at (713) 623-1444. Alternatively, browse our Residential Moving or Office Moving webpages for more information. Our Sugar Land TX Moving and Storage team is here to help.

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