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Stop searching Sugar Land, TX moving and storage companies and see all that Summit Moving and Storage has to make moving easier for you. Moving can be stressful and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. With our help, you will come to enjoy relocating.

It does not matter if you are moving far or near; we are more than happy to serve your move. Our team is composed of the most caring and passionate people. It is our responsibility to help ease your worries when moving out. We love our job, and moving you is what we do best!

We are located in the Houston areas and ready for your call. Give us a visit and benefit from the best moving and customer services around!

Sugar Land TX Moving and Storage Companies

Sugar Land TX Moving Companies

At Summit, our professional movers have worked in the industry for over 20 years. Having started as a family business, we give our customers the respect any family member would. You can count on our team to be polite and give you the treatment you deserve.

Like many other services, there are misconceptions in our industry. However, we do our best to make moving a positive and enjoyable experience. You and your needs are our number one priority.

Making Moving more Convenient

Whether you require a local moving or a long-distance one, we can make it happen. Summit Moving and Storage has gained enough knowledge throughout the years to understand its customers significantly. We know what it takes to make a successful residential or commercial move happen.

What We Offer at Summit Moving and Storage

Our many years of experience have given us the knowledge and understanding necessary for moving experiences. We understand that every move is unique and different in its way. Also, people have different needs and specifications.

For instance, while we do other packing services, some people enjoy doing it themselves. When we move from one location to another, there are a lot of items that have to be packed. Behind some things is special sentiment, and we understand if you would like to do the parking. No matter the case, we only pack was is requested, whether that be some things or everything.

Whatever you decide on, we are more than happy to adjust to any of your requests.

Our Values

To complete each move with success, there are a set of values we keep in mind. To give you peace of mind, we act like the professionals we are and are ensured.

We provide the best customer service and total transparency. In doing so, we allow for excellent communication to take place. Also, we reduce mistakes from happening.

Lastly, and most importantly, you and your belonging are our number one priority. We will maintain you happy with our great work. As for your belongings, you can rest assured that they are safe and protected. Keep on reading to learn more about what we do and the benefits that come when choosing Summit Moving and Storage.

Sugar Land TX Moving and Storage Companies

Our Services

While we are mostly focused on giving you the best moving experience, we also offer storage. There is a variety of moving services that we provide to you, from residential moving to office moving and much more. Here, you will find what you are looking for when moving.

If any items are not ready to move with you, we can gladly offer you storage in our facilities. We have enough room for anything that needs storing and will maintain them safely in the meantime. Once you are ready to incorporate them into your new place, we will deliver them in no time.

Residential and Commercial Moving

It does not matter if you are moving your household or office spaces; we are here to help. No move is too big or too small for us. However, moving is a new start and a huge adventure you are embarking on. Therefore, we want you to enjoy it.

To make this happen, we follow a comprehensive process that allows us to keep an eye on every aspect of your move. Also, we move one family per load to assure that no item will be misplaced or lost in the process.

The same precautions are taken when moving large or small offices. We will maintain attentive to ensure that all company belongings are kept safe. Furnishings, electronics, and records will be safely delivered by the time specified.

Time is money, and you are aware of that. With our fast and efficient work, expect your move to be quick enough to save your clients.

Senior Relocations

Lastly, we provide aged care relations to ensure that your elders are stress-free when moving. Supporting you and your elders is our job, and we are more than happy to make that happen.

Sugar Land TX Moving Companies

While we are more than happy to assist with any packing, we also understand if you’d like to do it yourself!

Packing Services

As stated before, we offer loading and unloading services with our moves. What this means is that we will do any packing or unpacking. We understand that you have a busy life, whether that be work or school. To help reduce the anxiety that packing brings when moving, we give you our full attention and care.

Also, with our packing services, you are saving yourself time and money. More so, you are saving yourself the worry.

On the other hand, we also understand if you prefer doing the packing yourself. Moving is a very emotional and bittersweet moment. If you would like to take time to pack your valuables personally, you are more than welcome to do so.

No matter what you decided on, we are here to satisfy your moving needs.


More than moving, we also offer storage services. They include self-storage, business storage, and climate-controlled storage. For any type of storage, you can count on Summit to keep all your belonging safe.

Direct Quote

At Summit, we also offer direct quotes to ensure there will be no surprises on your moving day. Through a face to face inspection of the property and belonging, we will provide you with a thorough quote.

Trusting What We Do at Summit

For more information concerning our moving services, feel free to give us a call at (713) 623-1444. When looking for the best Sugar Land TX Moving Companies, Summit Moving and Storage is the place to go!

Sugar Land TX Fun Facts

  • This area has more than 560 acres of developed parkland.
  • In 2013, Sugar Land had a population of 84,511.
  • Sugar Land was the first community in the country to be named a Community of Respect in 2007.
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