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For the best Sugar Land TX Long Distance Movers, place your trust in Summit Moving and Storage. Our moving company has worked in the industry for more than 20 years. With that moving experience, we have learned many helpful lessons to ensure you receive a successful and stress-free move.

People are moving all the time, and each move is slightly different from the other. To help personalize your moving needs and services, we give you many options. Having where to choose from makes it easy to provide you with precisely what you need.

Also, to ensure that no mishaps will occur during your move, our staff gives complete transparency. With this, we will establish excellent communication to maintain a clear moving plan. In fact, contact us for a free quote. Our direct quotes will provide you with an estimated cost for the project, and it will help us get the materials needed for the move.

Sugar Land TX Long Distance Movers,

If you are moving far or near, trust Summit for the best moving services!

Sugar Land TX Long Distance Movers That Truly Help

If you are located in the Houston areas, make sure to contact Summit for any of your moving services. Having started as a family-owned business, we make all our clients feel like family. With the most respectable manners and kindness, we ensure that you are treated the way any family member would be.

Also, we make sure that you are enjoying your moving experience. Whether you need us for a local moving service or a long-distance one, we are here to facilitate your life. For a moving company that truly helps, you need Summit Moving and Storage. There is no one in the industry that cares for you as we do!

Being there Each Step of the Way

From the bringing of your move, we are there to help be of service each step of the way. Even before you decide to move out, we offer direct quotes to give you and ourselves a better look at the project needed. You will obtain an estimated cost of the project. As for us, we will survey your home to have a clear vision of the materials and trucks needed to move all your belongings.

During the move, we will also work closely by ensuring that all items are properly packed and moved. Our crew will keep all valuables cared for and safe during the drive. Once at the desired location, they will unload your things and help as requested.

When searching for the best Sugar Land TX Long Distance Movers, count on Summit to get the job done!

Summit Moving and Storage Does the Most for You

At Summit Moving and Storage, we provide the best customer service around. No other moving company will give you the care and respect that we do. As stated, we treat you like family.

No matter if you are moving far or near, we are here to make any move possible!


If you are moving into your new apartment or purchased a new house, we can help take you there. Our crew is well informed to make any residential move a success.

Unlike other moving companies, we make sure to move one family per load. In doing so, we eliminate any possibility for mistakes. We ensure that all your belonging will be transported with care and delivered by the time of your request.

Sugar Land TX Long Distance Movers,

Sugar Land TX Long Distance Movers,


Also, our company offers full-service commercial moving. We have worked with companies in all industries and of all sizes. With this experience, we can make get any business up and running in no time.

We understand that business relocations can affect productivity. However, to avoid that, we make a clear plan from the start. Not only will it help us stay on track, but it will also allow your business to get back to work sooner.


Apart from residential and commercial moving services, we also offer services for the elderly. To make your move much more relaxed and less stressful, we take responsibility for any tasks required. In doing so, we allow you to enjoy some family time before the move.

Giving you an enjoyable moving experience is our job, and we are more than happy to make that happen!

Specialized Services

Besides moving services, our professional movers also take more tasks. Such tasks include moving pianos, trampoline, exercise equipment, and much more. We even deliver your vehicle to the desired location and disassembly and reassemble any items. To learn more about our many services, feel free to contact us or visit our website.

Unpacking and Packing

One of the many tasks that come along with moving is packing. Packing all your belonging can be stressful to insert into your busy schedule. However, when you hire our company, you are leaving that to us. We will be responsible for all the packing and even unpacking once in your new place.


Also, if any large items need moving, we offer custom crating. We will build a crate to help keep your larger item protected during the drive.


Lastly, any valuables that do not need immediate transport can be kept safe in any of our storage facilities. No matter if you need a garage for your classic car or extra space for your office materials, we have you covered.

Summit offers you self-storage, business storage, and even climate-controlled storage. Therefore, any items that need maintenance under certain temperate levels can be well maintained. For any storage need, we have what it takes to keep your things safe during and after your move.

Taking You Further

Our moving services take you further than any moving company can. Summit Moving and Storage, does more than expected to maintain you satisfied during your move. Whether you are relocating across the street or to another state; we make it easy to move.

Long-Distance Moving

Moving long-distance comes with more challenges. However, our experience and resources make it possible to get any job done. When you are making a far move, make sure to consult us beforehand to ensure that all preparations are well thought through.

Moving Trucks to Rely On

To lessen the trips needed to get you where you need to be, we provide supersize trucks. With more space, we can carry all your belonging in fewer vehicles. Also, it reduces the time necessary to reach your new home.

Visit a Moving Company That Cares

For more information and materials, feel free to visit our online site or call (713) 623-1444. Also, ask about how we can provide a free moving estimate for your moving project. Keep in mind that Summit Moving and Storage is the best Sugar Land TX Long Distance Movers!

Sugar Land TX Fun Facts

  • There are more than 560 acres of developed parkland in Sugar Land.
  • In 2009, a 3D projection technology was used for New Year’s Eve at Sugar Land Town Square.
  • Before being incorporated in 1959, Sugar Land was a company town for over 50 years.
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