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There are several Sugar Land TX Local Moving Companies around. However, none come close to the services that Summit Moving and Storage offers. Being in the business for over 20 years has given us a greater understanding of moving experiences.

One of the biggest lessons that we have learned is that every single relocation is different and unique. People have different preferences and opinions when it comes to their relocation. To ensure that they will be satisfied with their outcome, we provide our help since the start.

Throughout every aspect of the move, we are there to ensure that clear communication is made. You deserve to understand what is happening and know that we are there to help.

Sugar Land TX Local Moving Companies

Our moving company began as a family-owned and operated business. Due to the excellent work we were completing, our company started to grow. Afterward, our years of experience made us one of the best moving companies around.

Therefore, when you are comparing Sugar Land TX Local Moving Companies, know that Summit Moving and Storage is the best!

A Company Committed to Excellence

Having started with only family members, we always practiced respect and transparency. Likewise, to provide the highest quality customer service, we do the same. All our clients can expect to be treated with the respect any family member would.

Also, to prevent any misunderstanding from happening, we give complete transparency. We like to be as transparent as possible with you to provide clear and detailed information about the moving process. Not only will this keep you on track, but it will give us the certainty that everything is going as planned.

Our Moving Services

Whether you require local or long-distance moving services, you can find them at Summit. Also, we offer both residential and commercial relocations. Knowing that both are very common and slightly different from one another, we provide various solutions and tips.

If you are performing a home removal with children and pets, it is essential to maintain them informed and cared for. We understand that with your busy schedule, you might not find the time to do these tasks. However, by having us on your team, we give you more than enough time.

With that, we suggest taking some time to visit the new location. This will allow your children to become familiar with what will be their new home. Also, it gives you the time to ensure that the house is pet-proof. When the move day arrives, you will be more than prepared for a smooth transition.

As for commercial relocations, we understand that there are many types of equipment that need transportation. To perform a safe delivery, we have the material necessary to transport any computers, printers, fax machines, and more.

Storage Space

If there are any items that you would like to keep stored throughout your move, look into our storage solutions. Even if you are interested in saving some belonging stored after the process, we have what you need.

Sugar Land TX Local Moving Companies

All our units are clean and well maintained. Also, there are both climate and non-climate controlled units to ensure that any items will find proper storage. More so, they are locally owned, meaning that they will undoubtedly be surveillance. Managers and staff on-site will ensure that all your valuables are secure.

Climate-Controlled Storage

It is essential to be aware of when items need climate-controlled storage. Some items that are sensitive to climate include antiques, artworks, and classic cars. Other things, such as books, videotapes, and more, may also need special storage. If you are unsure whether specific items need specific storage, let out crew know.

We will provide you with our knowledge and excellent solutions.

Everyday Solutions

Speaking of solutions, our company does more than simply offer moving services. Since we are aware of all the work that goes into moving, we provide solutions to everyday tasks. Whether you need to facilitate your life by having us pack or need assistance with pieces of furniture, count on us.

Packing and Unpacking

When moving, many belongings will be traveling with you. Before any transportation can be done, it is essential to pack all items correctly. If you cannot find time to pack on your own, don’t worry. Having more than moving services, Summit completes all the packing and unpacking needed.

We will provide all boxes for your valuables. Also, with the utmost care and attention, we will ensure that your belongings are packed, loaded, and delivered safely.

Moving Supplies

As stated, when it comes to office removals, many pieces of equipment require transportation. Such material may include computers, copiers, fax machines, and more. Transporting such items can be dangerous, and damage could quickly occur. However, when you have the best hands for the job, anything is possible.

Summit Moving and Storage assures that all office items will be delivered safely. With our proper resources, our professional movers will reduce all worry you may have.

Piano Moving

Similarly, if any pianos require transportation, we have what it takes. However, we do ask that you inform us beforehand that piano moving services will be required. Pianos are complicated items that need a great deal of care when moving.

Senior Moving

While residential and commercial moves are more common, senior moving services are also requested at times. Like with any tasks, we tackle our jobs with care and compassion.

Leave all the packing for us! We will gladly offer our help.

When it comes to older people, we do all the heavy lifting so that they don’t have to. In doing so, we allow them the family time necessary before the big move.

Realtor Programs

Another significant aspect of our company is our realtor services. To benefit from mutual clients, we create good relationships with real estate agents. Having them suggest our services helps both in the long-run.

Summit Moving and Storage

The Texas area is large, and finding a good moving company can be difficult. However, when you place your trust in Summit Moving and Storage, you are doing yourself a favor. Not only are you receiving the best moving services, but you are obtaining so much more.

For more information, visit our website or call us at (713) 623-1444. Between many Sugar Land TX Local Moving Companies, we are by far the best around!

Sugar Land TX Fun Facts 

  • More than 560 acres of developed parkland is located in Sugar Land.
  • Before it incorporated in 1959, Sugar Land was a company town for over 50 years.
  • On New Year’s Eve 2009, Sugar Land Town Square used the 3D projection technology.
  • For more, visit here.