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Summit Moving & Storage is the best moving company for Sugar Land TX interstate movers for in the Houston area. Our company has well over twenty years of experience moving Houstonians across the country. We get you from one place to the other with peace of mind. Summit movers act as your support team as you make this significant life change and move across state lines. With us, we can promise a hassle-free moving experience.

Residential Moving

There are all sorts of reasons to move: going away to college for the first time, starting married life, a job transfer, a change in scenery, looking for a new career. No matter the reason, we think the long-distance moving process might be more complicated than you anticipate. It quickly becomes overwhelming. But your Sugar Land TX interstate movers are here to make it manageable.

Sugar Land TX Interstate Movers

To begin with, most people do not realize how much stuff they were able to accumulate. It is not hard after staying in one place for just a little while. Closets, shelves, garages, and attics will speedily fill with knick-knacks, souvenirs, clothes, books, and junk.

In fact, a move is an excellent opportunity to sort the junk out from what is to keep. This way, you will not be packing, loading, and transporting more than you want. And Summit can help with decluttering. Otherwise, you should be able to keep what you like. We make sure you can by getting it on the moving truck.

Beyond that, though, you are going to use your Sugar Land TX interstate movers for packing your most bulky items. You have your refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, washer, and dryer to get there. Not to mention, most people bring along their couches, chairs, china cabinets, and mattresses. Unless your new home comes with all new furniture, everything needs to go with it. Otherwise, you are dropping a load of money on unnecessary replacements.

You also have your expensive and fragile electronics to pack. There are TVs, computers, monitors, stereos, and games. Many of these are awkwardly shaped and need sufficient padding to stay secure in the truck. The professional movers from Summit can take care of them.

Sugar Land TX Interstate Movers

Our Specialty Moving Services

Besides those, many of our clients have particularly tricky objects. One of the most common is pianos. These are valuable objects but also very heavy and cumbersome to carry. Pianos are fragile, easy to knock out of tune, and already need a lot of maintenance. Our experienced movers use methods to get it downstairs, on the truck and set up in your new home without a scratch. We also transport playgrounds, swing sets, pool tables, and exercise equipment.

Your Sugar Land TX interstate movers stay with you throughout the entire moving process. We start with free moving estimates and pre-moving planning. We can also help with acquiring third-party services. For instance, when moving, many see setting up the Internet and cable right away as a necessity. We can set you up with the right avenues to go through. Other than that, we perform packing services with our own professional moving supplies, crates, and wall and floor protective materials.

Senior Moving Services

Our experienced movers will provide you with professional and friendly customer service. They are trained to cater to our local moving services toward senior-specific needs. Because old age can make some daily tasks more difficult, you can imagine how difficult an interstate move becomes. You should delegate the heavy lifting and long-distance transport to your Sugar Land TX interstate movers. We take that burden off your shoulders.

Sugar Land TX Interstate Movers

Are you moving your business? Ask your movers to set up for you.

We also know how a lifetime means accumulating a collection of mementos, all with sentimental value. Our job, with our organized packing system, is to get everything you care about to your new home.

Commercial Moving

Summit Moving & Storage has over two decades of experience moving families and companies to a new state. Whether it is across the hall or the country, we can handle relocating a company of any size, from a large corporation to family-owned and operated businesses. And we have worked with corporate offices, industrial facilities, and retailers. So, we move machinery, file cabinets, furniture, medical equipment, and more.

Our Storage Facility

Luckily for you as our customer, we are not just Sugar Land TX interstate movers. We are also a storage facility for your convenience. You could be in the middle of a pack-out or between leases. Or maybe you just have overflow from your garage and attic. No matter the reason, we can fill your storage space needs.

Sugar Land TX Interstate MoversWe offer a variety of units: self-storage, business storage, and climate-controlled units. We can keep your antiques, childhood toys, and file cabinets full of old taxes and forms safe and secure. And climate-controlled storage protects your collectibles, books, vinyl, and wood furniture from deteriorating in the elements.

Free Estimate and Direct Quote

Here at Summit, we make a point to give you access to fast, easy, and free quotes on your moving costs. You just have to fill out this form from the Summit website with the necessary information about your move. From there, we will get back to you with a rough estimate of what our full services will be. Later down the line, we can learn more and give you a more accurate number.

Houston TX Best Movers Near Me

For the best moving services, contact Summit Moving & Storage.

Sugar Land TX Interstate Movers

At Summit Moving & Storage, we want our customers to give us as many specifications and requirements they have for us. The more notes you give us and the sooner we receive them, the better. It helps us customize our services toward your preferences. Information like neighborhood gate access codes, narrow driveways, storage needs, or car transfers goes a long way to helping us. If we communicate effectively, the move runs smoothly.

You can finally end your search for Houston, TX movers. If you, your family, or your company have a big move coming up, then we recommend you contact us today. Call us at (713) 623-1444 or email us through for your ideal choice of Sugar  Land TX interstate movers.

Sugar Land Texas Fun Facts

  • Our Town Square is 1.2 acres, providing a public area for many annual community-wide events.
  • We used the 3D projection technology used at the 2010 Olympics opening ceremony at our 2009 New Year’s Eve celebration.
  • Sean Patrick Flanery, known for his roles as Connor MacManus in The Boondock Saints, Greg Stillson in The Dead, and Indiana Jones in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, is from Sugar Land.
  • For more on our town, visit