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Looking for Sugar Land Texas Professional Movers? If so, contact the professional movers here at Summit Moving & Storage. Whether you’re moving to a new residence or your business relocating offices, our team of Sugar Land Texas Professional Movers is here to help.

Family Owned and Operated

For over 20 years, we’ve been serving the local area with the best moving and storage solutions around. It’s our belief that moving processes should be relatively smooth and efficient. With our help, you could spend less time worrying about the move and more time settling into your new home. We value every customer and always put the time and effort to ensure we satisfy them as much as possible.

Moving can be unpredictable, so we prepare to adapt to all types of situations and circumstances. Additionally, we always support 100% transparency with customers, and that’s the only real way we ever do business. There is never a lack of effort in terms of getting the job done the right way.

Sugar Land Texas Professional Movers

Accurate Quotes

Our quotes are accurate and reasonable. We won’t charge you for anything unreasonable and will have your quote ready quickly. Contact us today to learn more about our direct quotes and how you can get one.

Whether you’ve planned the move for a while or it’s taking unexpectedly, we are here to help you get back to your daily routine as soon as possible. Our offices are here for you and will help settle in as soon as possible.

We have experience with residential moving, corporate relocations, apartment relocation, portable storage, packing/unpacking, and more. Get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Solutions for Every Move

Our team has developed effective methods to help make the moving experience as pleasant as possible. We pay very close attention to the details to get insight on how to best optimize the whole process. Moving should be easy, and we work towards making that true with every client.

We’ve been able to develop great methods to smoothen the process while also saving time and money. As a long-established and family-operated business, we’re sure of our ability to provide high-quality services to all of our clients. Furthermore, we are constantly looking for ways to improve as overall relocation specialists. Our frequent quality checks help us maintain our high standards.


Whatever the circumstances may be moving is a time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming process. So whether you’re moving to the other side of town or across the state, we’ll be there to help. It doesn’t matter where you’re going. We can help you get there safely and efficiently.

If you’ve already moved several times and you simply can’t stand going through another process like it, our team can definitely be of help to you. We over two decades of experience, we have a pleasant moving experience waiting for you. Our team can provide:

  • Professional moving

    Sugar Land Texas Professional Movers

    Climate-controlled storage

  • Full packing
  • Day of move cleaning
  • Unpacking
  • Setting up appliances
  • More

Senior Moving

Summit Moving & Storage’s services can also be of assistance to seniors moving into their new residencies. Through very comprehensive programs, we can help by connecting seniors and their families with useful resources and tools to make their transition to this next chapter and an easier one. Our senior moving services can help with:

  • Decluttering assistance
  • Storage space
  • Wrapping of fragile items
  • Assistance in setting up

To add to that, we have storage facilities that are fully secured and offer the utmost protection for household appliances. The solutions we offer are for both the short term and the long term. Whenever you’re ready to return for your items, they’ll be waiting for you at our offices.

Why Choose Summit Moving & Storage?

We’re the go-to choice for all things moving and storage. Whatever the reason is for moving, we’re here to make it easy for everyone involved. You may doing so because you’re downsizing or may the opposite is true, and you need more space. Whatever the case may be, we have what it takes to make your transition to your new location a bearable one.

With every new client, we take a personal approach that helps us plan for all possible scenarios. Every moving process brings forth unique challenges, and we train and study to prepare for situations in which things could go wrong. We’ve been in business for over 20 years, and we hold frequent truck inspections along with annual physicals and background checks.

Sugar Land Texas Professional Movers

Moving and Packing Experts

Whether you have carefully planned the move or if it’s taking place as a last-minute decision, the team here at Summit Moving & Storage can be trusted to keep the process stress-free. In addition, we can assist with more than just moving solutions; for example, we also offer packing and storage solutions.

With experience in apartment moving, residential moving, corporate relocations, storage solutions, and packing/unpacking services, you can count on us for all things moving and storage.

No Hassles

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving to a new residence, apartment, or new work building, we can handle the process while avoiding all types of hassles. We understand that homes are very sacred family areas, and we’ll treat everything with extra care.

Simply put, moving is our team’s bread and butter. Our experienced team of movers is the one you can count on for tedious tasks like disassembling and reassembling furniture, wrapping delicate items, and keeping all of your belongings safe and secure. All in all, our team will save you and your family tons of time, stress, and potential damage by packing your things the right way, and moving them safely.

Storage Solutions

We also offer storage solutions for clients who need them. Our storage space is here for items you need to keep safe from either your home or business. After all, we have these warehouse facilities to help you. Sugar Land Texas Professional Movers from Summit Moving & Storage are here to help. Call today

Sugar Land Texas Professional Movers

For the best team movers around, call (713) 623-1444 today. You can also get more information by browsing our Residential or Office Moving webpages. Our team of Sugar Land Texas Professional Movers is ready to help you.

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