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If you’ve been looking for Sugar Land Texas packers and movers near me, look no further than Summit Moving & Storage. With our quality moving services and professional movers at your fingertips, we’ll give you the best moving experience yet. We’re unique in the way we help our customers – we’ll get you through every step of the moving process.

This is how we make others’ moving experience such a success. With Summit, you’ll have a team that’s on your side. Don’t stress about carrying the responsibilities of moving on your own shoulders. Let your team help you through this huge transition with the efficiency and organization you need.


Sugar Land Texas packers and movers near me

Need tips on how to move with children and pets? Our specialists have answers.

Residential Moving

If you’re planning on residential moving, we can help speed up the process with our packing services. We’re one of the few Sugar Land Texas packers and movers near me that will pack certain things for free. We don’t believe in charging extra for pool tables, exercise equipment, playgrounds, swing sets, etc. These are realistic and basic household items, just as a couch or table is – why add unnecessary charges?

Your movers here at Summit are well-renowned for being extremely detailed in the way we execute the moving process. This is one of the keys to our success – after years of experience, we’ve figured out the best way to prep and plan for your move. Don’t be afraid to reach out to our specialists for assistance with creating the moving plan you need.

Commercial Moving

If you need commercial moving in Sugar Land TX or the surrounding Houston area, Summit is the best candidate for the job. With our professional moving services, we’ve moved corporate offices, retailers, industrial facilities, and more. Don’t put your hands in the hands of just anyone.

Long-Distance Moving

We know moving can get expensive. So, we decided to include a few of our best services for free. You can get full-service packing, fragile packing, and custom crating for moving with us. If you’d rather us not pack your belongings, we can offer our DIY packing kit. We highly recommend this to help you conserve space and stay as organized as possible.

Our services for long-distance moves don’t end there, either. We can assist you with vehicle shipping, large-item shipping, and short-term storage. If you need something that falls outside of what Summit offers, let us know so we can find something that’s suitable for you. We’ll get you the quality you need at the price you need to make your move as easy as can be.


Sugar Land Texas packers and movers near me

Your specialists at Summit will guide you throughout the entire moving process.


Why is Summit known as the best Sugar Land Texas packers and movers near me? We go above and beyond with customer service. To us, it’s all about prioritizing our customers and making sure you’re taken care of every step of the way.

Moving doesn’t just consist of physically getting your belongings from one place to another – there’s so much more to it. Why would we only take care of one aspect of the process and leave you hanging with everything else? In other words, we think that providing an integrated approach is the best way to relieve our customers of the stress they may face during this time. Trust us to take care of anything and everything you need.


Summit’s Storage

If you need storage, you know where to go – it’s already in our name! We have plenty of storage units available for your personal items, office equipment, vehicles, etc. If you’re worried about keeping your belongings at a certain temperature, we’ve got climate-controlled units as well.

We’re proud to say that we’re adamant about keeping our facility as clean as possible. You’ll never find the dusty, grimy units that other local moving companies tend to have at Summit. We only give our customers the best.

Additional Crating

After moving people in and out of buildings for decades, we’re pretty good at eyeballing the number of boxes you might need. If you find yourself needing more, we have plenty for you to use.

Summit has wardrobe boxes that are completely free. All you have to do is ask your movers to bring some along with them. These wardrobe boxes are perfect light items, small items, and loose pieces of clothing. When moving, it’s easy to lose track of all your belongings (especially clothes). If you’re in this situation after we’ve gathered your belongings or you need somewhere to store the clothes that are with you, request one of the wardrobe boxes.

Sugar Land Texas packers and movers near me

The Sugar Land Texas packers and movers near me keep Summit’s facilities sterile at all times.

For sturdier items, we have boxes and crates that come at a discount. As we’ve mentioned, we’re here to provide everything you need for your move. Luckily, you don’t have to go to another location to pay the full price for their boxes when we can bring some to you. You’ll always get more for less with Summit.


When you receive a quote from us, you’re getting the fairest price possible. Unfortunately, other Sugar Land Texas packers and movers near me, we do our best to remain conscious of our customers’ financial needs. We’ll never upcharge you at the end of our services or tack on additional charges.

We’re as upfront and straightforward as possible with our quotes. The price you get at your initial consultation is final. With that being said, we hope to provide plenty of options and materials that are worth your time, so that you get the holistic moving experience you deserve. Don’t fall for other moving companies that do the bare minimum. Sumit is your one-stop-shop for all of your moving needs. If you’re ready for your free quote, call (713) 623-1444 to get started on your move today with the Sugar Land Texas packers and movers near me. 

Sugar Land Fun Facts

  • In 2013, Pearland had a population of 84,511.
  • The Sugar Land Imperial Refinery was shut down in 2002.
  • The 1974 movie, The Sugarland Express, takes place here.
  • Learn more about Sugar Land!