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Katy TX moving companys

We’re one of the few Katy TX moving companys that will pack large items, such as pianos and playsets, for no extra charge.

Summit Moving & Storage provides the perfect team from one of the best Katy TX moving companys. Our job is to get you across town and into your new home, stress-free. We can help with local neighborhood moves or relocating clear across the Houston area. Our movers and vehicles can handle any size of cargo. From pianos to playgrounds, we carry and transport it for you.

It does not matter your reason for moving. There are plenty. You could be going away to college, starting married life, going to a new job, your job has moved you, or you just want a change in scenery. Either way, the moving experience is stressful, but we want to make it seamless and secure. Summit is your support, getting you from one place to the next.

Moving Homes

Our professional moving services are the best you can find. Our movers have over twenty years of experience under their belts so that you can trust them. We put you into your new home comfortably and promptly.

Most people do not realize how many knick-knacks and souvenirs they have accumulated over the years. That moment of realization comes when it is time to pack up and go with everything they have. With our help, you can make that overwhelming hurdle not only manageable but easy. We will help you declutter what you think will only weigh you down and pack away the rest. You do not want to have to leave anything you like behind.

Plus, unless your new house comes fully furnished, you will likely to have bulky appliances to take with you. You know the ones: refrigerators, washers and dryers, dishwashers, and maybe even ovens. And most bring their couches, chairs, and mattresses. Additionally, you have your valuable, fragile, and awkward-to-pack TVs, computers, stereos, and other electronics. We’re one of the Katy TX moving companys that know how to move everything securely.

Our movers are experts with plenty of confidence. We also take plenty of more heavy objects that are virtually impossible to take on your own. For instance, if you have a piano, you know how unwieldy, heavy, and delicate it is. On top of that, though, we also take pool tables, playgrounds, swing sets, and exercise equipment.

With us, you get direct and free moving estimates and very flexible scheduling. Our movers will give you a friendly and professional quality service. And through us, you can get pre-moving planning assistance, help to find third-party services, and our packing equipment. We also offer short and long-term storage solutions.

Moving Offices

Summit works with all kinds and all sizes of business. We have done commercial moving for large and small businesses, corporate offices, industrial facilities, and retailers. Our goal is to make your office transition, if you are moving across the hall or the city, as seamless and hassle-free as possible. We will be keeping all your confidential files secure in transit and storage.

Moving Seniors

When you get older, everything adds an extra layer of stress. You can imagine how bad this significant life event would be. Whether you need to get closer to family or better hospitals, let Katy TX moving companys take care of it for you. Both the stress from the long travel and the heavy lifting can be alleviated with a little help.

Katy TX moving companys

Summit has all the storage options you need for your belongings.

After all, in one lifetime, you can amass an impressive collection of valuable and sentimental keepsakes. Beyond regular decluttering, you should not have to part with anything you care about. So, let us help keep everything organized, pack it efficiently, and carry it out, so you can take what you want.

Content Pack-Outs and Storage

We usually do a pack-out for people that have suffered damages through a natural disaster. For instance, many homes were flooded and needed repairs in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. What people had to do was pack away all their belongings for a while so that repairs could get done. Renovations are another typical time for people to use a pack-out service.

When this time rolls around, you do not get a lot of advanced notice. You need to vacate your home’s floors and walls quickly. So, we pack and organize everything in a timely manner; and organization is the key. Even while it is packed, you want to know where everything easy. And it will make the unpacking process all the faster. Our streamlined inventory system will cover it.

While your renovations are done, or for any other purpose, really, you can use our facilities for storage. We have self-storage, business storage, and climate-controlled units. Here, your stuff is safe. Our security consists of our well-lit property, video surveillance, on-site resident managers who will give you their friendly customer support.

Your Direct Quote

We can give you a free estimate straight through our website. Just fill out this online form, and we can provide you a direct quote on what your moving costs are. Afterward, Summit Moving & Storage can give you a more accurate estimate on site, closer to move-in day.

Katy TX moving companys

Katy TX moving companys

When it comes to moving, trust Summit to help you every step of the way.

A momentous task like such relocation is going to demand a lot of close attention from you. And that is why you should hire some professional movers. We keep anything from going wrong and make moving as hassle-free as possible.

After we sign up to work together, we want you to give us any specific notes or requirements you want us to follow or could be useful. For example, we might need to know gate access codes into the neighborhood, a narrow driveway, storage needs, or a car/boat transfer. With this info, we can better customize our services to your needs.

If you are about to embark on a move, then we recommend contacting us today. You no longer need to spend time combing through moving companies. Please call us at (713) 623-1444 or email us through summitmovinghouston@gmail.com for one of the best Katy TX moving companys.

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  • We used the 3D projection technology used at the 2010 Olympics opening ceremony at our 2009 New Year’s Eve celebration.
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