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When in need of the best Pearland Texas Long Distance Movers, there is only one company that no one compares to. Summit Moving and Storage has everything you need to ensure that a successful move will be experienced. With our quality moving services and our professional movers, we have what it takes to get any job done.

Moving can be a stressful task for a family alone. To help with that, we provide our services to reduce any feelings of anxiety. Although moving happens all the time, we like to believe that it is a significant part of everyone’s lives. Whether you are leaving your parent’s home or moving scenery, we want to be there to make it a smooth transition.

More than Pearland Texas Long Distance Movers

There is more that goes into moving, and we do our best to make this experience one to remember. If you locate yourself in the Houston area and need a moving company, come to Summit Moving and Storage.  There is no one better than us for the job.

Whether you require a local moving or a long-distance moving service, we have what it takes to make any move possible. For us, no place is too close or too far! With our years of experience and our resources, we are more than capable of getting things done.

Pearland Texas Long Distance Movers

Summit Moving & Storage will help you through the smoothest moving experience you’ve ever had.

Our Team of Experts

Pearland Texas Long Distance Movers give you everything you need to achieve a successful move. Our moving team is composed of the kindest and most knowledgable people. In fact, having started as a family-owned business, we set up a list of values to follow.

In doing so, we can give you the treatment you deserve and maintain all your belonging unharmed. To ensure that no mishaps take place, we offer complete transparency from the start. Also, every step of the way, we are there to help. We are even there to help ensure that all items are unpacked in your new home.

Providing the Most Enjoyable Moving Experience

While there are opportunities for moving to become challenging and stressful, we like to provide our services to help avoid that. The best Pearland movers are only found at Summit Moving and Storage. We take care of the heavy work so that you don’t have to! Put our services to the test for any residential, commercial, and even senior moving needed.

Residential and Commercial Moving

Home removals are frequent. People are always moving, whether it is for work or solely for a change. When such events take place, make sure that you place your trust in a company that will offer more than needed.

Having worked with many companies of all industries and sizes, we have the knowledge needed to complete commercial moves. In fact, when more moving services are required, our already clients know that there is no one better than us. From our excellent work, many strong and long-lasting connections have emerged.

Senior Relocations

Besides home and office removals, our crew also does senior moving. With their compassion and care, your elders will receive the best treatment and the smoothest transition.

Pearland Texas Long Distance Movers

By caring for all the moving services, we allow family members to spend time with their elders before the move.

Long-Distance Moving

It does not matter if you require a residential or commercial move, we have you covered. Even if the move is 24 hours away, our long-distance moving services are here to help.

Doing More For You and Your Move

If you are moving out of Pearland TX, there might be more complications that arise. Intrastate moving is more challenging, and it is vital to hire the right people for the job. Luckily, Summit has the best experience and most resources to make any move possible.

Moving Trucks that Get the Job Done Better

To make fewer trips during a long-distance move, our staff has supersized trucks. Compared to standard-sized vehicles, supersize trucks offer more space for your belongings. With this, we can use fewer trucks and get your items to your desired location sooner.

Packing and Unpacking

Not only do we offer such resources, but we also offer to do all packing and unpacking. We understand that such a task can cause worry to your busy life. However, in attempts to avoid that, we have taken the time to do that work ourselves.

On the contrary, if you would enjoy packing special items on your own, you totally can. We are open to the idea that some families might like to do such activity together. If that is the case, inform us beforehand.

Pearland Texas Long Distance Movers

We take care of the heavy work for you!

Once at your destination, inform us if you like to do the unpacking or if our services are needed.


Any pieces of furniture that are too large may require our custom crating services. To keep large items safe during the travel, our crew can build a crate to support and secure such items.

Storing and Keeping Your Valuables Safe

Items that do not need immediate relocation will require to be stored. When looking into storage facilities, you want to ensure that your items will not go missing. To prevent that, the smartest thing you can do is trust Summit. Our facilities will ensure that all items are well kept and ready to use one storage is no longer needed.

Some of the storage that we provide include self-storage, business storage, and climate-controlled storage. No matter the item or the specifications needed to keep it in good condition, you can rest assured we offer the right room for it.

No place like Summit Moving and Storage

For any of your moving services in Pearland, make sure to contact Summit Moving and Storage. If you would like more information and materials regarding our services, visit us online or call us at (713) 623-1444.

We have everything and much more needed to give you the most enjoyable moving experience. When it comes to the best Pearland Texas Long Distance Movers, there is only one place to trust!

Pearland Texas Fun Facts

  • The city stretches into three different counties!
  • Pearland was initially named “Mark Belt!”
  • In Texas, Pearland is the 2nd fastest-growing city.
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