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Many Pearland Texas Local Moving Companies can get the job done. However, no one will get the job done like Summit Moving and Storage. At Summit, we have the knowledge and the skills necessary to achieve a successful moving experience. With over 20 years in the industry, you can rest easy knowing we have what it takes.

Our company has gained considerable knowledge of the industry. For one, we are well aware that moving services will always be necessary. People are continually relocating. Whether their move is due to work or merely a change in scenery, our services will still be required.

We’ve also learned that each move is different from the one that came before. Since people may require some services that others don’t, we have adapted and personalized your moving experience. For quality moving services that meet your needs, Summit is the place to go!

Pearland Texas Local Moving Companies

Pearland Texas Local Moving Companies

Other Pearland movers can offer you moving services as well. But as stated, we will provide you that and much more. When you choose us for your moving needs, you will obtain services ranging from packing to storage, and more.

Whether you require local or long-distance moving services, we have what it takes to get the job done.

About Summit Moving and Storage

Summit began as a family-owned business more than 20 years ago. Having started that way, they were committed to giving their clients the best customer service possible. You and all our clients can expect to be treated like family. We give you our full attention and respect.

Also, our services serve both residential and full-service commercial moves. With us, moving your home or office is made a stress free process. By providing exceptional detail and planning from the start, we ensure a smooth transition.

Therefore, when choosing from Pearland Texas Local Moving Companies, keep Summit Moving and Storage in mind. When you decide on us, you will not regret the choice!

Specialty Services

Besides relocating you to your new home or office, we also offer many other services. Our professional movers are highly talented, skilled, and well trained. They can get any item transported to your new location. Things such as pianos, trampolines, exercise equipment, and more can be delivered to your new home.

For more information about the many services that we provide, make sure to contact any of our specialists. More than likely, they will inform you that such information should be made aware from the beginning.

Custom Crating

One of the unique services that we offer is custom crating. For large items that cannot be packed in boxes, we can build a crate. Our talented crew will ensure that a crate properly secures your item throughout the drive.

Pearland Texas Local Moving Companies

Summit offers specialized services along with every moving experience.

Piano Moving

Although pianos are also large, a custom crate is not the right solution for their transportation. Pianos are not just pieces of furniture; they are so much more. Such instruments are valuable pieces of art and carry special sentiment with them. When it comes to moving items, this complicated and irregular, there are specialized resources that are needed.

At Summit, we have everything you require to transport your piano safely. Trust us for this and much more!

Disassembly/Reassembly Services

There are some parts of moving that are not very enjoyable. For instance, disassembling and reassembling our belonging can be very stressful. To help with that, Summit offers you their help. We take it into our hands to take everything apart and put it back together once at the new destination.

Packing Services

Part of our specialized services includes our packing and unpacking services. Our moving team understands that packing takes a considerable amount of time thought the day. Since you are busy with your daily life, we offer our hands for careful preparation. We are highly trained to ensure that all items will be carefully packed and loaded.

Leave it Up to Us

When you leave the packing and unpacking to us, you can expect all your belongings to arrive in excellent condition. Summit will provide boxes of all sizes to pack valuables properly. With our moving blanket and the latest technology, we relocate all your belongings safely.

Also, we confirm with you if our packing is convenient. Once you move into your new home, we offer our services to help unpack all valuables.

Pearland Texas Local Moving Companies

If you would enjoy packing your belongings as a family, we suggest looking into the tips we offer!

Do it Yourself

If you would hoverer prefer to pack your items, we are more than happy to suggest some tips. We understand that such activity can be enjoyable to do as a family. To help you properly pack your items, we have some recommendations to offer.

First, it is essential to choose appropriately sized boxes to maintain items well secured. For more safety, you can even place some bubble wrap at the bottom of the box. To stay organized and neat, we recommend labeling the boxes once they are taped. We suggest leaving fragile objects for packing last.

If you have planned your move with us, early packing is beneficial. Not only will this keep everyone on track, but it will allow you to de-clutter the place. Also, this can come in handy when placing your home back in the market.


Aside from our packing services and tips, we also offer storage. In fact, our units were designed specifically for anyone using our moving and packing services.  Any items that do not require immediate transportation can stay safe in our facilities. Ranging from all sizes and conditions, anything that needs storing will find the right place with us.

Climate Controlled

For items that need to remain under a specific temperature, we offer our climate-controlled storage. Some items that are sensitive to the climate include books, artworks, videotapes, and more. If you are unaware if your item requires special storage, make sure to visit our website for more information.

Let’s Get Moving

For the best moving services in Pearland TX, contact Summit Moving and Storage. When you request our help, you receive more than just moving services. Visit us soon or schedule an appointment by calling (713) 623-1444. From all the Pearland Texas Local Moving Companies, only ours offer more than expected!

Pearland Texas Fun Facts 

  • Pearland’s original name was “Mark Belt!”
  • In 2010, Pearland was ranked the 15th-fastest-growing city in the United States.
  • Once Pearland residents harvested many fruits!
  • For more information, visit here.