Commercial/Office Moving

Experienced moving services for your office relocation.

About Commercial/Office Moving


Summit Moving & Storage is proud to offer full-service office moving services for companies of all sizes and from all sorts of industries. Our experienced and professional team of movers goes above and beyond to ensure our clients’ expectations are exceeded. Whether you’re moving your entire office or just a single division or you’re relocating offices, we’re the team for the job. With over 20 years of experience, we have the expertise necessary to make your office transition as smooth as possible.

Here at Summit Moving & Storage, we aim to provide high-quality commercial moving services for companies of all sorts. We’ve helped companies as they open new corporate offices, industrial facilities, retailers, and much more. When you choose us as your commercial moving company, we work diligently to create a custom plan for the unique specifications of your business or office.

Overall we aim to keep the moving process stress-free every step of the way. Whether it’s moving your office within the same building or to a new location altogether, we got you covered. With our team of experienced movers, you’ll be able to rest easy as were thoroughly coordinate your location in a timely, and cost-effective manner. Our team will strategize each moving plan to minimize downtime and make sure your business can resume productivity as soon as possible.

  • Moving Estimate
  • Pre-moving planning assistance
  • Protective wall/floor materials during packing
  • Expert packing and unpacking for all items being transported
  • Professional, friendly, and experienced movers
  • Great equipment
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Crates
  • Assistance in acquiring third-party services
  • Assistance with move coordination
  • Short and long-term storage options


Furthermore, we aim to build a strong connection with each of our clients. Our high level of commitment is a testament to our desire to truly satisfy our client’s needs. Additionally, we make it our mission to provide accurate and comprehensive cost estimates, provided that clients provide us with accurate information. Moreover, our proven methods help us provide cost-effective services to all our clients. Above all, we aim to use our vast experience to make your business’ move as seamless as possible.


General Overview of Commercial/Office Moving Services

In order to make sure our services are as effective and concise as possible, we follow a pretty simple process. When you choose us as your commercial moving company, you’re getting vast experience, exceptional customer service, and a consistent and rigorous commitment to excellence. Here’s a general overview of our office moving process:

  • Speak to a relocation specialist – You’ll speak to a relocation specialist who’ll set up an appointment for one of our consultants. This consultant will visit the location and perform a survey. The survey will be over the location and we will ask questions regarding items that will be shipped and those which will stay. After going over all relevant details, the consultant will be able to provide an accurate estimate of transportation costs.
  • Schedule your move – Following the visual survey, the next step is scheduling your move. If you have chosen to have your goods packed, then a load date will be scheduled. As always, if you have any questions regarding the move, make sure to contact us.
  • Complete your move – Once your pack date arrives, you can expect our movers to be at the designated location early in the morning. The packing date may be the same as the load date, depending on the amount of packing needed. After we pack and load all the items, we recommend checking in to make sure nothing has been overlooked and left behind.

We’ll contact you 24 hours prior to the expected delivery date, and you’ll be able to help us by directing us on where you want your items placed. As always, make sure to contact us at (713) 623-1444 for any questions or concerns.