Moving With Kids

Keep your family’s move stress-free.

Make your family’s move a smooth one

Relocating homes is a huge step for any family. Additionally, home relocation can also be very stressful and difficult to handle, especially for children. For those moving with kids, we have some tips to help reduce the drama, so everyone can have a smooth move. Kids and their meltdowns can be caused by ridiculous motives. With that being said, relocating to a far location is worthy of a kid’s meltdown. As such, it’s imperative that you keep your children informed on what your plans are for relocating and what will be in store for them in their new home. Here are some helpful tips as you carry on with your home relocation with kids.

Announcing the Move

When you announce to your family the intentions of moving, you should be ready for the reactions that’ll come for the kids. You should especially be prepared for the sadness or anger that’ll fill your children’s hearts. You’re probably excited about the move, but kids don’t really have a say in the decision, and can’t imagine the things that are in store for them in their new home, and they probably feel worried. Your best bet is to emphasize the fact that the whole family will be moving together, and that there is no real reason to worry.

You should make sure you have enough rest prior to your move. In fact, getting enough sleep is one of the best ways of dealing with stress. You won’t be able to handle the emotions of your kids as well as you could if you’re stressed.


What to Prepare For

If you can, visit the new place, but don’t just go to the house. Take the time to take your kids to a nearby playground and to see their new school, at least from the outside. Stop by a local library, market, or any type of location you might often visit while living in the new area. The idea is to get your kids familiarized with the new area so they can have a smoother transition.

The more predictability in a child’s schedule, the likelier it’ll be for them to adjust to the new home. Additionally, try your best to avoid adding more changes. For example, the moving process isn’t the best time to transition your child from the crib to the toddler bed.

To help your family get a good taste of the new neighborhood, you should definitely plan some fun activities. Here are some things to do while you explore your new neighborhood:

  • Go to a local playground
  • Find a good pizza spot
  • Get your children library cards
  • If possible, find a group to connect them with other children

Just keep in mind, relocating to a new home is a process that affects everyone in the family. As such, it’s important to make the effort of making the moving process as smooth as possible for everyone involved. For more tips on how to make your relocation a success, contact one of our moving experts today. You can reach Summit Moving & Storage by calling (713) 623-1444.