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If you have a big move to make, then you don’t want to pick just any kind of moving services 77056. You want someone that knows how to plan, prepare, and properly pack all your belongings, take them where you need to go, and effectively unload the moving truck carefully.

Finding companies that are not just all about making money can be difficult. But when you call Summit Moving and Storage, we can provide the moving services 77056 you are looking for for the right price. We have years of experience professionally moving people to just about anywhere they need to go.

We can move people locally, nationally, and internationally.  While those college kids down the street may be willing to help out for a few bucks, your moving requirements may be a job that requires a bit more planning and finesse. Give us a call, and we can provide a free quote. We are confident you will find us to be the best moving company in the Houston area.

moving services 77056

Summit Moving and Storage has all your moving services 77056 you need.

What is So Unique About Our Moving Services 77056

Depending on what your move needs and where you are going, the moving process can be stressful. There are a lot of details to consider, and you don’t want to forget important information or items, especially if it is a long-distance move.

Summit Moving and Storage is a full-service coming company that offers packing service, loading, unloading, and packing supplies for both home moving and commercial companies. We provide a stress-free moving experience with our high-quality customer services.

We offer moving tips and solutions for every move so you can relax and take care of what is most important to you. We work with you on pricing, so you can you are not feeling like you are paying for every single move we make.

Part of our job is to help plan your move. We can determine how big of a truck you will need, what type of supplies we need, how long it will take, how far we need to travel, what type of route we need to take, etc. We plan nearly every detail of your move, whether down the street or across the ocean, no matter where you are moving to.

Our company has been providing our services for over twenty years. We have learned so much in that time. Every single move is different, and we have learned to adapt to each customer’s needs. Our plans are completely tailored to your move, your belongings, and where you are headed.

Do You Have Large Heavy Items?

Perhaps you have large items that with a lot and are awkward to move. Perhaps something like a grand piano or that antique oak wood wardrobe that was hard enough to get into your home. Now you have to think about how to get it out and into your next home.

moving services 77056

Large heavy items are a pain to move on your own. Don’t risk it. We can help.

With Summit Moving and Storage, you won’t have to. That is because we have everything we need to move these large, heavy items carefully. We provide all the protective padding for your belonging as well as padding for banisters and wall corners.

Our movers know exactly how to move these types of times efficiently without worry. Your home will be safe from dent knicks, holes, and scratches, as will your belongings that we move.

Moving Tips

While we may have twenty years of moving experience, this might be your first move. It can be an exciting new adventure. Going to a new place with new people can sound fun, but it can quickly become overwhelming the more you think about everything you have to do. Therefore, we want to help our clients in any way possible.

One of the first things you want to do when getting ready to move goes through your whole house and get rid of anything you don’t need or want. You can donate good working items or clothes to your local donation center or earn a little extra spending money and host a yard sale.

If you have any flammable such as paint, petrol, or gas cylinders, be sure to dispose of them. Look up proper disposal requirements in your local community guidelines. If you are taking machinery such as lawnmowers, motorcycles, or other gas and battery-powered equipment, take the batteries and empty out the fuel.

If you are moving with small children, it can be a bit more challenging. While we hope that our kids get excited about living in a new place, sometimes we receive a completely different reaction. Some become sad or even angry at the fact that they are leaving their friends and familiar favorite places.

One thing you can do is help get them excited about what is to come. You can find a local playground and the best pizza in town and get them set up with children’s library cards. For the older kids, you can find local places where kids go to hang out and help them make new friends.

Moving with pets can be a little more straightforward than with children. You don’t have to explain to your pets that you are moving, but it can be a bit more stressful for them as they don’t know what is going on. Try to keep them on as regular of a schedule as possible.

That can be challenging as everything can change when you are moving, especially if it is a long-distance move. Be sure to schedule on last vet visit before taking them on a trip. They may be able to recommend something or prescribe medication to help them relax. Ensure that your pets always have an ID and collar with your name and phone number, just in case they get scared and make a run for it.

For more information on how to have a successful move, check out our moving recourses.

Contact Us Today

If you want the best moving experience, then you need to contact Summit Moving and Storage. We can make your life that much easier with highly experienced and professional movers. Our movers will show up at their designated location, ready to get to work.

They understand that you are the boss and are ready to do exactly what you need them to do. We will work fast and efficiently, and your belongings and home will be protected and cared for while we are there. Contact us today to schedule our moving services 77056. 

moving services 77056

With our years of experience, we want to offer a few things we have learned to help make your whole family’s experience that much better.

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