Moving Resources

Organizing your move well before it happens can help make big decisions easier.

Relocating your family, pets, and possessions can be a chaotic time. Finding the right tools and resources that expedite the process ensures it goes smoother than you might anticipate. Furthermore, organizing your move well before it happens can help make big decisions, like which moving company you want to hire, easier.

Moving Tips and Resources

There are countless moving parts to planning a move, and even more tips offered on how to manage your move the right way with as little stress as possible. For instance, most professional moving companies will suggest packing your boxes by room, or even by section of that room. If you have a desk full of supplies, pack it all together in one box. Similarly, it is a great idea to pack other items, like bedding, together so that they are more easily located when you get to your destination.


Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and so much more! These are the supplies you will want to have on hand as you pack up your home. Today, most home improvement stores have plenty of moving supplies in stock. Before you purchase your supplies, take into consideration the size of your home which will factor into the number of boxes you will need.

Consider what percentage of your items will need some form of additional protection outside of a regular moving box. Bubble wrap, newspaper, and clean packing paper are excellent options for preventing breakage during the move. Remember, items will shift with the movement of the moving truck, so taking extra precautions will be worth it.

There are all different sizes of boxes that can be used for moving. Specialty boxes include those that function like a portable wardrobe. Additionally, there are boxes that come with separations on the inside so that you can safely pack glasses and other breakable items.

Unsure how many boxes you will need for your move? Open your Google search engine and search for a moving calculator that will help you determine how many boxes you need based on the rooms in your home.

Packing equipment


Moving isn’t just a stressful time for humans. Pets instinctively know when big changes are happening. They have adapted to their current home and have claimed it as their own, so it will take time for your pet to adjust to a new location. However, there are ways to make sure the transition is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

First and foremost, talk to your vet about the move. If you are traveling a long distance with your pet, your veterinarian might have suggestions for keeping them calm during the ride. Keeping familiar toys, blankets, and treats in the car with your pet will reduce anxiety they might feel.

Once you reach your new home, give your pet a safe place to be until they adapt to the new sights and smells. Some animals, like dogs, adapt quicker to new settings than others, like cats.

Take into consideration your pet’s breed, age, and personality when you think about how the move will affect them. Additionally, take measures to make your pet identifiable as yours, should you become separated from them.


The effect that a move has on children is different for each one. Some enjoy the adventure, others will be disappointed about leaving their friends and a familiar place. If you are relocating to another state or country, find ways to engage your kids about the new location.

Together, learn something new about your destination, or scout out entertainment options that are family-friendly. Allow your kids to keep familiar, favorite toys close to them while you are in the process of moving.

Moving Out/Moving In

Moving from one house to another as a homeowner is a different experience than moving from an apartment to a house. In the first scenario, you will likely find yourself dealing with a realtor. In the second, you will need to consult your lease or landlord to determine what advanced notice is required for moving out.

In the same way, moving in might require some logistical creativeness, especially if you have hired a moving company. It is best to receive a quote and arrange for a moving crew several weeks before your move is scheduled to happen.

Moving company employee

Moving Company

For long-distance or international moves, hiring a reputable moving company that can transport your items is the best option you have. If the price tag of doing so makes you hesitant, take the time to research and receive quotes from several different companies. Hiring a professional moving crew is probably closer to the price of moving everything yourself than you might think!

Furthermore, a moving crew takes much of the pressure off your back when it comes to lifting, moving, and staging heavy items on a truck. Movers often have thick blankets and packing know-how that makes the entire process smoother. Most movers offer additional services like taking apart furniture and wrapping it. Normal services include loading and unloading the truck, as well as transportation to your destination.

One of the most important considerations to make when hiring a moving company is whether or not they have the right credentials and insurance to support your expectations. They can have the best drivers and intentions, but accidents happen. Before you hire a moving company, compare their insurance coverage to what your needs require.

Why You Should Choose Summit Moving and Storage

At Summit Moving and Storage, our professional services include:

  • Loading and unloading the moving truck
  • Taking apart and wrapping furniture
  • Lifting and loading heavy furniture the right way
  • Coordinating the shipping of select items to your destination
  • Advice and recommendations on resources you can use for your move
  • Transportation and delivery of items to your new home
  • Professional service from professional movers

International or domestic, you can trust Summit Moving and Storage to get your items to the right destination, safely and on time. From cross-country to overseas shipping, we have the expertise and credentials you expect from a professional moving company. Call today for your quote!