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We’re one of the few moving companys 77079 that won’t charge you extra for larger items in your home. Summit Moving & Storage is one of the best moving companys 77079 for you. Our moving company has over two decades of experience. During that time, we have helped Texans do everything from move neighborhoods to move clear across the country. We handle loads of any size. In fact, we specialize carrying and transporting, especially cumbersome objects like playgrounds and pianos. No matter the cargo or the distance, we are here to make your move less stressful.

People decide to move into a new home for all sorts of reasons. It could be that your job has asked to relocate you or you are moving for an entirely new career. You could be going to college, starting married life, or just looking for a change in scenery. Whatever the reason is, the moving process itself is going to be more stressful than you bargained for. It’s best to turn to experts that take you through every step of the process.

Residential Moving

We are confident in claiming that we are the best professional moving company around.

People tend to amass keepsakes, souvenirs, knick-knacks, books, and more that hold a lot of value to them. We do not realize how much we have until it is time to pack it up and carry it. But with us, you will be keeping everything you need. Even though moving is an excellent chance to downsize and you likely will, we organize and pack to get everything you save on the truck.

You are likely going to be carrying some extremely bulky items with you unless your new home comes fully furnished. Possibly, you will need to take your refrigerator, washer, dryer, maybe even your dishwasher and oven with you. And most to all people bring their couches, mattresses and living room chairs. Lastly, you have awkward-to-pack and fragile electronics like TVs, computers, games, and stereos. All these need to be handled with care and packed with expertise.

Additionally, moving companys 77079 have experience and specialize in carrying unusually heavy objects. Pianos are the best example. These are delicate, easy to knock out of tune, and unwieldy. But we promise to get it downstairs, on the truck, and in your new home with care. We also transport pool tables, swing sets, exercise equipment, and playgrounds.

Commercial Moving

Summit has worked with all sizes and sorts of companies and businesses, moving them across the hall or clear across the nation. Whether you are a retailer, corporate office, or industrial facility looking to move your operations, we can help. Our expert moving companys 77079 will keep your cabinets and boxes of taxes and confidential files secure.

moving companys 77079

Ready to relocate your business? Contact your team at Summit to get the job done right.

We urge you to inform us about your company as much as possible. This way, we can customize our local moving services and our great job to your requirements.

Senior Moving

When you get older, everything has an extra layer of difficulty and stress added on top. You can imagine that a move could be a huge hassle. With the heavy lifting and the long-distance transportation makes moving companys 77079 the right idea. The stress from both accumulates, and we are here to keep you from having to deal with either.

Over one lifetime, anyone can acquire an impressive show of sentimental mementos that one would not want to part with. With us, you can keep what truly matters to you. While you will probably take advantage of this opportunity to throw away what you do not need, we will organize and pack your belongings efficiently, so you do not leave anything you want off the truck.

Content Pack-Out and Storage Facilities

Pack-outs are usually done in the case of severe damages to your home, often from natural disasters. A great example comes from Houston’s Hurricane Harvey. Plenty of Houstonians and many in League City had their homes flooded. For repairs to get done, they had to pack away all their surviving belongings and stored away. However, another common need for pack-outs includes remodels. Renovations of any kind could require a cleared house.

When a disaster hits and you need repairs on your home fast, you typically do not get much of any notice. Additionally, you are going to want to know where everything is, even while it is packed away. So, you need all your house’s contents packed in a highly organized and efficient manner. Summit’s League City Texas movers use a streamlined inventory system in order to accomplish this. We promise to pack, store, and unpack all your stuff quickly.

But Summit also offers our storage units. You are going to need somewhere to put your stuff while your house is being renovated. You could be out of space right now and have overflowed in your garage. Another possibility is you are in between leases. Either way, you can utilize Summit’s self-storage, business storage, and climate-controlled units. Our facility offers security through well-lit hallways with video surveillance and resident managers. There is also on-site staff that gives quality customer service.

moving companys 77079

We have storage units with climate-controlled options for anything that needs to be kept safe.

Direct Estimate and Free Quote

You can get a free estimate from us immediately. By filling out this online form, Summit can give you a rough estimate of what the costs will be. Although, closer to the move-in date, we will provide you with a more accurate moving quote when we see the job itself.

Moving Companys 77079

Some people might underestimate by exactly how much, but a long-distance move demands careful attention to detail. Cut yourself some slack by delegating some of this grueling work to Summit’s packers and movers in League City. We will make sure nothing gets left behind, and everything is running smoothly. For our customers, the moving experience is a hassle-free one.

After we sign on to work together, we encourage you to give us any specifications you have for us. We want to provide you with the services you need. These notes could include the gate access code to your neighborhood, a narrow driveway, need for a boat/car transfer, or storage needs. You only have to let us know what you need.

If you are about to embark on a move, then consider hiring some professional movers. Now is the time to stop searching through moving companies in League City. We highly recommend contacting us today. Call us at (713) 623-1444 or email us through for moving companys 77079.

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