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Summit Moving & Storage is your ideal choice among moving companys 77056. This company has over twenty years of experience providing its customers the smoothest relocations services. You can finally have peace of mind and a hassle-free move. Summit movers see themselves as your support team while you make this gigantic life change.

Missouri City TX Cross Country Moving Companies

Residential Moving Services

Sometimes people move to get a change in scenery. Others are changing careers, or their job is telling them to relocate. You might be leaving for the first time to start college or married life. In any case, the moving process will probably be more complicated than you thought.

After all, you have likely built up more stuff than you thought. Closets, garages, and attics quickly fill up with souvenirs, books, clothes, and the like. But Summit’s full-service makes what is overwhelming become manageable. We give you moving estimates early on, pre-moving planning assistance, packing and unpacking with our own crates, flexible scheduling. Our movers use excellent equipment, and they can help you acquire third-party services.

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We’re one of the few moving companys 77056 that will pack larger items for no additional charge.

If the place you are moving to is not fully furnished, then you will likely have to transport your bulky appliances and furniture. These can include your fridge, oven, dishwasher, microwave, washer, dryer, couches, china cabinets, and mattresses. Besides, you have awkward to pack and expensive electronics, like TVs, computers, and monitors. And your Summit professional movers know how to move especially heavy objects like pianos, playgrounds, exercise equipment, swing sets, and pool tables.

Senior Moving Services

As you can probably imagine, old age adds an extra layer of difficulty to most tasks. Moving is definitely one of those. Everyone recommends you outsource this heavy lifting and travel to moving companys 77056. And we make sure that Summit’s workers are ready to cater to senior-specific needs.

An entire lifetime is more than enough to amass a vast collection of mementos. And these mementos hold sentimental value to us. Seeing them in front of us can sometimes be overwhelming or daunting. But there might be some junk thrown in the mix too. A move is an excellent opportunity to separate the two. But, no matter what, you should not have to throw out what you still value. Summit’s organized packing system makes sure everything gets on the moving truck.

Commercial Moving Services

Summit has helped different companies relocate for over two decades now. Businesses of all types and sizes solicit our services: large and small retailers, corporate offices, and industrial facilities. Your Summit movers can move you across the hall or the country, depending on what you need. We make them as stress-free and seamless for your company as possible.

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Are you moving your business? Summit can help you set-up in your new office.

Content Pack-Outs

People need a pack-out after their home has experienced severe damages, usually from a natural disaster. The idea is to clear out the house, so there is room for repairs. In recent memory, we have the example of Hurricane Harvey. It devastated and flooded countless homes in the Houston area. Those people had to have pack-outs done on their house before renovations could start. Although, a home remodel, for instance, is a good enough reason to call for a pack-out.

These need to be performed fast and in an organized manner. Luckily, Summit’s streamlined inventory system handles this. Events that call for pack-outs do not present nearly as much warning or the chance for planning as a move. You usually must pick up and go. Besides, you want to be capable to reach your stuff while it is packed up. With our expert home or office packing services, we will accomplish this for you.

Storage Services

Summit is not just any moving companys 77056. For your convenience, we also provide storage space. Instead of looking for third-party services, you can get both your moving and storage services done directly with us.

People use storage space when they are in the middle of a pack-out or in between leases. But people also utilize it when they run out of space in their own homes. For example, you could fill all your closets, your garage, and attic. Summit can fill your storage need, whatever it is.

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We have a variety of storage options for any of your needs.

We provide self-storage units for your antiques, children’s toys, and furniture. And our business storage units are great for holding your file cabinets full of old taxes and files. On the other hand, climate control is good for keeping plastic formats like DVDs, VHS, and vinyl, valuable furniture, books, and collectibles from deteriorating by heat, cold, or humidity.

At our storage facility, we can ensure the safety and security of your belongings. We use video surveillance, keep well-lit hallways, and have resident managers. Plus, you have our on-site staff there ready to answer any questions and give high-quality customer service.

Direct Quote and Free Estimate

Summit Moving & Storage can provide you with a quick and free quote on the costs of our moving services. All you need to do is fill out this form on our website, and we can get back to you with a rough estimate. Later down the line, we can get a better idea of your needs and give you a more accurate number for your moving costs.

Summit; One of the Top Moving Companys 77056

When we work with our clients, we want them to give us as much information or specifications that they can. The more notes and requirements we have and the sooner we have it, the better we can help with your moving needs. With this, we can actually customize our services to your particular wants. Examples of information that can help us help you include neighborhood gate access codes, narrow driveways, car and boat transfers, and storage needs.

If you are looking to make a big move soon, we highly recommend that you seek us out and contact us today. We think you can end your search for moving companies in Missouri City with Summit Moving & Storage. Call us at (713) 623-1444 for moving companys 77056, or email us at

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  • In a historical park, our Freedom Tree still stands.
  • Our city spans across two counties.
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