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Stop searching moving companys 77024, and start experiencing quality moving service at Summit Moving & Storage. All things considered, a successful move is a well-coordinated move. Here at Summit, we assist clients every step of the way. From the first ph0ne call to the actual moving project, we are here to provide full support. We take pride in assisting movers as they strive to embark on a new chapter of their life. From free, no-obligation home estimates, to pad wrapping everything in your home, we strive to succeed in every moving project we do. When it comes to moving, you can rely on Summit to provide a stress-free move.

Over 20 Years of Impeccable Service

People are always moving, whether it’s for a new career, college opportunities for a person’s life.

moving companys 77024

Stop searching moving companys 77024, and start experiencing quality moving service at Summit Moving & Storage.

As such, having a professional moving company to make this process a seamless transition. With Summit Moving &  Storage, you will experience the service that has left countless customers satisfied.

Our moving services helps commercial and residential clients have a smooth transition in the Houston area. We have helped clients with local moving for decades at this point. Our team of professional packers, loaders, and drivers are not only skilled but equally experienced. We train our team extensively in their area of proficiency to ensure that each moving project is a success.

Professional Movers in Houston

Whether you’d like to move to a new neighborhood or a different part of town altogether, Summit Moving & Storage is the team for the job. We are confident that our team of professional packers, loaders, and drivers can make your moving process much smoother and pleasant than if you were to do it all alone. We understand all that goes into moving, that is why we logistically plan every move. With our moving companys 77024 range of experience, we have the perfect team to move you into your new space.

Residential Moving

Summit Moving & Storage truly understands the ins and outs of residential moving. Our services are designed to keep clients calm and relaxed as we take care of all of the hard work. We offer services, information, and exceptional support throughout the entire process to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible. Above all, we strive to use our experience to assist customers in completing their moves in a timely fashion. You will find exactly what you need when it comes to moving with Summit Moving & Storage.

Commercial/Office Moving

With office and commercial moving, it is crucial that you have strong coordination and in-depth planning. These two factors are significant in making your move as successful as possible. We specialize in commercial moving and will put our experience and resources to the test to use to get your operation up and running ASAP! Our highly-trained professionals have the best technology and equipment to make service faster and more efficient. If you are currently in need of relocating your office or any type of business, contact us at your earliest convenience.

We can always set up for you once we arrive at your new location. Remember, your team at Summit is here to help you through everything, no matter the type of move. Your only job is to tell us what belongs where. We’ll have everything in your well-esteemed office set up so you can get back to business in no time. When it comes to moving, you deserve the best of the best moving companys 77024.

Knowledgeable Moving Consultants

Our trained moving consultants will visit your home to assess all of your needs, explain all procedures, identify issues, and suggest the best moves when it comes to moving techniques. In addition, we will also prepare detailed, precise estimations so that you know exactly what you are paying for.

Skilled Packers

Our specially trained packers here at Summit Moving & Storage offers complete or partial packing services. We monitor each packing session through a senior packaging supervisor in each of our moving projects. If you have objects such as fine china or other types of delicate belongings, we will ensure that these items are individually packed, separated with cushioning layers, and place them in specially made containers.

Experienced Movers

Our movers are not only very experienced, but they are equally trained in all aspects of moving.  Thanks to years of experience, our movers are fully capable of carrying out any moving project. Additionally, our floor runners are used when we need protection in a high-traffic area.

Packing and Unpacking

Summit focuses on packing, unpacking, and even assembling furniture. Our team is trained to help you in any way possible. Your items will be kept safe and be moved with caution.

Moving Supplies

We make our transitions smooth by taking care of the transportation of supplies, such as electronics, computers, and other IT equipment. We completely understand the significance of the company’s supplies, so we’ll make sure to find a moving solution fit for you.

moving companys 77024

Did you know that we pack pool tables, exercise equipment, swing sets, pianos, and other large household items for no additional cost?

Piano Moving

Whether you need a piano moved from one room to the next or across town, we are the company to get the job done for you. Pianos usually are very difficult to move. Our services will assist with piano disassembly and transport.

Realtor Programs

Here at Summit Moving & Storage, we also assist real estate brokers and agents move. Additionally, we help you move your clients. Reach out whenever you’d like for more information.

Senior Moving

moving companys 77024

Your movers at Summit Moving & Storage will help you through the smoothest moving experience you’ve ever had.

Moving valuables can be taxing that an advantage in many ways. This is why we take out the time to offer specialized moving services specifically for seniors. We’ll assist you throughout the entire process find the most efficient solution for you.


Here at Summit Moving & Storage, we have a plethora of services that we offer, such as but not limited to, project coordination, inventory, parking, transportation, and more. To learn more about the services that we offer here, feel free to contact us to speak with one of our friendly agents and learn about our specialty processing and re-packing.

Summit: One of the Best Moving Companys 77024

People are moving to new locations year-round. This means that moving household items are extremely valuable, fragile, and breakable. When these types of valued possession are moved, it takes technique to move your objects without breaking and causing a headache. Call (713) 623-1444 to get the most out of one of the best moving companys 77024.

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