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Out of all the moving companies near me 77057, Summit Moving and Storage is at the top! If you are looking to have seasoned professionals assist you with your next moving project, call Summit today! We have been in the relocation business for the past 20 years. Since then, we have been providing quality moving and storage services to people from all over the Greater Houston area. With Summit, we treat you like the boss that you are. We will work to make sure the job is not only done right but also to ensure that we exceed your expectations. Your time and business are highly valued here. With that said, we want your next move to be as smooth and easy as possible.

Why Go With Summit?

Moving Companies Near Me 77057

With all of the hundreds of moving companies you can choose from, it is hard to know if you are getting the A-team or the three stooges to help with your move. Many of our competitors only work for the money and will not consider your needs. By doing business with us, we can guarantee the utmost level of professionalism. We have perfected our services to ensure that we meet all of your specific requests can.

With Summit, your belongings will be treated with care and delivered to the new location on-time. We provide you with accurate estimates aimed at giving you the best value. You will not be nickel and dimed or charged for services you never wanted. Customer care is a core principle we like to take into account. We promise you won’t be able to find this level of commitment anywhere else.

Our Moving Process

Moving Companies Near Me 77057

Whether you need tips on packing or a full-on schedule, our specialists are here to help.

What makes us different from other companies is how we like to approach every job. Over the past two decades, we have realized that not every move is going to be the same. Every moving scenario comes with its own challenges and specifications different from any other. Our moving process makes sure we cater to every particular request to make the move much more successful. You can find out how we will help you move without even being financially obligated to do so.

1) Call Summit Today

Getting started down the road to smooth moving services is just a phone call away. Once you call our number, one of our friendly relocation specialists will be on the other end to receive you. They will ask you for the full details of your move, like timeframes, directions to the new location, and any specific information that would make the job easier for our team. We recommend calling us at least four weeks out from your expected moving date. That way, we will have more leeway to make sure we can meet your deadline.

After that, they will schedule an appointment for you to meet with a moving consultant. The moving consultant will come out to your home to go over everything you need to move. They will also offer you any specialized services you may need. We take care of packing/unpacking services, packing supplies, and storage options for any additional items that won’t be coming along. Once we gather all the necessary info, the consultant will provide you with an honest, accurate estimate of the transportation cost, along with any other services you may require. We give you your quote free of charge, and you can still choose to opt-out of our services at this point. You may also get a quote online if you are unable to meet with a consultant.

2) Plan Your Move

Let’s say that you have agreed with the estimate you were given, and are ready to do business with us. The next step in your moving journey will involve setting up moving dates. There is nothing wrong with packing up your own belongings before we move them. Nevertheless, we still offer a packing service to our customers, should they need it.

If you do decide to use our packing service, we will schedule an even earlier date to have that done. However, depending on the number of items we move and the distance between moving locations, we could have both done on the same day. A moving consultant will be able to prescribe a more realistic timeframe better.

3) Move-In Day

Our seasoned team of movers will be at your home bright and early on your packing date. We will box up all things you are taking with you promptly. The furniture you have will be covered in protective blankets to prevent harmful scratches and dents. Once we situate everything for transport, our team will prep the house with safety features to avoid any damage from the boxes and furniture.

Moving Companies Near Me 77057

We work to make your moving experience as easy as possible.

As soon as the last box is loaded onto our moving truck, we will go through the house one last time to leave no stone unturned. We will contact you 24 hours in advance of the loading date so that you will be given enough time to meet us at the new location. That way, you can be able to direct our team on the placement of your possessions.

Moving Companies Near Me 77057

At Summit Moving and Storage, we aim to be the go-to moving company for all Houstonians. We want to cover every residential, office, and long-distance moving scenario there is. You don’t have to settle for just anyone to do the job. Get the most out of your next moving project with the professionals at Summit Moving and Storage today! Call us at (713) 623-1444. After one time using our services, you won’t have to google “moving companies near me 77057” ever again.

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