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If you are dreading the thought of having to move your home or office, you might want to call the professional movers near me 77030. Summit Moving & Summit is here to help you move just about anything you need. Whether you are moving across the street, across the world, or somewhere in between, we have exactly what you need.

Moving is stressful and can take a lot of time and effort, both of which many people do not have a lot of with a busy schedule. So if you need help packing and moving your belongings, give Summit Moving & Storage a call.

movers near me 77030

Don’t hire just any movers near me 77030. Hire the pros at Summit Moving & Storage.

Searching for Movers Near Me 77030

When searching for movers near me 77030, you are most likely going to get a lot of results. There are movers everywhere because people do not want to deal with the stress that comes with moving. People are constantly moving. According to the United States Census, the average person moves about eleven times in their lifetime.

That can include college, apartments, houses, etc.  That is a lot! So it is safe to say that we as Americans tend not to stay in one place our entire lives and will need to move at some point, which explains why there are so many moving companies.

Finding the right moving company is the trick. While there is no shortage of moving services, there may be more services that deliver less than satisfactory results. Many people who have hired other moving companies have experienced lost or broken items. Their space is not respected, nor are their belongings.

That being said, you want to find a company that will respect your home, both present and future, and your belongings. You want to find a company that will treat your things as if they were handling their own stuff. A good moving company will pack fragile items carefully and add padding and leave little room for jostling. It is also important to prepare the homes for loading and unloading so that floors, walls, and stair posts do not get damaged.

You also want to find a company that will show up on time, ready to work. Many people have hired movers that seem to not take their job all that seriously. They show up late, they are not efficient, and it can take forever.

A good moving company will show up with one task in mind -move everything as efficiently and carefully as possible in as little time as possible. No one wants to see a bunch of movers that are getting paid standing around trying to figure out how to move a couch.

Another sign of a good moving company is the ability to plan. Moving of any kind takes planning. The longer distance you have to go, the more meticulous planning you will need. If you are moving short distances, you can easily turn around and go back for what you forgot, however, it can be frustrating. You can’t do that with long-distance moving. Therefore, everything needs to be packed and moved in as few trips as humanly possible.

movers near me 77030

If you have special items that need particular care, we know just what to do.

Summit Moving & Storage is your High-Quality Moving Company

When you call us, we can assure you that we are your high-quality moving company. Everything mentioned about what a good moving company has, we offer.

We will handle your belongings with care. Our movers will respect your home. The entire team will show up on time and ready to pack and move things, and we will do it all efficiently and cohesively.

Summit Moving & Storage has been in business for over twenty years. Not only do we help people move within communities, but we help people move worldwide. Moving internationally is not an easy task. It is a job made only for professionals that know what they are doing.

Hiring the local college kids might be nice, but if you need a big moving job done correctly the first time, don’t risk hiring just anyone to pack and move your stuff. Hire the professionals who have this process down to a science.

Moving Specialty Items

Many people have items that are particularly delicate and need to be handled with very delicate care. There are also those items that are just weird and awkward to pack up. For instance, chandeliers are a really good example of both worlds. Chandeliers can be heavy, fragile, large, and oddly shaped.

Sitting down and just trying to think about how to properly move a chandelier can bring more questions than answers. You are not alone. After twenty years, we have managed to crack the code on how to properly prepare, pack, and transport a chandelier safely without it getting damaged.

Another good example of large, awkward, and heavy items is pianos. Pianos are precious musical instruments that must be handled with the utmost care. If not properly packed and stored, it can easily get damaged, which can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

With a moving company like us, you can be sure everything will be safe. All your belongings, no matter how big, heavy, bulky, or awkward they may be, we can handle them.

A Few Moving Tips

Before you leave, it is always good to have a checklist of things to do when moving. We understand how much is involved with moving and want to help all our clients have the smoothest move possible.

Before moving all your belongings, be sure to get rid of anything you don’t want. Either donate, or you can sell it and make a little extra cash. Get rid of any flammables. It is always best to dispose of them properly rather than trying to travel with them. Remove batteries from electronics. It is not a good day if you open up one of your boxes to find battery acid all over your stuff.

Make sure you have all paperwork ready for a change of address. You don’t want to rummage through boxes trying to find important documents. Make sure you have arranged for your utilities to be cut off. Make sure your vehicle is up to regulation before moving. Try to limit how much food you buy right before moving. Lastly, make sure your finances are in order, especially if you have to switch banks on a long-distance move.

Check out our full checklist so you can have a successful move! Then give us a call to hire professional movers near me 77030.

movers near me 77030

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