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movers near me 77024

Summit Moving & Storage makes moving long distances fast and simple with our expert movers near me 77024.

Excellent, high-quality movers near me 77024 are never too far when you contact Summit Moving & Storage! Our moving company can provide easy, stress-free moving services you can count on. Our professional movers work hard to provide customers with high-quality service. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and know the ins and outs of moving.

Our mission is to change the moving experience for the better by prioritizing you, the customer. We operate our business with the highest standard of work and customer service. Our moving services include an on-site free estimate or hourly rates, free use of wardrobe boxes, packing services, and safe transportation of all of your items.

Best of all, we employ no hidden fees or charges in our services, with the honest, up-front pricing you deserve. In addition, we also offer storage solutions and services if you need extra space. Our moving team provides both residential and commercial services for both individuals and businesses.

So don’t hesitate to get a quote today. If you have any questions about our moving and storage services, call us today or drop by our office location. Summit Moving & Storage is here to streamline the moving experience.

Discover Experienced Movers Near Me 77024

Moving from one place to another can demark an exciting time in your life. Whether you have a new job opportunity, going to a new school, or simply for personal reasons such as the acquisition of a new house, moving marks the transition between the stages of our lives. When that happens, you want an expert and experienced team on your corner to make sure the transition is as seamless as possible.

Unfortunately, moving can be a pain, especially if you’re moving to a new house or office space. A lot of junk can accumulate throughout the years and it can be overwhelming to have to wade through this overflowing sea. For long distance travel, it can be even more stressful to ensure your things arrive to where they need to be.

Summit Moving & Storage is here to help. We are a local moving company that ensures your things are packed and ready to go to their new home with our experienced movers near me 77024. Our efficient moving system can pack things and move them to wherever you’re wanting them to go, from residential homes to industrial facilities.

Our process is simple and easy, and geared to your best convenience. Here’s how it works:

movers near me 77024

Our movers near me at Summit Moving & Storage is here to help along every step of the way.

Discover Our Process

Summit Moving & Storage’s goal is to make the moving process as stress-free as possible. Before we begin the process, one of our relocation specialists will contact you and ask you some preliminary questions. We’ll help you outline everything you need to do to make your move successful and what we can do to ensure the moving day is a success.

Then, for our consultation, we’ll arrive at your location and take a survey of the situation. We will check the items that will be shipped and where they will be shipped to. We will factor in these variables to give you an accurate estimate, provided at the end of the consultation.

Finally, you move! Our movers near me will arrive on-site early for the load date. They will pack and load all your items into our vehicles.

Our planning and attention to detail will ensure none of your items are left behind during the move. In addition, we strive to minimize any downtime between your move so that you can arrive to your new destination in a timely fashion.

Moving Tips

There are a lot of variables to moving, and as always, life always obeys Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong, will. So it can be helpful to be prepared and learn some easy steps to ensure the moving day go as smoothly as possible.

  • Prepare for the trip prior to the actual day of moving. Doing everything at the last second will ensure that you will miss a crucial step or item that will make you have to return to your first location. This will no doubt waste time and money.
  • Make a checklist of things to do. This will ensure that you won’t miss a task or a step you have to take. Some of these steps include cleaning out unwanted items, disposing of flammables, giving away old clothing, and so forth. Disposing of unwanted items can include donating to charity and hosting a garage sale.
  • Visit the post office and file a change of address. A complete change of location requires updating entities to ensure your mail and other items go to your new location, not your old one.
  • Arrange the cut-off date for utilities. The last thing you’ll want to deal with when you move is to be charged for water, light, and gas on a location you’re no longer occupying.

If you have kids, the moving process is definitely more complicated. Some children react very badly to a move, reacting with worry, sadness, and even anger. If these feelings aren’t addressed or validated, they may even have meltdowns. To avoid the drama, familiarize your kids with their new location by taking them to a nearby playground, local library, market, or any type of location you might often visit while living in the new area.

movers near me 77024

Moving offices is easier than ever with professional movers near me on your side!

Call Summit Moving & Storage Today!

No matter what your moving needs are, Summit Moving & Storage can help you today. Our expert movers near me can pack and move your furniture, tools, and other items safely through our transportation vehicles and to your new home. We can provide personalized services that center you, the customer, and works around your schedule.

In addition, we provide stellar storage services if you need extra space for all your items. We have both climate and non-climate controlled units for your more fragile items. Our self-storage units come with video surveillance, on-site residential managers, and friendly staff to ensure your items are safe and secure.

Summit Moving & Storage is a locally owned and operated company committed to excellence above all. So don’t hesitate to call our movers near me 77024 for the best moving experience in town!

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