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Summit Moving and Storage offers the best Missouri City TX Moving Services around. No company compares to our outstanding work and customer service. Other moving companies might get the job done, but you are not their number one priority. At Summit, you are!

We understand that relocating is a significant life event. Perhaps you are moving out of your parent’s house, or maybe you are ready to change scenery. Either or, you need a moving company that will make the process easy and efficient.

Missouri City TX Moving Services

Moving in itself is already a huge responsibility. It may be both exciting and stressful. However, to make it the most enjoyable and stress-free experience, our crew is here to help. We provide all the resources and materials needed to ensure that a smooth transition takes place.

Missouri City TX Moving Services

Our company began as a family-owned and operated business. From that, we have developed our values and work ethic. We treat you and every client with the utmost respect and kindness.

Also, our years of experience in the industry has made us learn many useful lessons.

When you hire moving companies, you might expect only moving services. However, when you hire Summit, you get that and much more. Our services range from moving, packing, storing, and more.

For the best Missouri City TX Moving Services, only trust Summit Moving and Storage.

Each Move is Different

Whether you require our service for local and long-distance moving, we have everything you need to make it possible. Our 20 years of moving people, we have come to learn many valuable lessons. For instance, we now know that every move is different from the previous one and that people require various services.

Sometimes we move one person, and other times we move larger families. To help satisfy both clients, we have come up with many solutions. That way, no matter who or what you are moving, we make it simple.

Moving with Children

If you are relocating with children, there are essential things to keep in mind. While children may not fully understand what is happening, they are more than aware that things are about to happen. Therefore, to avoid any meltdowns, we need to keep our kids informed.

The first step when moving with children is to inform them of the relocation. It is also useful to have the kids visit the new house and the surrounding areas. By doing so, they will become familiar with the places that they will now be in sight with.

During the moving process, it is crucial to maintain their schedule the same. The healthier they feel during those days, the better they will respond to the move.

Once you settle into your new home, it is essential to take time to enjoy some fun activities. Having some fun in the new home will help your children like the place better. Therefore, if you are moving with kids, it is vital to keep these suggestions in mind. In doing so, you prevent meltdowns from happening and maintain everyone’s happy.

Missouri City TX Moving Services

Missouri City TX Moving Services

Moving with Pets

Likewise, when moving with pets, we also have some suggestions that may be helpful. Just like us, our pest also becomes stressed during such situations. As stated, it is vital to maintain a regular schedule for them as well.

Before moving, you should take them to the vet to ensure that everything is okay and up to date. When the time comes to move to your new destination, make sure that proper care is given. Also, watch your pets closely while they learn more about their new home. Ensure that the house is pet-proof and that no changes for your pet to escape are possible.

Our Services

When you require a Missouri City move, come to the people you give you the most for your money. Summit Moving and Storage offer you more than home or office removals. They help you with anything that might make moving more complicated. No matter if you are relocating around the corner or across the country, we make all moves possible.

Home Relocating

House removals are very common. Whether it be for work or solely for a change, families are always on the move. Therefore, there is no one better to trust than us.

Office Relocating

Our company offers full-service commercial moving. In fact, we have worked with many companies and have kept good tough with all of them. All industries and any size company come to us for assistance during their move.

Senior Relocating

More than residential and commercial moving, we also offer moving labor for all older people. We understand that such an event can be overwhelming, and to give them the family time needed, we take care of all services.

Specialized Servies

Our professional movers also offer more than moving services. With our rental trucks, we can deliver all your items by the time of your request.

Missouri City TX Moving Services

Summit offers more than just moving services. Learn more about what we offer.

Packing and Unpacking

There are no Missouri city movers that can compare to our crew here at Summit. We do all the heavy work so that you can relax. As a matter of fact, we take care of all the packing and unpacking required. Knowing that packing could take a considerable amount of time from your daily life, we offer our help.


For larger objects that require more than box packaging, we do offer crating services. In other words, to maintain such items safe while on our moving truck, we can always build a crate for them.


If you would like to maintain some items stored during or even after your move, let us know. Our company has three different storage facilities to offer. They include self-storage, business storage, and climate-controlled. Therefore, any item that may need to be stored will undoubtedly be well maintained in our facilities.

Summit Moving and Storage

To learn more about Summit and our services, visit us online or call (713) 623-1444. Summit Moving and Storage offer you the best Missouri City TX Moving Services around!

Missouri City TX Fun Facts

  • Missouri City has the first operating railroad in Texas.
  • In a historical park, The Freedom Tree still stands.
  • A railway once connected Missouri City to Los Angeles.
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