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Summit Moving & Storage is your ideal choice out of all Missouri City TX long-distance moving companies. Our company has over twenty years of experience under our belt, helping people transfer from one place to another. We operate as a support system during your big move. Whether it is within the neighborhood you are in now or clear across the country, we have you covered. Besides all that, our movers specialize in handling difficult objects like pianos and pool tables.Missouri City TX Long-Distance Moving Companies

Residential Moving

People move homes for all sorts of reasons. You could be going away to college or starting a new married life. Your job might have relocated you, or you are starting a new career yourself. Even if you are just looking for a change in scenery, the move is likely more work than you expect.

After all, we accumulate a lot of stuff without realizing it. Once you get it all laid out, it can start feeling overwhelming. That is what your Missouri City TX long-distance moving companies are for. Unless your new house is fully furnished, you will likely be taking your refrigerator, washer, dryer, and even your dishwasher and oven with you. Most also pack couches, their living room chairs, and mattresses. There are especially awkward-to-pack and expensive computers, monitors, and TVs.

Summit is here to take the hassle out of Missouri City moving. We offer moving estimates, pre-moving planning assistance, assistance in the coordination, and acquiring third-party systems. Summit has our own crates and moving trucks, does the packing and unpacking, and offers short and long-term storage options.

Our expert Missouri City movers also specialize in carrying unusually heavy and unwieldy objects. Pianos, for example, are an odd shape, quickly knocked out of tune, heavy, and expensive. We ship and carry them all the time. We do playgrounds, exercise equipment, pool tables, and swing sets too.

Commercial Moving Services

Summit movers have worked with companies of all sizes and kinds. Let us know whether your move is of a small division or the entire company. And we can move you across the hall or the country, whichever you need. We transfer your stuff with care. Your tax records and confidential files will be safe with us.

Senior Moving Full-Service

As you get older, an extra layer of difficulty and stress rests on everything you do. You can imagine how much more difficult a move is. But that is what your Missouri City TX long-distance moving companies are for. Summit does the heavy lifting and cross country travel that causes so much compounded stress. We can take the burden of the heavy lifting off your back. Whether you are relocating to get closer to your family or better hospitals, we are here for you.

Missouri City TX Long-Distance Moving Companies

Are you moving your business? Summit can help you set-up in your new office.

Plus, as you can picture, an entire lifetime will mean amassing an impressive collection of sentimental keepsakes. Your local professional movers will make sure you can get everything on the truck. Even if you take advantage of the opportunity to shed what you no longer need, you should not have to leave behind what you still hold dear.

Content Pack-Out and Storage

We usually perform pack-outs for people after their homes have suffered from severe damages, likely from a natural disaster. When Houston was left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, countless houses had been flooded. These Houstonians would have to pack-out their homes and store their belongings elsewhere during repairs. Another time someone might pack out their home includes a full-house remodel. Anytime you perform renovations on your home, you need a place to organize and store what is inside.

During a pack-out, you want everything organized so you can find it. Plus, you need everything out fast. You usually do not get a lot of notice at these events. So, you do not have the same time to plan, like in a move. Instead, Summit helps you pack, organize, store, and unpack everything in enough time to start renovations. Our streamlined inventory system makes it all possible.

While your stuff is packed away, you need a place to store it. This way, there is no need to search for a third-party in the middle of the move process. Summit is not only one of the Missouri City TX long-distance moving companies. Besides that, we are a storage facility. If you have run out of room in your garage and need a place for the overflow, we cover you.

You can pick from our self-storage, business storage, or climate-controlled units. With these, your file cabinets of taxes will stay safe, and your fragile collectibles will not erode. Your valuables will also remain secure. Our security consists of well-lit hallways, video surveillance, and on-site resident managers and staff.

Direct Quotes and Free Estimates

Summit Moving & Storage can give you a quick quote on what our services will cost you. By filling out this online form, we can get back to you on a rough estimate of your moving costs. Closer to moving day, we can look at what you have and give you a more accurate measure.

Missouri City TX Long-Distance Moving Companies

Missouri City TX Long-Distance Moving Companies

Many find it easy to underestimate how much attention to detail local and long-distance moving takes. You do not truly realize until the big day comes. However, delegating much of the work to the professionals at Summit can take all that stress off your shoulders. With the grueling work in our hands, the move is sure to run smoothly and without a hitch.

When we sign on to work together, we encourage our clients to give us as many specifications as possible. Summit wants to customize our services to your needs. Things to include are neighborhood gate access codes, narrow driveways, boat/car transfer, or storage needs. Anything you can think of may help.

If you are about to embark on a new move, we highly suggest that you contact us today. You can end your search through moving companies in Houston. Call us at (713) 623-1444 or email us through [email protected] for the best of your Missouri City TX long-distance moving companies.

Missouri City Texas Fun Facts

  • We had the first operating railroad in Texas
  • In a historical park, our Freedom Tree still stands.
  • Our city spans across two counties.
  • Once, a railway connected us to Los Angeles.
  • For more on our city, visit https://www.missouricitytx.gov/189/City-Overview.