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Summit Moving & Storage has the most organized, efficient Missouri City TX local movers. If you want a stress-free experience from a moving company, working with us is the way to go. We have years of experience moving people out of their homes and office.

Missouri City TX local movers

Allow Summit to give you the best moving experience you’ve ever had.

At Summit, we do everything we can to make moving an enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, many people don’t believe that this is possible. We don’t blame them – moving consists of a lot of planning, preparing, and paying. This is where Summit comes in. We plan and prep for your transition with you, all for a reasonable price. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond to make your move as smooth as possible. Our customers should be more excited about starting something new with their loved ones rather than worried about the move. Let us take care of the tough stuff so you can look forward to new things.


Residential and Senior Moving

If you’re planning on moving from one residency to another, you’ve got some packing to do. Or, rather, we’ve got some packing to do. Your professional movers are more than happy to provide packing services at your convenience. All you have to do is tell us what goes where so we can categorize accordingly. We also pack pianos, playgrounds, swing sets, exercise equipment, pool tables, etc. for no additional cost. If you’d like us to dis/assemble any of your furniture items, ask our specialists, or one of the movers at your consultation so we can assist you.

When you hire moving professionals, you need a team that’s well put together. Summit is perfect for the job. We’re known for being meticulous with our planning processes for move day. We take note of things other people may miss, such as narrow doorways, or steep driveways. Taking the weather and heavy traffic flow into consideration is also something we’re very cautious about. We know how frustrating it can be to run into random obstacles when it’s time to get you out of your old home. To avoid any hold-ups, we make sure we’re as prepared as possible so we can get execute with efficiency.

If you have older members in the family that are looking to move, we have plenty of ways to assist them throughout the process as well. Our relocation specialists are on the line during all business hours. They can answer any of your questions. Whether you need a full-on packing plan and moving schedule or tips on moving with pets, your specialists can help you.

Missouri City TX local movers

Your Missouri City TX local movers will always keep your items in the best condition while in transit.

Moving Your Business

If you’re relocating for commercial purposes, you need professional movers to handle the situation accordingly. We’ve moved corporate offices, retailers, and industrial facilities. Trust us to get handle your business items with the utmost care and set up for you in your new office.

Moving Long-Distances

Your Missouri City movers can help you with your cross country moving needs as well. This actually includes a few free services – you won’t get this from other Missouri City TX local movers. You have access to full-service packing, fragile packing, and custom crating for your intrastate move. If you’d rather pack your own items, we can give you DIY packing materials. This will greatly reduce the amount of space you take up for your packed belongings – you may even end up with less moving trucks.


We have the best local and long-distance services, thanks to our wonderful specialists. These experts are always able to answer any questions you have.

To us, being the best Missouri City TX local movers isn’t just about providing great customer service. It’s about genuinely being there for our customers. We walk you through every step of the moving process and provide specific details. We’re proud to say we focus on building a sense of community throughout the Houston area.

Getting started with our specialists is simple – all you have to do is call. Once you explain your moving needs, we can set up a consultation, get you an estimate, and work out those minute details. We’re here to support you, so don’t hesitate to reach out.


Summit has plenty of additional crating and storage options for local and long-distance moves. Our wardrobe boxes are completely free and available upon request. This is best for clothing items that have been left behind or are going with you. If you need something to hold heavier items, our crates and boxes come with a discount. Again, we want to make our customers feel well-supplied and taken care of. Rather than going elsewhere for these materials and buying them at full-price, allow us to bring them to you.

Missouri City TX local movers

Our specialists will take you step-by-step through the process so you can be stress-free.

If you’re looking for actual storage options, we have plenty to offer. Our sterile, climate-controlled units can hold your personal belongings, business items, or vehicles. We have special plans that can be discussed if you’re specifically looking for short-term options if you’re moving long distances.


When you get a quote from Summit, you can trust that you’re getting the best price for the extent of our services. We don’t see the point in overcharging our customers or providing prices that don’t work for you.

What you get at your initial consultation will always be the maximum price, so long as the information provided is accurate. More times than not, you’ll be paying far less than what we gave you for the original estimate. By doing this, we hope to help our customers prepare as well as they can to budget for your move.

If you’d like to receive your quote, you can fill out our form or call  (713) 623-1444 to get in touch with your favorite Missouri City TX local movers.

Missouri City Texas Fun Facts

  • Missouri City spans across two counties.
  • The Missouri City Recreation & Tennis Center has over 10 tennis courts.
  • There used to be a railway that connected Missouri City to Los Angeles.
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