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If you’re looking for the best Missouri City TX hire movers, look no further than Summit Moving & Storage. Thanks to our high-quality services and approach to the moving process, you’re sure to have the best moving experience yet.

We don’t believe that moving should be such a stressful process. Unfortunately, there’s so much that goes into it that this seems somewhat inevitable. This is why we do what we do. We take you through every step of the process, from prep to execution, to make your big move a success—Trust Summit to do the heavy lifting so you can be stress-free.


Our basic services include residential, senior, and commercial moving services. If you need storage or additional crating, we have plenty of options for you as well.

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Are you moving with children or pets? Asks our specialists for tips.

Residential & Senior Moving

Summit provides special packing services for our residential moves. Unlike other Missouri City TX hire movers, we’ll pack household goods for no extra cost. This includes pool tables, exercise equipment, playgrounds, swing sets, piano, etc. In our opinion, it doesn’t make sense to charge extra for regular household items. Don’t go to moving companies that refuse to do the bare minimum for their customers.

If you’re older in age, you won’t have to stress about your move with Summit. Our relocation specialists are available around the clock during all of our business hours. We’ll help you with any of your concerns, no matter how big or small. Do you need packing tips? Skipping searching through Google and head straight to us. Would you like a full-on moving schedule drafted? We’ve definitely got your back. Don’t be afraid to ask us any of the questions you have.

Commercial Moving

As for commercial moving, you’ll need our Missouri City movers. We have experience moving corporate office, retailers, industrial facilities, etc. so you know you’re business is in good hands. We’re also ready and willing to set up for you. You’ve probably got a lot of other things to focus on, so don’t be afraid to let us do the grunt work.


We have the best storage services in the Houston area here at Summit – it’s in our name for a reason! Our sterile storage units can store your personal items, office/business equipment, and vehicles. If you need to keep something at a certain temperature, we have storage options to suit that as well. We recommend contacting our specialists to discuss your needs, and we’ll reserve a unit for you.


Our storage facilities are sterile and under video surveillance 24/7.

Additional Crating

If you ever need more boxes, we have plenty of options at all price ranges.

Our wardrobe boxes are completely free – all you have to do is ask your movers to bring some with them the next time you’re scheduled to see them. These are perfect for very light items or loose articles of clothing. It’s pretty easy to accidentally leave things behind, so if you have, don’t sweat it. These wardrobe boxes are a great way to keep these items in one place during your move. If you’d like something that can hold heavier items, our crates and boxes would be the best fit. These come at a discounted price – our movers have to purchase these out of pocket. But, we’re still hoping to help our customers save as a way to thank them for choosing us.


Missouri City TX hire movers

Your team at Summit is here for more than just labor services.

Why should you trust us to be your Missouri City TX hire movers? We have specialists that are ready and willing to help you through this entire process. You’re probably well-aware of this already, but moving requires a lot of effort. There are so many steps outside of packing and physically relocating belongings. This is why we work as hard as we do to provide for you. If we truly want to pursue our goal of making your moving experience the best you’ve had yet, we need to show up for you in every way possible. Your team at Summit will assist you before, during, and after your move so that this entire event can be as seamless as possible.

Other than this, the professionals at Summit are well-renowned for going above and beyond in every aspect of the services we provide. If we do the job, we have to get it done right. This means showing up for you in every way possible so that you get the results you need. When it comes to move day, don’t skip out on quality customer service and professional moving services for affordable prices.


Getting a quote from Summit couldn’t be more straightforward. We’re happy to say we’re always upfront with our prices, unlike other Missouri City TX hire movers. We notice that other professional movers tend to find ways to bump up their prices at the end of their move. If not that, they like to add (random) additional charges for things we include in our basic services. We believe that these extra costs are both unethical and unnecessary to do after providing a service. With Summit, the quoted price you get at your initial consultation is final. Stick to the Missouri City moving company that puts you and your needs first.

If you’re ready to receive your free and affordable quote from Summit, all you need to do is get in touch with our team. That way, we can get your consultation set up, and you’ll have your estimate in no time. Call (713) 623-1444 to get started with one of the best Missouri City TX hire movers today.

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