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When searching for the best Missouri City Texas Local Moving Companies, there is one company that comes above all. Summit Moving & Storage gives you the most excellent moving experience and is there throughout the entire process. Whether you require local or long-distance moving services, we have everything you need to make your move a smooth transition.

First established as a family-owned and operated business, providing the highest quality customer service has always been our priority. We developed a set of values to ensure that all customers are treated like family. Also, our many years of experience have let us perfect the art of moving.

Missouri City Texas Moving Service

Missouri City Texas Local Moving Companies

From our years in the moving industry, there are valuable lessons that we have learned. As stated, we have acquired much knowledge about relocations. For instance, every move is different from the one before. In other words, all relocations are unique and require different specifications that meet the person.

To help every individual achieve a successful moving experience, we have procedures to follow. Creating a plan for your relocation and maintaining detailed information allows for a stress-free change. Therefore, when looking for Missouri City Texas Local Moving Companies, the best one out there is Summit!

Moving Process

Out of all the options provided, make sure that you hire a moving company that will do the most for you. When you require a Missouri City moving company, come to Summit Moving & Storage.

Relocating is already a challenging task in itself, ease your nerves by hiring someone you can trust. From the beginning, our crew will make sure that a plan is well developed. First, we will assign you to speak to a relocation specialist. They will provide you with a free estimate of your project.

Next, one of our consultants will perform a survey of your current location. In doing so, we will gather all the information needed for the move. We will better understand the items that need transportation and will make a list of the materials necessary. After this, we will schedule a packing and loading date.

The last thing left is actually to complete the move. On the packing date, you can expect our team early in the morning at your current location. Our crew will ensure to pack all belongings correctly and load everything into the vehicle. Now, all you have to do is wait for delivery at your new destination.


Our moving company services both home and office moves. Home removals tend to more emotional since families are sometimes involved. Therefore, it can be difficult for children to leave their old house behind. However, our crew can provide you with may helpful tips to achieve a more enjoyable experience.

If children are involved in the relocation, it is crucial to maintain them informed. Having them be aware of the events that are taking place can help reduce any anxiety or meltdowns. Visiting the new home before the actual move an help them become familiar with the new area they will live in. As for pets, we suggest verifying that the house is pet-proof; this will prevent any escaping from being possible.

On the day of your move, our crew will move one family at a time. Following this policy prevents any mistakes from happening. We will confirm that all belongings are where they should be and delivered on time.

Missouri City Texas Local Moving Companies


The same goes for office moves; we will make sure that fast and efficient relocation is done. Moving companies tend to be more challenging due to all the materials that need transport. Luckily, we offer full-service commercial moving. When you choose Summit, you are choosing movers that will get your business running as quickly as possible.

We understand that time is money, and the sooner your company is relocated, the better. Doing so will ensure that you are back in productivity.

Every Day Solution

Not only does Summit offer exceptional moving services, but we do so much more. Our team of professional movers is skilled and trained in many services. With their knowledge, we can provide solutions for everything.

Perhaps you require loading and unloading pieces of furniture, or you just need boxes to pack. Well, you can count on us to help!

Packing and Unpacking

One of the tasks that come with moving is packing belongings. To ensure that you relax during this time, we take care of all the heavy work. With our proper care, all items will stay safe in our moving truck. Our team will provide all the boxes needed and will carefully pack your valuables.

Missouri City Texas Local Moving Companies

We offer more than just moving services at Summit.

Moving Supplies

At Summit, our Missouri city movers provide all materials and supplies needed for the relocation. Whether that be rental trucks, and any equipment necessary to move computers and printers more safely, we have it all!

Piano Moving

If any pianos need transportation, let us know beforehand. Since they are large objects with irregular angles, we need to give special care to maintain it safe and unharmed.

Senior Moving

Apart from our residential and commercial moving, we also provide moving labor for elders. Knowing that moving if a difficult time for anyone, we can imagine what it may be like for seniors. To allow them the family time needed before the move, we take care of all moving services.

Realtor Programs

Another component of our business is realtor programs. As they say, teamwork makes the framework. Therefore, we believe that it is convenient for us to establish mutually beneficial clients and benefits.


As you can see, we do more than moving services to give you peace of mind. When looking for the best moving company, contact someone that will do more to achieve a successful outcome. Our services range from project coordination to inventory, to packing and much more.

Direct Quote

If you find yourself in Missouri City TX and need of moving services, give Summit Moving & Storage a call. You can visit us online or contact us at (713) 623-1444. From all the Missouri City Texas Local Moving Companies, no one comes close to the care we give!

Missouri City Texas Fun Facts

  • This area has the first operating railroad in Texas.
  • Missouri City was first founded as an ideal commuter town.
  • The Freedom Tree still stands in a historical park.
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