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If you’re on the search for the best set of Missouri City Texas commercial movers, you need Summit Moving & Storage. We have the best moving services in the area – couple that with our expert movers, and you’ll get the smoothest moving experience you’ve ever had.

We truly believe that moving shouldn’t have to be such a dreadful experience. Unfortunately, this naturally happens when you take on such a huge project by yourself. Other times, people work with an undependable moving company that falls short of its customers’ needs.  This is exactly why you need elite moving services from Summit. We’ll make sure we work with you to accommodate each one of your moving needs. Plus, you’re working with a team of people that have been moving others for over 20 years. Considering how inclusive our services are, we’re undoubtedly one of the best Missouri City moving companies you’ll find.


Missouri City Texas commercial movers

If you’re moving your business with Summit, your Missouri City Texas commercial movers will set up your new office for you.

Commercial Moving

When it comes to moving your business or office, you can’t put your business in the hands of just anyone. You need trustworthy, hard-working, experienced professionals to get the job done.

We have experience moving corporate offices, retailers, industrial facilities, and more. When it comes to commercial moving, we’re especially particular about our packing techniques. We’ve spent years perfecting and optimizing this so we can keep your office equipment in the best condition possible. We couldn’t risk any of your items enduring damage while we’re on the road.

Once we arrive at your brand new office, we can do all the set up for you. Whether you’re a business owner or working for someone else, you’ve got things to do. Don’t waste your precious time doing all of that on your own. We’d be more than happy to help you – just tell us where everything belongs, and we’ll have it set up in no time. Whether we’re moving you across town or downstairs, we’ll take care of everything with an efficiency that is unmatched.

What if I Need Long-Distance Moving for my Business?

If you need to move long distances, you’re in luck. We offer a few free services to make the journey a little more affordable than your typical Missouri City Texas commercial movers. You can get full-service packing, fragile packing, and custom crating included. If you have other concerns, such as large-item shipping or short-term storage, we’ll find solutions that are perfect for you.

Our Relocation Specialists

Our relocation specialists here at Summit are what makes us so efficient. These are the people that you’ll first come into contact with. We’ll easily get your consultation set up, give you your estimate, and then help you through the rest of this move.

Missouri City Texas commercial movers

Our specialists will help you prep and plan for this giant transition.

Relocating your business is more than just moving your office equipment – why would we limit ourselves to assisting you with just that? We’ll cover every aspect, so the entire move is a success. Remember, you can talk to our wonderful specialists about any moving need you have. We’ll find ways to satisfy your needs, all while staying within your budget.


Residential Moving

Our other basic moving services include residential and senior moving. What sets us apart from other Missouri City movers?

At Summit, our packing services makes us unique. Everyone can offer packing, unpacking, and dis/assembly – but not many people are willing to do these things for a lower cost. Here at Summit, we’ll specifically move and pack the larger items in your household for no additional charge. These items include pool tables, exercise equipment, playgrounds, swing sets, etc. Don’t move with companies that only provide the bare minimum.

Optional Services

If you need storage or additional crating, we have plenty of options for all price points here at Summit.

Of course, Summit has storage units that you can use for anything – but, these can be particularly helpful for your business items. If there’s something you’d rather move or have stored away during this transition, don’t be afraid to ask your movers which unit might be best for you. We have regular and climate-controlled options that will undoubtedly keep your belongings or equipment in the best condition.

As for boxes, we have wardrobe boxes that are completely free – all you have to do is ask your movers to bring some along with them. These are best used for very light items or articles of clothing that are often left behind during residential moves.

Missouri City Texas commercial movers

Let your movers or specialists know if you need crating, boxes, or storage. Some of them are available for free!

For sturdier options, our crates and boxes are the best bet. Summit’s professional movers pay for these items out of pocket, so they’re available at a discounted price. We’re hoping to help our customers save some money as a small way to thank them for moving with us.


When you get a quote from Summit, you’re getting the best prices for the best services in Missouri City, TX. We notice that other Missouri City movers tend to bump their prices up at the end of the move. If not that, they try to add extra costs for basic services. You’ll never be on the receiving end of this treatment with Summit.

We pride ourselves on being genuine, honest, and straightforward with our customers. The price you get at your initial consultation is final, no tricks involved. When we receive a service, we want to know the cost upfront – why wouldn’t our customers? This is why we make sure we’re only giving the most reasonable prices for what we do.

Getting your free quote from Summit couldn’t be easier. You could fill out our form or call (713) 623-1444 to get in touch with the best Missouri City Texas commercial movers you can find.

Fun Facts

  • Missouri City was the ideal commuter town when it was first founded.
  • The Freedom Tree stands in a historical park.
  • Missouri City spans across two counties.
  • Learn more about Missouri City!