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If you’re on the search for Midtown moving companies near me, Summit Moving & Storage is the best candidate for the job. With over 20 years of experience, we’ll provide the stress-free moving experience you need during this period of your life.

Moving is supposed to be exciting – you’re going to experience new places, people, and things. Unfortunately, taking care of all the aspects of moving tends to overshadow this fact. With Summit, you’ll have more time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the process rather than worry about it.


Midtown moving companies near me

We’ll move pianos, playgrounds, pool tables, and other large items at no extra cost to you.

Residential & Senior Moving

If you have to move from one house to another, you have a lot to do in little time. Packing can be a huge struggle, and even more so when you have a family to take care of. Lucky for you, this is one responsibility you don’t have to have. Your professional movers can provide packing and unpacking services for you. With our expert packing techniques, your belongings are sure to be stored away in the most efficient way. Better packing leads to fewer crates/boxes, so we’ll have less to move to your new home.

Our professional moving services are unique because we like to plan everything out well ahead of time. During the initial consultation, we take note of even the most minute details. You may not know it, but we pay attention to things like steep driveways or narrow doorways so we can prep for narrow/restricted access before we jump into moving. We also keep track of other factors, such as weather and traffic flows, so we can stick to the schedule. Unless there’s an emergency or someone’s safety is as risk, we’re determined to persevere so we can get you moved out on time.

If you’re older in age and worried about your future move, you can depend on us to help you through this. Our specialists are on the line during all business hours. If you have any questions ever – no matter how big or small – we’ll have answers. You could ask for packing tips, or advice for moving with pets. Our specialists will be able to help you with whatever you need to know so you can feel confident about your move.

Commercial Moving

When you have to move your business into a new office, you need dependable professional movers that arrive on time to get the job done. You’ve most likely got all sorts of office equipment that needs to be handled with the utmost care.

This is where your movers at Summit come in. We’ve got experience moving corporate offices, retailers, and industrial facilities, so you know your business is in good hands. We’ll have all of your office items packed in a way that guarantees their safety while we’re in transit.

Once we arrive at your beautiful new office, you can let us know where to place everything.

Moving Long-Distances

Midtown moving companies near me

If you’ve got quite the move ahead of you, you’re eligible for free services from Summit Moving & Storage.

If you’ve got more ground to cover for your business, we’re undoubtedly the movers you should turn to. There is a slight difference between some of our local and long-distance moving services. If you’re moving longer ways away, you’re in luck. We’re one of the few Midtown moving companies near me that include full-services.

You can get custom crating, full-service packing, and fragile packing for free when you move out of Texas. If you’d rather pack on your own, you can request a DIY packing kit with all the materials you need. We’ll help you make your packing more efficient, so you have less work to do after your move. We highly recommend taking advantage of this – it’s a great way to save yourself a few extra bucks. Moving all of your personal belongings to another state is already expensive enough. Do yourself (and your bank account) a favor and utilize the services you get by moving with Summit.

Midtown moving companies near me

Not all of the Midtown moving companies near me will provide you with a concise moving plan. Talk to our specialists today.


Summit Moving & Storage is outstanding because of our relocation specialists. They’re the ones that are always there to support you anytime you give us a call.

Our specialists do so much more than provide great customer service. To us, it’s all about guiding you step-by-step through the moving process. We want you to enjoy the fact that you’re going somewhere new, not dread it. With that in mind, your specialists are ready to help you with everything. You can contact us, get your initial consultation done, and then we call talk out the details of packing and moving your items. At Summit, we like to keep things simple and straightforward. We’re ready to give you the tips, advice, or suggestions you need to make the entire process seamless.


If you need additional crating or storage services, we have plenty to offer.

Our wardrobe boxes are available for free upon request. If you need something that has more room or can carry more objects, we offer crates and boxes for a discounted price. Going elsewhere for your boxes means you’ll have to pay full price. That’s extra work and money – let us bring everything you need for your big day to you.

Our storage solutions are perfect for anything that needs to be squared away during your transition. Our clean storage units can hold personal items, business items, and vehicles. We even have climate-controlled options available should you need it.


At Summit, you’ll never receive quotes that are unreasonable or overpriced. The estimate you get at your initial consultation is the highest price you’ll pay for our high-quality moving services.

How do you get a quote? You can fill out our form or call (713) 623-1444 to get started with one of the best Midtown moving companies near me today.

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