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From Meyerland Best Moving Companies, it is essential to hire a company that best fits your needs. Summit Moving and Storage offers more than just moving services. In doing so, we can satisfy you in anything you may require.

People are always moving, and they require various services for their specific relocation. With our many years of experience, we have learned that no move is the same. In fact, people have different preferences, and some may need more help than others.

Choosing From Meyerland Best Moving Companies

Whether it’s your first time moving or your third relocation, we are here to assist in any moving services you require. Our moving experience has made it possible to acquire the tools and skills necessary for the job. Our crew is composed of the most talented and knowledgeable people.

Meyerland Best Moving Companies

Talk to one of our relocation specialists to help plan your next move!

Having such people in our team allows us to give high-quality customer service and work. More so, we prioritize transparency while in the job. Not only does this produce clear communication, but it also prevents any mistakes from taking place.

Summit Moving and Storage is at the top list of Meyerland Best Moving Companies.

There Every Step of the Moving Process

One of the main lessons we have learned while in the industry is that moving takes proper planning. To ensure that a stress-free and enjoyable relocation will happen, you have to be prepared. The first step to take before your move is to speak to a relocation specialist. When you speak to our specialist, they will have you schedule an appointment with one of our consultants.

Then, our consultant will work out a date to visit and survey your current location. During the survey, we will gather information about the belongings that will need transportation. This information will allow us to prepare the services and equipment necessary for the move. Afterward, we will schedule your packing and loading date.

Completing the Move

If you had planned to receive packing services from us, we will provide the necessary tools and materials. On the packing date, or team members will arrive at your location early in the morning. They will help ensure that all items are packed carefully and accurately. Then, we will safely move all things into our trucks.

Once the loading is complete, you can expect us to deliver your belongings as soon as possible. The amount of items will determine both the trucks needed and the time of delivery. You can also expect us to provide help with all unpacking necessary.

We highly recommend filling our direct quote for better preparation in your move. Not only will we be more informed of your relocation project, but you will also receive a free cost estimate.

Summit Moving Services & More

Informing us of the moving type is as essential as the process. As mentioned, all relocations differ from one another. Therefore, it is important to know what kind of moving services you require. Although we offer services in residential, commercial, and senior moving, it is helpful to be prepared.

Meyerland Best Moving Companies

Between all these services, there are slight differences that need to be taken into consideration.

Home & Office Relocations

Home moving tends to be a more emotional occasion for people. Whether you are moving for the first time or relocating your family, both excitement and stress will be felt. To help you ensure a smooth transition for your family, we suggest keeping these helpful tips in mind.

Although small, children also feel the stress that comes with changing homes. In order to maintain them healthy throughout the process, we suggest keeping them informed by the start. Visiting the new home will also help them familiarize themselves with the surrounding area they will now live in. For more tips, visit us online or contact any of our specialists.

On the contrary, commercial moves are more challenging due to the equipment involved. When moving your office, there are many computers and copiers that will go with you. Therefore, it is necessary to contact a moving company that will have the required tools for the job. With Summit, we have the right skills to tackle any task safely.

Senior Relocations

Apart from our home and office removals, we also offer help with senior relocations. Our crew has trained to become the careful and compassionate team we are. Having said that, we do all the heavy work so that you don’t have to.

We understand that relocating is an emotional occasion, mainly for people of advanced age. To help you spend some time with family before the move, we take care of all services that come with moving.

What We Offer When Moving Out of State

As stated, we perform both local and long-distance moving services. However, we do understand that moving out of state is more challenging than local moving. When you hire Summit Moving and Storage, we work to make the whole process easier. With our work, we include packing services, custom crating, and special packing for any delicate items.

Supersize Trucks

To help reduce the trips needed to complete an out of state relocation, we did acquire better resources. For instance, instead of using standard moving trucks, we provide you with supersize trucks. This helps us stay on track and complete the relocation as planned.

Custom Crating

Our professional movers can also use their skills to build a crate. In doing so, they will ensure that larger objects are protected during the drive.

Meyerland Best Moving Companies

Although long-distance moving may be more challenging, look into how Summit can make a move more enjoyable.

Piano Moving

For larger items, like pianos, more than custom crating is needed. Pianos are not just simple pieces of furniture; they are delicate works of art. For safe transportation, it is necessary to have the best hands for the job. Luckily, Summit has the most caring team members.

When you inform us that piano movers will be required, we will prepare in advance. You can expect extreme care when moving pianos and any other items.

Working to Perfect the Art of Moving

Whether you are performing a local home removal or a long-distance office relocation, there is no need to worry. When you hire Summit Moving and Storage, you are hiring the best company for the job. For more information, give us a call soon at (713) 623-1444. When it comes to Meyerland Best Moving Companies, Summit is the best choice!

Meyerland Fun Facts

  • This area is found on both sides of Brays Bayou at the southwest corner of Loop 610.
  • Meyerland has many institutions of Houston’s Jewish community, including several temples and the Jewish Community Center.
  • Some neighborhoods include Meyerland, Marilyn Estates, Barkley Square, and Maplewood.
  • For more information, visit here.