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Summit Moving and Storage is one of Memorial Best Moving Companies in the United States. With their high-quality work and excellent customer service, this is of no surprise. First established as a family-owned and operated business helped us become the company we are today.

From a strat, they expressed a need for respect and transparency. All our clients can expect family treatment. Also, we assure you that practicing good communication will help eliminate any possible mistakes.

With over 20 years in business, we have acquired many beneficial lessons. Our many years in the moving industry have helped us perfect the art of moving. Whether you are moving long-distance or locally, we have what it takes to provide a successful move.

Memorial Best Moving Companies

Top of Memorial Best Moving Companies

People are continually moving for many reasons and factors. Whether you are moving due to work or simply for a change in scenery, you will require the best moving team.  For a state to state relocation, or moving across the street, we are here for you. Our resources make any moving experience possible.

We understand that moving is challenging and can cause stress. However, we are here to reduce that anxiety. More so, throughout the years, we have learned that no move is the same. Therefore, we personalize your relocation to meet any of your needs and requirements.

For the best and most stress-free moving experience ever, trust Summit!

Our Moving Services & More

It does not matter if you require services for local and long-distance moves; we are qualified for both jobs. Also, we move your home, office, and even elders. With the most caring and compassionate movers around, you will be more than satisfied with your moving outcome.

When it comes to Memorial Best Moving Companies, Summit Moving and Storage should cross your mind first. No company will give you the attention and cares you deserve. We, however, will ensure that you are satisfied during the entire process.

Residential Moving

Home relocations are some of the most common and stressful situations. At times, there are many people moving, and many emotions may emerge. For children, it may be tough to leave their first home behind. However, there are some tips that we can offer to ensure a smooth transition will take place.

When dealing with kids, it is essential to inform them of the move before it actually happens. Although surprises are sometimes fun, this one might cause them a meltdown. To avoid that, we suggest taking your children to visit the new home. Not only will they become more familiar with the location, but they will also become aware of what is happening.

As for us, we will take care of all the heavy work so that you don’t have to. By moving one family at a time, we will reduce any chances of mishaps to occur. We will securely place all your belongings into the specified trucks and certainly deliver them on time.

Memorial Best Moving Companies

Summit offers the best residential, commercial, and even senior moving experiences.

Commercial Moving

While residential relocations are challenging due to the emotions involved, office moves are difficult due to their equipment. Offices usually require transporting heavy equipment to the desired destination. Such material may include computers, printers, fax machines, and more.

However, by offering full-service commercial moving, we ensure that all items will be transported safely. Our resources and tools make it possible to deliver any item without harm. In fact, our crew is trained to give the best care and protection to any equipment that needs relocation.

Our services apply to any company and business. No matter the size of the company or the industry, we work with you and anyone else. Previous companies that have benefited from our work have maintained strong connections with us. For any moving services they require, they know who to call, and you should too.

Senior Moving

Besides residential and commercial moves, we offer our services to elders. We believe that people of advanced age need our help and care the most. Since this is such a big part of their lives, we provide them with the family time they need.

While you enjoy the moving experience, we work to get all the heavy work done. All challenging tasks that come with moving can expect to be completed by us and only us.

Our Specialized Services Give You the Help You Need

As stated, many other tasks come with relocating. While it is our job to ensure an enjoyable move, it is also our job to help in any way possible. To to do, we provide specialized services with all our relocations.

Our specialized services can be applied to any residential, commercial, and, most importantly, senior relocations. Such services include any packing, crating, and storage necessary. For more information regarding everything we offer, make sure to visit our website.

Unpacking and Packing

Everyone knows that packing is the most time-consuming task when moving. In order to help with that, Summit offers packing services with every relocation. We provide all moving boxes and pack all belongings carefully and adequately. After all, it is our job to ensure safety when loading all items.

If, however, you would enjoy packing your belongings with family, let us know before the move. We can offer some helpful tips that will most certainly help when packing.

Memorial Best Moving Companies

We provide more than just moving services!

Customized Crating

Any objects that you find too large for packing, we do provide custom crating services. By building a crate for such items, we can properly ensure that they are secured for the travel. Let our talented crew know if such services will be necessary.

Piano Moving

When it comes to pianos involved in the transition, we also ask that you inform us beforehand. Pianos are complicated and delicate pieces of art. We need to give special care when transporting them safely.

Storage Units

As for any valuables that will not take part in the move, we do offer storage units. Our facilities are clean and well surveillance to maintain all belongings safe. Also, ask about our climate-controlled storage for any items that require special care.

Choose Summit Every Time

Receive a moving quote estimate from us soon. For any information regarding our moving services, visit us online or call (713) 623-1444. There is no surprise why Summit Moving and Storage is named one of Memorial Best Moving Companies!

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