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If you’re in need of one of Medical Center best moving companies, Summit Moving & Storage will provide you with everything you need for your big move. Thanks to over 20 years of experience, we’ve figured out the perfect way to make the moving experience simple and seamless.

We genuinely believe that moving shouldn’t be as stressful as it is. Unfortunately, with all the planning and packing it requires, it naturally falls under that category. The best way to tackle this problem is to have a supportive team help you through it. This is where Summit comes in – we’ve got professionals that will assist you through the entire thing. Don’t take the burden of moving on by yourself. Sit back and relax while your movers at Summit do all the hard work.


We offer residential, commercial, and out of state moving to our customers. We’re not one of Medical Center best moving companies for no reason – Summit has a few freebies here and there.

Medical Center Best Moving Companies

If you’re planning on moving with children our pets, ask our specialists for tips.

Residential & Senior Moving

If you’re preparing to move from one house to another, you need Summit’s elite moving services. Our professional movers can pack, unpack, and dis/assemble your belongings. If you have larger items that need to be taken care of, don’t worry about it. We pack pool tables, swing sets, playgrounds, exercise equipment, etc. for no additional cost.  Thanks to our unique packing techniques, every item you own is sure to stay in the best condition while we’re in transit.

Thanks to our detailed approach to move day, we truly know how to make it a success.  We run through even the smallest details so we can work as efficiently as possible. During the initial consultation, we note down any access restrictions you may have, so we don’t have to worry about resolving the issue later. This can be a huge help when it’s time to get you out of your old home. Of course, taking weather and traffic flow into consideration is also imperative. We do everything we can to make sure there are no blips on the radar.

Commercial Moving

When it comes to office moves, we’re the perfect team to help you relocate. We have experience moving corporate offices, industrial facilities, retailers, and more. You can always depend on us to get your office equipment delivered to your new location quickly.

Once we get to the new location, we can unpack and set everything up for you. We know you’re busy, so don’t feel like you have to use your precious time fixing up your office when we can take care of it for you. Simply let us know where everything needs to go.

Medical Center Best Moving Companies

Why are we the best Medical Center best moving companies? We offer free services if you’re moving long-distances.

Long-Distance Moving

Moving long-distances can be a huge source of stress. You have to worry about getting all your belongings across such a long distance. Lucky for you, we’ve decided to provide a few free services to help you save.

If you’re moving intrastate, you have access to custom crating, fragile packing, and full-service packing for free. Summit is looking to do everything that we can to help our customers financially. We know that moving long-distances will probably cost enough in other areas, so we figured this was the least we could do.

We’re also willing to assist you with vehicle-shipping, large-item shipping, and short-term storage if this is something you need for your move. Remember, we’re here to help you through the entire process.


Summit is one of the best moving companies you could come across thanks to our wonderful relocation specialists. We don’t want our services to stop at moving your belongings. We think it’s important to guide you through the entire process because there’s a lot that goes into moving. Why does everything on your own when you can refer to the professionals with decades of experience?

Our experts will create and guide you through an entire moving plan from start to finish. All you have to do is get into contact with our specialists. We could easily get a mover to assess your belongings, give you a quote, and then start discussing details for packing and moving.

To us, creating the perfect moving experience is our number one priority. We want our customers to feel relaxed and prepared for their big day. We’re one of Medical Center best moving companies because we focus on building community in the surrounding Houston area. Don’t be afraid to get the most out of your moving services by sticking with Summit.

Medical Center Best Moving Companies

Need extra storage? We have sterile, climate-controlled storage units and 24/7 video surveillance.


If you’re looking for crating or optional storage options, we have plenty to offer.

Summit has free wardrobe boxes available in case you have spare or loose pieces of clothing that still need to be moved. If you’d like something for heavier items, we offer crates and boxes for a discount. Why go to another company to pay full-price for boxes? Don’t bother using your time, energy, or money on something so trivial. Instead, let us take all the materials you need for you.

As for storage, we have sterile, climate-controlled storage units for anything you need. Simply ask your movers or one of our relocation specialists if you’d like to store personal items, business equipment, or vehicles.


When you get a quote from Summit, you know that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. We offer the most affordable prices for the scope of our services. We pride ourselves on never handing out quotes that are higher than what you received at your initial consultation.

If you’re ready to receive a free quote, you can fill out our form or call (713) 623-1444 to get in touch with one of Medical Center best moving companies.

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