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For a company better than all other long-distance moving companies 77005, don’t hesitate to call us right away. Summit Moving & Storage is here to provide the most optimal moving services for all of our clients. Whether you need long-distance or local moving, there’s no one better than our crew.

With our assistance, you can cut down your stress and timing on your next big move. For a free estimate on our services, find us online or in-person for more information.

When you need your belongings to go from point A to point B, there’s no one better for the job than our team. We provide the most reliable and excellent customer service in the greater Houston area. Whether you need help within Houston or moving to a new location, we’ve got you covered. No matter how far across the country we have to drive, we’ll make sure that your items arrive safe and sound.

Long-Distance Moving Companies 77005

With several years of experience, we ensure that you have a good move, free of incidents or damages. To achieve this, we provide movers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience. Whether it’s pieces of furniture, office supplies, or vehicles, you can count on us for the best possible results.

Once it’s moving day, we help with every part of the job. This includes the planning, packing, unpacking, and transporting of your items. We also provide storage spaces for any extra items that you may have. If you have any excess belongings that don’t fit in your new space, then these units are perfect for you.

From moving to storage, we help you with everything you need for your big moving project. With our help, you’ll see why we’re better than other long-distance moving companies 77005.

Long-Distance Moving Companies 77005

Summit Moving & Storage is a Houston moving company that helps you move anywhere in the United States. When you need your things moved from one place to another, we provide all of the transportation and equipment. Our team will make moving down the street, to a new city, or state easier than ever before. Once they do, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your new home or office.

When it comes to any moving project, you need to plan it out down to the last detail. This can include things like how many moving boxes or trucks you need. It can also cover when the best time to move your things is and the best route. This is why we provide a team that will help you plan out every step of the moving process.

Summit Moving & Storage offers moving tips for all of our clients so that they have the smoothest transition. These tips help you keep your belongings safe, secure, and organized during any move. With the help of our crew, you can keep track of your furniture and other items. We also offer specialized services for playgrounds, swing sets, pool tables, pianos, exercise equipment, and other objects.

With well over twenty years of experience, we bring you the knowledge and expertise you need. We also provide multi-purpose storage units for all of your excess items. When you move and not everything fits in your new place, our units are a perfect option. With our support, no move is too challenging.

Long-Distance Moving Companies 77005

To us, it doesn’t matter how many things you have; we’ll transfer it all.

Moving and Storage You Can Trust

At Summit Moving & Storage, we want to make sure that everyone gets their things where they need to be. Our goal is to bring you the most efficient and dependable moving and storage services in Houston. To make that happen, we help you move anywhere in the country. Whether you need to get your things to New York or just to a new neighborhood, we’re here to help. Our team provides this service for both residential and commercial moves.

From a new home to a new office, you can rely on us to get your things there in one piece. With care and consideration, we make sure that your belongings are accounted for and undamaged. We also provide storage services that are perfect for anything you don’t have room for. For instance, our units are great for business, vehicle, climate-controlled, and self-storage purposes. With these spaces, it becomes easier to focus on the actual move.

Residential Moving Team

Moving can bring anyone stress and make things chaotic. That’s why our residential movers are here to take the load off of your shoulders. We’ll help you with every step in the moving process. With our knowledge and experience, we provide the most seamless and stress-free move of your life. Let us handle the planning and heavy lifting while you relax.

We’re with you from the planning stage to the unpacking. Something that we also do is familiarize ourselves with the key points of the move. These key points can include narrow driveways, storage needs, vehicle transfers, gate access restriction, and more. Once those aspects have been dealt with, the moving process becomes much easier.

Commercial Moving Team

When you need to move your company from one office to another, we provide our services as well. Your office supplies and equipment will be carefully transferred to your new location. Our team can move a single division or entire office wherever you need them.

We can assist you with planning, crates, acquiring third-party services, transportation, and more. After everything in your workplace has been accounted for and secured, we’ll get them to your new space in no time. Our storage units can also be used for business-related purposes. Whatever the excess equipment, our units can hold onto it for you.

Long-Distance Moving Companies 77005

Give us a call for quality packing and unpacking.

Long-Distance Moving Team

Whether it’s residential or commercial services, you can get either for your next long-distance move. Regardless of where in the country you need your belongings, our crew can get it there with ease. We offer custom crates, transportation, and full-service packing.

Contact Us Now

Summit Moving & Storage wants to ensure that all of your things are well taken care of during transit. Our flexible schedule lets us be there whenever you need us. Call (713) 623-1444 or find us online for more information. After that, you’ll have access to the best among all other long-distance moving companies 77005.

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