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If you need local movers 77005 then you need to call us at Summit Moving and Storage. We are a company that plans, prepares, and helps you move anywhere you need to go. Whether you are moving down the street or across the ocean, we can help you back your belongings safely and get them to where you need to go.

Our services are customizable, meaning we can be as involved as you want us to be. Our job is to provide solutions for your move. If you need someone to simply supply a truck and move boxes and furniture in and out of your home, we can be there. If you need someone to completely plan and execute your move for you, including packing and providing packing material, we got that too.

Our moving solutions are for any scenario. We can help with residential needs as well as commercial moves for large companies. If you are looking for storage space, we also deal in storage units that provide the ultimate protection for as long as you need. We are your one-stop shop moving and storage company. Request your free quote today, or give us a call now to schedule your consultation with local movers 77005 from Summit Moving and Storage.

local movers 77005

There is nearly nothing our local movers 77005 cannot move.

How We Compare to Other Local Movers 77005

There is no doubt the Houston area has its fair share of local movers. There are tons of companies to choose from, and it is important to find the right one. While we understand that many moving companies boast about being the best, here are a few things that really set us apart from many other companies out there.

First things first, we have over twenty years of experience. A company that has this many years in its field is going to be a successful company. We have been able to narrow our system down to a science. Our system is flexible enough to meet everyone’s needs but still structured enough to where we know exactly what needs to happen, how, when, and how long it will take.

When someone is moving, they don’t have a lot of time for anything else, much less a moving company that really doesn’t know what they are doing. If you need fast and high-quality results, make sure you are hiring a company that has a lot of years under its belt.

Another aspect that sets us apart is how we treat our clients. Many people have horror stories about how movers lose or break their belongings. Some people have priceless heirlooms, expensive equipment, and fragile items that must be handled with care. Not can we accomplish this, but we have a lot of experience handling difficult items such as grand pianos, chandeliers, and heavy furniture without making a dent, scratch, or putting a hole in the wall.

That is another aspect about us that our customers appreciate. We take the extra time to prepare your space. We will wrap the banister and doorways from getting knocked and scratched. We will protect your floors from scratches, dirt, mud, and other debris. We can also supply all the necessary protective equipment to make sure everything is packed securely, so nothing is broken in the move.

Once everything is packed, and in the truck, we can plan the route. Our drivers are particularly safe when it comes to driving a truckload of other people’s belongings. We will make sure we take the best and safest route to your next location, whether that is across town or across the world.

Get Storage For As Long As You’d Like

Our storage units are also what separates us from a lot of other moving companies. Some just supply the truck and manpower to move your stuff. We go a little extra further. As you’ve read above, we provide everything from bubble wrap to moving trucks. We also have a place to store your belongings for a while if need be. You can rent one of our storage units for as long or as short a time as your need. We have month-to-month storage, which makes renting from us super flexible.

All our storage units are safe, clean, durable, and very secure. We have onsite managers to keep an eye on the place, as well as locks, alarms, and security cameras to ensure nothing gets stolen or vandalized.

Our storage units can hold all kinds of items, both big and small. We can accommodate those who just need room for a few boxes as well as those who need to store their classic car.

If you have any questions about how our storage facilities can help keep your things safe, please feel free to contact us.

local movers 77005

Summit Moving and Storage is your one-stop-shop company.

Recourses to Make Your Move Even More Successful

We know how stressful moving can be, and we understand that while we do it every day, not everyone often moves in their lifetime. Some people may feel like they live out of their suitcase, but others may have lived in the same place nearly their entire lives. So if you need some help with how to have a successful move, we have a few moving solutions to help you in the process.

If you have a family, moving with children can be difficult. You want everyone to get excited about a new place to live, but that is not always the case. Children might feel they are leaving friends that they grew up with. Other children may have a difficult time adapting to change and may feel scared. With our recourses, you can help your family adapt and adjust more easily.

Trying to move with a pet can present its own unique challenges. Making sure your pet is healthy before a big move is important in how they adapt. They, too, may feel anxious and scared, and you can’t logically speak to a pet like you can with children. With our free resources, we can help you prepare for nearly everything from your family to your pets to even creating a checklist of what you may need during your move.

Contact Us Today

Summit Moving and Storage are true professionals when it comes to moving. While we are always facing new and unique challenges, we can help provide our own solutions to those who want to have a successful transition. So call Summit Moving and Storage when you need local movers 77005.

local movers 77005

With our tips and strategies, we are sure to make this transition an easier one for the whole family.

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