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Will you require League City TX Moving Services soon? If you answered yes, it is essential to hire a moving company that will satisfy all your moving needs. Summit Moving and Storage offers the highest quality work alongside excellent customer service.

Whether you are performing a local or long-distance move, Summit has the tools needed to make any move possible. After several years in the industry, we have gained knowledge and more understanding of moving experiences. Each relocation is different from the previous and requires varied services.

To work towards your preferred services, we provide free quotes from the start. In doing so, we can get a better understanding of the project we are taking on. Also, we will be able to ensure that we have the materials necessary to carry any task. As for you, our direct quote will give you an estimated cost of your move.

League City TX Moving Services

League City TX Moving Services

No Better League City TX Moving Services Out There

Moving is a significant part of our lives. It not only marks the ending our a period but also the beginning of a new adventure. Perhaps you are moving out on your own, or you are relocating your family. Either way, a life-changing event is about to take place.

While there may be plenty of excitement involved, there are also feeling of stress that will emerge. Due to all the tedious tasks that come with moving, you will require help. That’s where Summit comes into play. Our professional moving company will ensure you receive a stress-free and relaxed moving experience.

About Summit Moving & Storage

First established as a family-owned and operated business, our company developed a set of values to work by. Those values include treating all clients like family. Therefore, when you require our services, you can expect respect and kindness to come along. Our crew gives you complete transparency to ensure that no miscommunication will occur.

With over 20 years of experience, Summit Moving & Storage has perfected the art of moving. There is no better League City TX Moving Services around than us!

Our Services

It does not matter if you require services for a local move or a long-distance one. Our moving company has all the tools and knowledge necessary to carry out any project. As our job, we are more than happy to care for you and each aspect of your move. We will ensure that all your belongings and furniture are transported carefully and delivered safely.

From start to finish, we apply our services to anything you may need help with.


If you are moving homes, we want to ensure that you will receive the treatment you deserve. By moving one family at a time, we prevent any mistakes from happening.

Also, if you are moving with children or pets, we offer many helpful tips. For a healthy and smooth transition, it is vital to keep your children informed of the relocation. One way that you can maintain them familiar with the new home is by visiting the house and surrounding areas.

As for your pets, we suggest reviving that the house is pet-proof. While your pets adapt to the new location, you can keep peace of mind knowing there is no room for escape.

League City TX Moving Services

Trust Summit for any home or office relocations.


Our company also offers full-service commercial relocations. No matter if you are moving a small division of your office or the entire company, we offer the best services. Companies from all industries and of all sizes have enjoyed our work. We make moving fast and easy!

We are well aware that time is money. Therefore, we do our best to get your business back in production. When you obtain our commercial moving services, you are doing the best for your business.


Lastly, another moving service that we offer is for seniors. Moving is already a scary task in itself, now imagine for people of more advanced age. However, when you contact Summit, we make moving easy and efficient.

In fact, we give you the time necessary to spend with your family before the big move.

Specialized Services

Although our professional movers prioritize moving services, there is more help offered. Since packing takes a massive toll on each moving experience, our crew provides packing services and much more.

Packing and Unpacking

To help you enjoy the thrill that comes when moving, our staff takes full responsibility for packing your belongings. A complete moving service includes providing the boxes necessary, packing all items, and unpacking at the desired location. Our team is highly experienced in packing valuables and will give the most careful and gentle hands for the job.

However, if you would prefer to pack your own belonging, we can let that happen. Only what is asked of us will be done, that way we will be working to satisfy your preferences.

League City TX Moving Services

Learn more about our packing and storage services.

Content Pack-outs/De-cluttering

As you can see, Summit does the most to help you and every client. While we assist with planning your move, packing, and transportation, we still offer more. For special packing or repacking, we have a variety of solutions. We will ensure that all your packing is organized and clean.


Any items that are too large for boxes can take advantage of our custom crating services. Our talented team will make it into their hands to build a crate that will allow safe transportation for large valuables.


For any items that do not need to be packed, you can always look into our storage facilities. We offer climate-controlled storage to ensure that all items will be well maintained. Any home and office equipment can also be stored in our self-storage or business storage compartments. Also, to provide you peace of mind, we do have 24/7 surveillance.

Contact Us For any Moving Services & More

To learn more about the services provided by Summit Moving and Storage, visit our online website. For clearer communication, feel free to call (713) 623-1444. When searching for the best League City TX Moving Services, trust our well rounded and experienced moving company!

League City TX Fun Facts 

  • League City had the third-largest boating anchorage in the United States.
  • The city is home to Big League Dreams Sports Park.
  • In 2006, it was named one of the Best Small Cities in America by Money Magazine.
  • For more information, visit here.