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If you need one of the best League City TX moving companies near me, Summit Moving & Storage is exactly what you’re looking for. We know how draining the process of moving can be. That’s why we work tirelessly to make sure your moving experience is the most flawless one you’ve ever had. Thanks to our relocation specialists, professional movers, and friendly budget prices, we’re able to make the entire process effortless.


League City TX moving companies near me

Need tips about moving with children or pets? Our specialists have plenty of advice.

Residential Moving

When you’re planning on moving from one house to another, it may feel like you’ve got a lot of packing to do. Packing your entire life up and relocating isn’t an easy feat – but, with Summit, it could be a lot easier. We can pack, unpack, and dis/assemble your belongings or various furniture items. Simply arrange your items as you please, and our specialists will have them packed away neatly in no time. We use special techniques so all your belongings will be found exactly the way you left them.

At Summit, we’re known for being particular with our execution when it comes to moving. Unlike other League City TX moving companies near me, we always come more than prepared to tackle whatever we come across. During the initial consultation, we take note of things such as steep driveways and narrow doorways, so we’ll know to move around it when the time comes. We also keep our eye on other factors such as undesirable weather and heavy traffic flow (we do operate in Houston, after all). With all these ideas under our belt, we’re sure to make sure there will be no problems when the time comes for you to move out.

Senior Moving

If you’re older in age and worried about your future move, your movers at Summit have you covered. We have specialists that are available during all business hours to help you with any of the concerns you may have. It doesn’t have to be a huge one, either – even if you need advice on how to pack, we can help direct you over the phone.

To us, helping our customers is so much more than having good service. We’re focused on building and fostering a sense of community in League City and its surrounding areas. Whatever you need help with, know that we’re always here for you.

Another huge advantage of working with us is that you don’t have to waste time on the phone. Trying to get a hold of someone or being put on hold is frustrating. With easy and open lines of communication, we hope to provide you with all the information and materials you may need to make your move successful.

Business Moving

If you’re relocating your business, we can get your items where they need to be just as efficiently as your typical residency move. Our packing techniques will ensure your office desks, chairs, computers, filing cabinets, and other office equipment will be protected in transit. We have experience moving corporate offices, industrial facilities, and retailers, so you’re business will be in good hands.

Once we’ve gotten your items to their desired location, we can set-up for you. Simply direct your movers when they arrive with your belongings.

League City TX moving companies near me

If you’ve got quite the move ahead of you, you’re eligible for free services from Summit Moving & Storage.

Moving Across The State

Long-distance moving can be quite the hassle – it takes a huge toll on your time, money, and energy. To help with this, Summit extends certain services to people moving across the state for free. You can get full-service packing, fragile packing, and custom crating. You could also request a DIY packing kit in case you’d like to pack your own belongings instead. With this, you’re sure to save money on your long-distance move. Take advantage of this – don’t miss out on the opportunity to reduce your overall expenses. You have enough to worry about and, undoubtedly, enough to pay for as well. Let us help you lessen the burden of making such a huge transition.


League City TX moving companies near me

Not all of the League City TX moving companies near me are willing to help you through every step of the moving process.

Our Unique Specialists

As mentioned before, our relocation specialists are here for more than just generic customer service. We pride ourselves in being one of the League City TX moving companies near me that help their customers through the process every step along the way. When you contact us and inquire about taking you through the moving process, we run through a list of things that you’ll need to do. We’ll assess your personal belongings to give you a reasonable estimate, plan your packing date, and then plan the most effective time to get you moved out.

If you have any questions while we’re in the process, you’re guaranteed suggestions, advice, and tips from the specialists that you’ve spoken to.

Special Items

If you have pianos, exercise equipment, pool tables, swing sets, or playgrounds, we move those for free. There’s no additional cost or charge to you.


If you’re in need of extra crating and storage, Summit has plenty of options for you.

Our wardrobe boxes are free and can be used for clothing items that can’t fit in other places.

If you need something that’s more sturdy than that, we offer crates and boxes at a discounted price. This is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to get those extra boxes you need.

We also have extensive storage options. You can keep personal items, business items, or vehicles in our climate-controlled storage units.


When you get a quote from Summit Moving and Storage, you know you’re getting the best price for the best services. We never overcharge our customers. So long as the information on the items you give us is accurate, the estimate you get from the initial consultation is the final price. More times than not, you’ll pay less than that for our professional moving services. If you or a loved one has a move planned, call (713) 623-1444 to find out more about one of the most efficient League City TX moving companies near me.

Fun Facts

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  • This town has the Best Urban Garden for Helen’s Garden by the Houston Chronicle.
  • League City is one of the Best Small Cities in America according to Money Magazine in 2006.
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