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With the right League City TX Moving and Storage company, your move can be an efficient and smooth one. As one of the leading moving companies around, the team at Summit Moving & Storage offers helpful, professional moving along with exceptional customer service. Our team of professional movers has worked on short and long-distance moves and, with over 20 years of experience, are sure in our ability to get you to your destination safely and smoothly.

Whether you’re moving into a new residence or moving offices, you can count on our League City TX Moving and Storage services to complete to the move. So whether residential or commercial moving projects, we’ll be here either way. Our company is family-owned and operated and is founded on family values, integrity, and community involvement.

Our team provides moving experiences to replace the constant headaches that come with DIY moves. To add to that, we support 100% transparency with customers; it’s the only way we do business. As a family-owned business, it’s our mission to provide the best moving services around. We put the time and effort to ensure our services meet our high standards every time.

Experienced Movers

League City TX Moving and Storage

League City TX Moving and Storage

After years of working in the field, we’ve developed a great method that results in great moving services in addition to pleasant and easy-going customer experiences. We deal with belongings using extra care, as we know how important these belongings can be. The goal is to treat every single detail with close attention to give all our clients a great experience every time.

We’re a family-owned and operated business. We always aim to provide moving services of the highest quality. The team here is caring and passionate, and we’re committed to improving ourselves as relocation specialists. We hold regular security checks and train crew extensively to follow the best standards every step of the way.

Direct Quotes

Each move we deal with is unique and has to be planned accordingly. We give accurate direct quotes free of charge. So when we visit your property, we’ll make sure to accurately quote your move without any hidden costs.


Whether the move your making is a planned one or one that comes out of the blue, you can count on us for the best moving services around. We’ll discuss the process with you and go over all the necessary steps to make the move as smooth as possible.

Solutions for Every Move

Moving projects, generally speaking, can be stressful and, at times, overwhelming experiences. With that said, having the right League City TX Moving and Storage company at your side can be the difference between an annoying and a smooth move. Placing your trust in our team will alleviate stress and take care of the challenges that accompany moving projects. With our team of professional and experienced movers, you can rest easy knowing your move will be completed the right way. Our evaluations include:

  • Access to buildings
  • Elevator long carries to trucks, and specialized equipment used
  • Whatever other tasks our team has to complete

Over 20 years of experience give us complete confidence that our clients will get the results they deserve, every single time.

Step-by-Step Assistance

It doesn’t matter what type of move you’re taking part in, we everything possible to smoothen the moving process. Our team of clean-cut, professional movers and drivers will get you to your new destinations safely. Moreover, we avoid mixing the belongings of different clients, as we don’t want any mixups.

Office Moving

Office Moving

Climate-Controlled Storage

Ask about our climate-controlled storage facilities. With hundreds of square feet for storage, we can store all types of items that won’t be immediately moving with you. Contact the team at your earliest convenience for more information.

Specialty Moves

Our team of professional movers is as experienced as any around. We’ll help you even with specialty times, including:

  • Pianos
  • Gun safes
  • Swing sets
  • Trampolines
  • Exercise equipment
  • Large machinery
  • Pool tables
  • Cars, boats

Custom Crating

For larger objects, we use crates as protection while the items reach their destination. Contact us to learn more about how we’ll help everything go as smoothly as possible.

Disassembly/Reassembly Services

One of the worst parts about moving situations is the process of taking everything apart and resembling it. Our team of movers has seen it all, so we can definitely help you with the disassembly and reassembling process.

Additionally, you probably have a good number of electronics in the house. This can cause a bit of a hassle when disconnecting all of the devices. During our quoting evaluation, we’ll analyze all cables being used prior to beginning any type of service. We’ll also make sure that we restore everything how it was. We can also have someone drive your vehicles, so they are waiting when you arrive.

Moving & Storage

Simply put, our team here at Summit Moving & Storage is the absolute best choice as your League City TX Moving and Storage company. Through the years of on-the-field work, we’ve mastered the art of packing and moving all while smoothening every step of the way.

Our experience will get you to know where you need to go. We’ll help you get to your new home, help you pack, and get you back to your everyday routine. Placing your trust in our team results in:

  • Packing & supplies
  • Short and long-term storage
  • State of the art storage facilities
  • Experienced movers
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    Count on Summit Moving & Storage to deliver a stress-free move. Get in touch with our team as soon as possible. With our foundational values of honesty, integrity, and diligence, we’ll give you the best moving experience possible. Don’t waste time and energy with a team of movers that could damage your items or that won’t properly plan the move.

League City TX Moving and Storage

If you need assistance with a residential or commercial move, contact our Summit Moving & Storage today. You can call us at (713) 623-1444. Or you can visit our Residential Moving or Office Moving webpages. Our League City TX Moving and Storage team is here to help.

League City TX Fun Facts

  • Third-largest boating anchorage in the nation
  • Home to three golf courses, 14 baseball fields, and 16 soccer fields
  • One popular attraction is the Big League Dreams Sports Park
  • Learn more about League City TX here