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Summit Moving & Storage is your ideal choice out of all the League City TX long-distance moving companies. Our company has over twenty years of experience under our belts, moving people into their new homes. We are your support system, getting you from one place to another as seamlessly as possible. We want you to have a hassle-free moving experience and peace of mind. For your benefit, our movers specialize in moving, especially weighty objects like pool tables and pianos.

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Your League City TX local movers will move pianos, playgrounds, pool tables, and other large items at no extra cost to you.

Moving Homes

People can decide to move houses for all kinds of reasons. You could be leaving for the first time to start college or married life. Or maybe you are changing careers, or your job is the one relocating you. Whatever the reason, even just for a change in scenery, the task ahead is probably more daunting than you expect. To begin with, most have more stuff than they imagine. You do not truly know how much until you finally lay it out in front of you.

But with Summit’s pre-planning assistance, it is more than manageable. We offer expert packing and unpacking services, so we are a part of that process too. And we have our own crates also. Summit offers assistance acquiring third-party services and our own short and long-term options. And when working with us, we have flexible scheduling.

Beyond the little things in boxes, you likely have large, bulky appliances you are taking with you. If your new home is not already furnished, then you will want your refrigerator, washer, dryer, oven, and dishwasher. And most people bring their couches, living room chairs, mattresses, and even beds. But fragile and expensive electronics like computers, TVs, monitors, stereos, and games are especially awkward to pack. All these are reasons to hire professional movers and packers.

League City TX Long-Distance Moving CompaniesAnd then, of course, there are the most difficult tasks we specialize in. Many households have objects that are particularly hefty and difficult to take with you. Pianos, as an example, are easily knocked out of tune, heavy, and unwieldy. But your local movers in League City have plenty of experience of delicately packing them away. We also are experts at transporting exercise equipment, playgrounds, pool tables, and swing sets.

Moving Offices

Summit Moving & Storage, as League City TX long distance moving companies, has worked moving companies of all shapes and sizes. We have moved corporate offices, retailers, and industrial facilities when they need it. We always keep their expensive business-class furniture safe, along with any vital technology or papers. As long-distance movers, we can get you across the hall or the state.

Moving Seniors

As we get older, there is an extra layer of difficulty that forms around simple tasks. However, anyone can imagine how much more burdensome heavy lifting and cross-state travel can become. Hiring out to professional movers, though, can take that burden off your shoulders. We provide the muscle but also the experience providing for senior-specific needs. Whether you are moving outward for retirement or getting closer to family and better hospitals, we help make it there.League City TX Long-Distance Moving Companies

Across a lifetime, everyone can amass a collection of mementos that hold a lot of sentimental value for them. While League City moving provides an excellent opportunity to shed what does not, it does not have to mean throwing out what you still care about. Through our quick and organized packing methods, you are sure to be able to get everything that matters to you onto the truck.

Content Pack-Outs and Self-Storage

Pack-outs are usually done after events like natural disasters where the home has suffered severe damages. A recent example in everyone’s memory is Hurricane Harvey. Thousands of Houstonian’s homes were flooded. Many had to pack away all their possessions, so they could get repairs done. On the other hand, another reason people commonly have a pack-out done for is a full-home remodel. Any time you have renovations done on your home, you may need to clear out your house.

League City TX Long-Distance Moving Companies

We handle commercial and residential moving and storage.

Whenever you have one, you need it done fast. Unlike a planned move, you do not typically have time to plan with this sort of thing. Instead, you must pack up and go. You want to know where everything is, in case you need to get to it. So, hire professionals. Your League City TX long-distance moving companies through Summit can accomplish this. Our up-to-date computer inventory system has us performing pack-outs efficiently and in an organized manner.

Luckily for you, Summit is not just one of the League City TX long-distance moving companies. We are also a storage facility. Conveniently, you do not have to go out looking for any third-party services. Instead, during your pack out or while in-between leases, you can keep your stuff with us. Or, if you are out of space in your garage and have an overflow, unload it on us.

We have self-storage, business storage, and climate-controlled storage options available. In our business units, we promise to keep your file cabinets of confidential papers and taxes secure. Or you can store your own property, pieces of furniture, or boxes of keepsakes. Climate-controlled units are perfect for making sure collectibles, wooden furniture, plastic formats like DVDs, and books do not deteriorate. Our facility has well-lit hallways, video surveillance, and on-site managers that give excellent customer service.

Direct Quote and Free EstimateLeague City TX Long-Distance Moving Companies

Summit Moving & Storage offers free moving quotes and direct estimates. By filling out this online form, we can back to you swiftly with a rough estimate of your moving costs. And, closer to your move-in date, we can give you a more accurate idea for the cost of our professional moving services.

League City TX Long-Distance Moving Companies

If you are looking to make a big move soon, then we highly recommend you contact us today. You can end your search for a Houston area moving company with us. Call us at (713) 623-1444 or email us at summitmovinghouston@gmail.com for the best of League City TX long-distance moving companies out there.

League City Texas Fun Facts

  • We are the third-largest boating anchorage in the U.S.
  • League City has three golf courses, 14 baseball fields, 16 soccer fields, and 20 miles of running trails.
  • In 2005, we surpassed Galveston as Galveston County’s largest city.
  • League City’s original settlement was the site of a Karankawa village.
  • For more on League City, visit https://www.leaguecitycvb.com/about.