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Summit Moving & Storage is your ideal choice for League City TX Interstate Movers. We have twenty years of experience as a company. For that long, we have been moving people from one place to another and giving them a stress-free experience. We provide you with peace of mind as you make this huge life change and start living in your new home. Your Summit movers are your support team as you go through this. We move families and businesses all over Houston.

Residential Moving

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Are you preparing for your big move? Let your team from Summit help you through it.

We move for all sorts of reasons: going away to college for the first time, beginning married life, a job transfer, or even looking for a new career. At the end of the day, even if you just want a change in scenery, a move is probably more stressful than you think. That is what your League City TX Interstate Movers are for. When it gets overwhelming, we make the moving process manageable.

Just when you are beginning, you start to realize how much stuff you have. Most people do not know until they have it all laid out in front of them. Closets, shelves, and attics quickly fill up with books, clothes, souvenirs, and junk without us thinking about it. Fortunately, a move is an excellent time to try to declutter. Summit can help with that process.

Your League City TX Interstate Movers’ primary purpose is to help you with the bulkiest items like appliances and furniture. For example, you are going to want to take your couches, china cabinets, chairs, beds, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, and dryer with you. Maybe you can skip it if your new home comes with all new furniture. Otherwise, you are talking about unnecessary money spent on replacements you do not need.

Commercial Moving

Summit Moving & Storage has moved companies of all shapes and sizes for over two decades now. We move large corporations and family-owned and operated businesses, corporate offices, industrial facilities, and retailers. Whether it is across the hall or across town, we have you covered. Your Summit movers will keep your corporate furniture, medical equipment, industrial machinery, and confidential files with great care.

Our Specialty Moving Services

One of the most critical tasks our League City TX Interstate Movers to do is moving our customer’s difficult objects. These are especially cumbersome, even compared to others already mentioned. We help with playgrounds, swing sets, pool tables, pianos, and exercise equipment. We are sure you can imagine how difficult a piano is to carry out of the house and transport. These are very expensive and delicate instruments. But, our tried and true methods will get it to your new home without a scratch.

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If you’ve got large items in your house, don’t worry. Your League City TX Interstate Movers won’t charge you extra to pack them.

Summit works with you throughout the entire process. We start with free moving estimates and help with planning. Then, we can help you navigate other third-party services. As an example, setting up internet and cable at your destination as soon as you get there is a necessity. Through our years of doing this, we can help direct you to the right people. Your Summit movers will also take care of you through their unpacking and packing services with our crating and protective material for floors and walls.

Moving Services for Seniors

We all know how old age adds an extra element of difficulty to daily tasks. So we can imagine how much more stressful a move becomes. This is why we recommend delegating the heavy lifting to your League City TX Interstate Movers. Our movers know how to customize their services toward senior-specific needs.

Our Storage Facility

Luckily for our customers, Summit is not just a team of movers. For your convenience, we also offer storage space. By doing this, you can go directly through us for both your professional moving and storage needs. You never have to look for a third-party for storage.

Maybe you are in the middle of a local move, between two leases, and you are staying in a smaller place. Or you could need somewhere to put your stuff while in a pack-out. You could just have an overflow of stuff from your garage or attic. Either way, we have your storage needs covered here.

Our storage facility has a good variety of units: self-storage, business storage, and climate-controlled units. In our self-storage, keep your antiques, old children’s toys, and more. Business storage is for file cabinets, past taxes, office furniture, and safe and secure confidential files. Meanwhile, climate-controlled storage will prevent your valuable collectibles, books, and vinyl from deteriorating in the elements.

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Summit has all the storage space you need for your personal items, office items, or vehicles.

Our facility’s security consists of a locked gate and units, well-lit hallways, and video surveillance. Besides, our resident managers are on the lookout. And our on-site staff is there to give you high-quality customer service and answer any of your questions.

Free Estimates and Direct Quotes

Summit proudly gives free quotes on our moving costs upfront. All you need to do is fill in this online form with the necessary information about your move. From there, we will quickly get back to you with a rough estimate of your moving costs. But, later, we can get to know more and attach a more accurate number to our services.

League City TX Interstate Movers

When Summit’s professional movers work with you, we want to hear as many specifications for our work as you have. Because the more we have to go on, the more we can customize our moving services toward your preferences. Plus, notes like neighborhood gate access codes, storage needs, boat or car transfers, or a narrow driveway go a long way in helping us.

It is time to end your search for local movers at Summit Moving & Storage. If your family or company has a big move coming up, then we highly recommend that you contact us. Call us today at (713) 623-1444 or email us through [email protected] for the best League City TX Interstate Movers.

League City Texas Fun Facts

  • We are the third-largest boating anchorage in the U.S.
  • League City has three golf courses, 14 baseball fields, 16 soccer fields, and 20 miles of running trails.
  • In 2005, we surpassed Galveston as Galveston County’s largest city.
  • League City’s original settlement was the site of a Karankawa village.
  • For more on League City, visit https://www.leaguecitycvb.com/about.