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Summit Moving & Storage is one of the best Kingwood TX moving companys. Our company has been helping people move across state lines for the past twenty years now. No matter whether your cargo is large or small or how long the distance is, we are up to the job.

Kingwood TX moving companies

Kingwood TX moving companies

There are all kinds of reasons for to move. It could be for college, a new job, or literally any other reason. No matter which it is, we can get you on to your life in a new location. We are here to support you in your relocation.

Our Services

Moving is more of a hassle than what most people expect. There is a lot that goes into the planning before you finally put the move into action. You have months of work just preparing. There is the organization of everything in your home and eventually packing it away. You end up leaving enough out to live before you go, ready to pack when it is time to leave.

When moving day finally comes, you have packing, driving with carloads, and unpacking ahead of you. With such a daunting task ahead, you should not skimp. Hiring professional movers is necessary when handling something as overwhelming as this. With our over two decades of experience, we can get you through this moment hassle-free.

Our experience lends us our expertise. We can pass on some tricks we have picked up doing this work for so long. Consultations with us can give you the necessary advice to get you through all steps of the process. We also have moving supplies for purchase, if you lack any must-need essentials.

Residential Moving

Your Summit movers can get you a simple and more comfortable way to move homes. Over time, we gather more mementos than we think. But just because you are moving does not mean you have to throw out cherished memories. We highly recommend hiring from Kingwood TX moving companys to help you save what is important to you even as you pack everything up.

Plus, homes are filled with furniture and appliances. Sure, you are not taking your dishwasher and oven with you. But heavy objects like TVs and delicate ones like computers will take up a lot of space in their packing. Besides that, most do bring their old couches, chairs, or mattresses with them. Unless you’re moving into a furnished area, likely everything will come with you, from your fridge to your bed.

Whether moving houses near or far, and we ensure our services will help keep it stress-free when it comes to this momentous task. Our methods are meticulous and detailed, so you have no risk of losses or damages. You can give us any specifications you require. These should include important points like your location, access to your neighborhood’s gate, car or boat transfers, storage needs, or a narrow driveway. Using these notes, we can customize our services for you.

Kingwood TX moving companys

Not all Kingwood TX moving companys will move pianos, playgrounds, pool tables, and other large items at no extra cost to you.

We handle items that are particularly complicated to move. By now, we are experts with our piano moving services. Pianos are incredibly delicate instruments that need to stay finely tuned. Additionally, we can handle exercise equipment, pool tables, playgrounds, and swing sets. These items are heavy and cumbersome. They take a lot to get down the stairs and out the door. Or they will need larger vehicles to get them across the country.

Moving Your Offices

Summit offers full-service moving to companies of all sizes and all kinds. When moving locations, your business needs a transition as seamless as possible. We have worked on retailers, industrial facilities, and corporate offices. Your movers will work diligently to keep all your files and furniture together to your new location. You can take advantage of our moving services, whether your offices are moving across town or down the hall.

Senior Moving

For those that are older, moving is an especially daunting task. Sometimes, at this age, we need to move further in the city to be close to families or hospitals. Whatever the reason, it is challenging to keep everything organized and lift everything in the home at this age. We’re one of the Kingwood TX moving companys that can take care of senior-specific needs for moving. This massive move at this advanced age is a lot to take in and attempt.

Kingwood TX moving companys

We offer climate-controlled storage.

Content Pack-Outs and De-cluttering

A pack-out is when the contents of your home or office need to be removed for renovations. Everything needs to go for the time being and stored elsewhere. Sometimes, we do this in the case of disaster relief. Other times, it is for remodeling. Either way, we have you covered. Your local movers will take care of everything efficiently and carefully. The inventory systems we use are up-to-date and the most current around. We process, pack, store, and unpack everything in a timely manner.

Summit Storage

There are many reasons why you might need to store your home or office’s contents. You can use it for the overflow of your garage. They also come in handy if you are in between leases before your move. Or our climate-control units are perfect for mementos and collectibles that you do not want to be damaged. Our business storage units can provide the space you need for the boxes on boxes of files you have.

Storing your stuff with us means security. Our property is well-lit and has video-surveillance pointed around all halls. We have on-site resident managers and friendly staff that offer customer support.

Online Quotes

Kingwood TX moving companies

Kingwood TX moving companies

With Summit Moving and Storage, you get a free moving quote. Just fill out our online form for a direct quote on our moving costs.

We will contact you 24 hours before the move-in date.

Kingwood TX moving companys

So, if you need a reliable team of movers, you should contact us today. Call us at (713) 623-1444 or email us through for a pleasant experience with the best Kingwood TX moving companys.

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