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Are you searching for Kingwood TX Best Moving Companies? If so, then come to Summit Moving and Storage. Our company has worked in the industry for over 20 years and is well qualified for any job. More so, we offer many benefits when you choose us for your next relocation.

It does not matter if you require local moving or long-distance moving services, we have both! You can count on us to be there every step of the process. From beginning to end, we will offer our knowledge and skills. Giving you an enjoyable moving experience is our job, and we are glad to do it!

Kingwood TX Best Moving Companies

Many companies can offer to help you with your moving experience. However, no one will give you the exceptional customer service we provide. We understand that moving is a special occasion, and we want to help you enjoy it.

Since many tasks come along with moving, we do our best to provide you with more. To make this process less stressful, we offer services that range from packing services to storage. No other moving company will do the most when it comes to your satisfaction.

At Summit, you are our number one priority. Our team is committed to providing the most excellent moving experience. When you hire us, you are doing yourself a favor. We will take full responsibility for any tasks that come along with relocating.

When searching for Kingwood TX Best Moving Companies, Summit Moving and Storage is the right choice to make!

Kingwood TX Best Moving Companies

At Summit Moving & Storage, we will personalize your move and be there every step of the process.

Steps For an Enjoyable Moving Process

If you are located in Kingwood, Texas, and in need of moving services, visit Summit. Our years of experience in the industry have given us the knowledge necessary to tackle any relocation. In fact, to work with your preferences, we have personalized your moving process.

Relocation Specialist

The first step in the moving process is to talk to one of our relocation specialists. In doing so, we will be able to set a date to survey your current location. From this visit, we will be able to gather important information concerning the necessary equipment for the move. During this step, it is beneficial to inform us if any packing services will be needed.

Scheduling Your Move

Then, we will schedule your packing and loading day. On the packing day, you can expect for our crew to provide all boxes and tape required. With care, we will ensure that all your belongings are packed safely and adequately. As for the loading day, you can expect us at your location early in the morning.

We will ensure that all valuables are carefully loaded into our trucks. Once that is done, we’ll be ready to travel to your new destination.

Completing Your Move

After your move is complete, we will offer assistance in any unpacking that needs to be done. For a smooth transition, we highly recommend that you fill out our direct quote firm. In doing so, we will have a better idea of your project. The direct quote will also give you an estimated cost of the move.

Summit Moving Services

As you can see, our local movers will be there every step of the process. Having started as a family business, we treat all clients like family. You can expect to receive complete respect and transparency with all our services. Our moving services include help in all residential and commercial relocations.

Kingwood TX Best Moving Companies

Kingwood TX Best Moving Companies

Residential Moving

One of our most emotionally stressful relocations is home removals. Many people are usually involved in residential moving. In other words, there are more people to maintain satisfied, especially children.

Although young children can comprehend that they are leaving behind the place they once called home. Therefore, they might experience feelings of stress and anxiety. To prevent any meltdowns, it is essential to keep our kids informed of the change. One of the many helpful tips we suggest is to visit the new location before the move takes place.

Not only will this help them grow familiar with the place, but it will also allow the process to run smoothly. For more useful tips, visit us online or contact any member of our team. We are more than happy to help give you an enjoyable moving experience.

Commercial Moving

Office removals, on the other hand, are more challenging due to equipment transportation. With commercial relocation comes computers, copiers, and printers transport. However, to help facilitate the move, Summit has what it takes. With the latest technology and resources, we safely relocate any item.

Also, we offer our work to any company in need. Whether you are opening your business, or are relocating your entire company, we are here to make it happen. Keeping in mind that time is money, we provide fast and efficient services. Doing so allows you to continue production as soon as possible.

Specialized Services We Offer

Summit Moving and Storage does the most to maintain you happy. From creating a personalized moving process to offering more than moving services. Our professional movers have experience in moving any items, including pianos, trampolines, exercise equipment, and more. Below is a range of services that we provide with your relocation.

Packing and Unpacking

One of the main tasks that come when moving is packing. Homes and offices are full of belonging and materials that require packing before the move day. To give you peace of mind, we take all packing services into our hands. From providing the boxes to packing and loading, we got it!

We assure you of giving exceptional care to all your valuables. With our careful hands and wise crew, we will adequately pack all belongings. You can trust our great care with your valuables.

Kingwood TX Best Moving Companies

If any items require special care, let us know before the move. Summit will provide adequate equipment for transportation.

Custom Crating

Another service that we provide is custom crating. When items are too large for boxes, we build a custom crate for security.

Piano Moving

Additionally, we provide piano moving services. We know that pianos are not just another piece of furniture; they are much more. Therefore, we ensure to transport it properly.

Storage Facilities

Lastly, any item that does not need relocation can stay safe in our storage facilities. Our units are clean and protected by surveillance cameras. Your belonging are safe with us!

Summit Moving & Storage Is Here For You

If you require a Kingwood Move, contact Summit Moving and Storage. You can visit us online or call at (713) 623-1444. From all Kingwood TX Best Moving Companies, Summit gives you the most!

Kingwood TX Fun Facts 

  • This area is also known as the “Livable Forest.”
  • In 1917, Kingwood was founded by the Friendswood Development Company.
  • Kingwood is best known for existing in harmony with nature.
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