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Search Houston, TX white glove movers to find the best moving service for you near you! Summit Moving & Storage has provided premium moving service for over 20 years now and continues to perfect our brand and our efficiency. We take pride in helping movers as they aim to open new and exciting chapters of their lives. Here at Summit, we provide no-obligation estimates, pad-wrapping of everything in your home; we also strive to excel in every moving project to make your move as stress-free as possible.

The Objective

People are always moving; whether it is for work reasons, family emergencies, or simple urges to change the scenery, moving can bring many new and exciting opportunities to a person’s life. Nonetheless, having a professional moving company to make this process smooth and stress-free can help you in a plethora of ways. At Summit, we have trained and hired a very skilled team to get whatever it is you need done.

Search Houston, TX White Glove Movers Today!

Search Houston, TX White Glove Movers Today!

Whether it is residential or commercial, you will find our services very beneficial to your moving experience. We help clients with local moving, long-distance moving, and anything in between. Our crew of professional packers, loaders, and drivers is as experienced as they are talented. Besides, we extensively train our team members in their area of expertise to make certain they are capable of making your moving process a success. When you choose us as your go-to guys for moving, we guarantee quality service and true dedication to efficiency.

Treating Moving as a Craft

Whether you are moving to a different neighborhood or a different city, Summit Moving & Storage is the team that you want to choose. Summit is exceptionally reliable, having different teams of professional packers, loaders, and drivers can make your moving process smooth and much more pleasant. We understand moving requires a lot of planning and coordination, something that most families or individuals don’t have the time for. Leave all the worry up to us while you anticipate your new beginnings.

Residential Moving

Summit Moving & Storage comprehend the ins and out of residential moving. Our services were created to keep clients calm and relaxed as we take care of the significant work involved in residential moving. We provide our clients with services, information, and professionalism to make their transition hassle-free and straightforward. Most importantly, we strive to use our expertise and skill to help our customers complete their moves in a timely fashion. You will find our services very beneficial as our team pays close attention to detail and covering all basis before moving your objects.

Commercial/ Office Moving

When it comes to office or commercial moving, it is essential that you have strong coordination and intensive planning. These two factors will play a significant role in making your move more effective than ever. Summit Moving & Storage specializes in commercial relocation and will put our experience and resources to use to get your operation up and running as soon as possible. Our team of experienced movers is made up of professionally trained movers with the most advanced technology and resources available. If you are in need of your business being relocated, contact us today!

Across The State Moving

Many of our clients are in the process of moving across the state. In this case, the need for a professional moving company has never been so necessary. With Summit Moving & Storage, you will witness a smooth transition from one to city to the next. With so many years in the industry, we use our acquired knowledge and equipment to help speed up the moving process. Whether you are moving by yourself or with the entire family, we’ve got your back.

Moving Consultants

Our trained moving consultants will visit your home to analyze all your needs, explain the protocol, identifying issues, and suggest the best

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If you’re moving across the state, you qualify for certain services for free. Ask your movers for more info today.

moves for furniture and household items. Additionally, we will prepare detailed and accurate estimates, so that you won’t be in the dark about how much you have to pay.

Skilled Packers

Our specially trained packers here at Summit provides complete or partial packing services. A packaging supervisor will be at each packing session to monitor the handling of belongings. If you have objects such as fine china, or any other tangible items, we will make sure to individually wrap, separate with cushioning layers, and place them in customized containers.

Experienced Movers

Our movers are not just experienced, but they are equally trained in all aspects of moving. Both our local and long-distance movers are always ready to start new projects. Besides, our floor runners are used when we need protection in a “high traffic” area.

Packing and Unpacking

As a full-service moving company, we focus on packing, unpacking, and furniture assembly. Our experienced professionally trained team members are ready to help you treat your belongings with the care that it needs.

Moving Supplies

We make the transition smooth while dealing with relocating supplies such as electronics, computers, and other IT equipment. We understand the significance of company supplies, so we assure you that we will find the moving solution for you.

Piano Moving

Whether it is moving your piano from one room to another, or across town, we are the team for you. Pianos are usually significantly tricky to move. Our piano moving services include disassembly and transport.

Senior Moving

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Moving valuables can be specifically challenging for those in more advanced ages. This is why we take out the time to offer specialized moving services for seniors. We will walk you through each step of the moving process and find the best solution for you.

Realtor Programs

Here at Summit & Storage, we also provide services for real estate brokers and agents. Additionally, we will assist you in moving your clients.


Conclusively, our services include but are not limited to, project coordination, inventory, packing, transportation, and much more. To learn more about services such as specialty processing and re-packing, contact us today!

Houston, TX White Glove Movers

People are moving daily; this means moving household items that are valuable, fragile, and breakable. With moving these prized possessions, it takes technique and effective planning to make your moving experience hassle-free. Contact us today at (713)623-1444 to find out all that we offer here at Summit Moving and Storage or search Houston, TX white glove movers, to find the best location near you!

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