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Before you search “Houston TX short distance moving companies near me,” let us help you instead. Summit Moving & Storage is here to provide the most optimal short and long-distance moving services. With several years of experience, we produce the most reliable professional movers in Houston. We assist with residential and commercial moves to bring you the best results.

As one of the fastest-growing local moving companies in the greater Houston area, we know quality. That’s why we use our excellent customer service to provide an unforgettable moving experience. Once you know you need help moving, don’t wait to give us a call right away.

As a moving company in Houston, we know how essential it is to get local movers that you can trust. We provide the most exceptional packing services for every piece of furniture. We offer everything you need, from moving boxes to moving trucks. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your next big move goes smoothly.

Houston TX Short Distance Moving Companies Near Me

Houston TX Short Distance Moving Companies Near Me

Our services make moving into a new home or workspace easier than ever before. We bring you all of the manpower and expertise you’ll need to make sure you have a successful move. Each of our services is designed to help you reduce stress and the time it takes to move. Once we get started, you’ll be able to relax and plan how to set up your new place.

Summit Moving & Storage provides you with a free quote online or in-person. With our affordable rates, you’ll save big for your big move. We also make sure that all of your items are accounted for and unharmed as we move from point A to point B. Stop searching “Houston TX short distance moving companies near me,” and let us help.

Houston TX Short Distance Moving Companies Near Me

Summit Moving & Storage is a Houston-based moving company that wants the best for your move. With our services, you can make any long or short distance move in the country. Regardless of what neighborhood, city, or across the state you need to move to, our services are available to all. Our mission is to ensure that your moving process is planned and executed perfectly.

With our experience, skills, and knowledge, we provide the most efficient means of moving. We’ll help you plan out the entire moving process so that nothing is looked over. This includes determining the best time and route for the move. It also takes into account how many moving boxes and trucks you’ll need. All of this determines how many trips you’ll need to make to be done.

Summit Moving & Storage also provides specialized services for objects like pianos, pool tables, exercise equipment, swing sets, playgrounds, and more. Our team also offers moving tips that we have accumulated over the years. With our help, there’s nothing you can’t transport anywhere in Texas.

We highly recommend that you also take advantage of our storage services as well. With our multi-purpose storage units, you can hold onto anything you may need later. These spaces are perfect for self-storage, business storage, vehicle storage, and climate-controlled storage. In the end, you’ll be able to de-clutter your new space while retaining any excess items. For more information on our storage services, give us a call.

Moving and Storage Services

Summit Moving & Storage wants to provide the most effective moving services for all of our clients. Whether it’s to a new city or across the state, you can count on us to get your things there in one piece. Our crew will provide the best transportation and equipment for the job. With the right expertise and plan, you’ll have a successful and relaxed move.

We support you from the planning to the point where everything is unpacked. It’s essential that the moving process is planned out ahead of time to avoid anything from slowing you down. We offer over twenty years of moving experience to make sure that everything is secure during your move. Alongside our moving services, our storage services are always available for all of our clients. When you have any excess belongings that you don’t want to throw out, store it with us.

Houston TX Short Distance Moving Companies Near Me

We make moving easier than ever before.

Residential Moving and Storage

For residential moves, no one does better than us. Whether you need help moving down the road, a new neighborhood, city, or cross-state, you can rely on us. We offer assistance from the planning to the packing, unpacking, transportation, and more. After everything is ready, all that’s left is the move and unpacking, and you’re all set.

During the planning step, we make sure to prepare for anything. As such, we make sure to get to know all of the key points of the moving process. For instance, key points can be gate access restriction, narrow driveways, storage needs, vehicle transfers, and more. After we’ve familiarized ourselves with all possible road bumps, we can get started.

Commercial Moving and Storage

When you need to move a single division or the entire office to a new location, we have your back. Summit Moving & Storage makes it easy to move around your office furniture, supplies, and equipment without any incidents. We’ll make sure that all of your belongings are treated with care.

Our commercial services cover everything from planning to packing, transportation, unpacking, acquiring third-party services, and more. And as always, our clients can use our storage services for business-related items as well.

Cross-State Moving and Storage

For long-distance and cross-state moves, you can always use our services to their fullest potential. We help you move anywhere in the state or internationally with our custom crates, transportation, full-service packing, and more. No matter how far you’re going, let us help you get your belongings there in one piece. This applies to residential and commercial moves.

Houston TX Short Distance Moving Companies Near Me

With our help, there’s nowhere you can’t go.

Get In Touch With Us Now

Summit Moving & Storage wants to ensure that you always get the moving service you need. From long-distance to short-distance services, we’re here to support you. Call (713) 623-1444 or find us online for more information. After you do, never search “Houston TX short distance moving companies near me” again.

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