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When looking for services from the best Houston TX Long Distance Movers, give Summit Moving and Storage a call. Whether it’s your first long-distance move or just another relocation, make sure that you are aware of the steps behind a successful move.

Moving can be a very emotional time in your life, filled with both excitement and stress. However, you can avoid that stress by leaving the heavy work to us. With our many years of experience, we are more than capable of managing any moving situation. In fact, throughout the years, we have learned exactly what it takes to provide a smooth and easy transition.

Like people, each move is unique and different from the other. Therefore, we have arranged several options for you. By allowing you to have opinions and make decisions, we are providing only the best services to satisfy your needs. When you are in search of the best long-distance moving company, you know you to contact!

Houston TX Long Distance Movers

If you are ready to move, trust Summit Moving and Storage for all your needs!

Houston TX Long Distance Movers

At Summit, you are receiving services from the best movers in Houston. Our team is composed of highly trained people who are here to share their knowledge and offer their help. Starting as a family business, we have maintained the tradition of treating all customers with kindness and respect.

As for our services, they are broad and offer the best eye for detail. Whether you are performing a home removal or an across state moving, you can trust our services to get the job done. With us, anything you need is possible.

Both care and efficiency are of high priority to our team. We will ensure that all belongings are well cared for and delivered on time.

While there may be many Houston TX Long Distance Movers out there, no one comes close to what we offer. Summit Moving and Storage is the place to visit for your next and any moving services needed.

Our Professional Team

As stated, Summit is committed to giving the best customer service around. We are polite and transparent, ensuring that clear communication will be practiced. In doing so, we will maintain you well informed of all the detail behind your move. Also, our transparency will help in avoiding any mistakes from taking place.

More so, our crew gives your belongings the care they deserve. While other moving companies may not take the time to analyze your items, we will. We will inspect that all fragile valuables are well taken care of so that they will experience no harm.

Houston TX Long Distance Movers

Houston TX Long Distance Movers

Our Moving Trucks

If you are the kind of person who worries about damaged items during a long drive, listen to what we have to say. At Summit, our drivers and movers are capable of traveling long distances without harming your belongings. Throughout the years, we have acquired the knowledge needed to perform such tasks.

As a matter of fact, to deal with large homes or long travels, we now provide supersize trucks. Compared to a standard moving truck, our supersize trucks offer more space for a damage-free move. As a result, we can eliminate the need for multiple trips.

To make Texas cross-state moves a lot easier, it is beneficial to prepare yourself. Before deciding to move, talk to a relocation specialist to get the help needed during your transition.

Be Prepared

Having a detailed moving process can be useful when moving far from your current home. When you speak to a relocation specialist, you will receive a free estimate of the project cost. Also, we will perform a survey to have a good understanding of the items that will be moved. With this knowledge, we will be able to determine whether special services will be required.

Some of the special services that we offer include packing and unpacking, as well as storage and crating.

Once the survey is complete, a date for our move will be scheduled. We will give you a packing and loading date. After that, all there is left to do is complete your move to the best of our ability.

Take our online quote and see how we can help make moving easier.

Residential and Commercial Moving

Our moving services can apply to both residential and commercial moves. Also, we do perform senior relations. In doing all of the above, we provide the best services to help make moving stress of the past.

With the talent of our crew, we have formed long-lasting connections with several clients. When the time comes for another move, they trust our services for the job. Summit goes above and beyond to keep you happy and enjoying the move.

Houston TX Long Distance Movers

We provide many services, from storage to packing and unpacking.

Packing and Unpacking

You can expect our movers to offer help with anything needed. For instance, we are responsible for assisting in any packing and unpacking that is desired.

We are open to the idea that some people enjoy packing their particular belongings. However, our job is to facilitate your moving experience. Therefore, we are more than happy about packing and unpacking ourselves. Whatever the preference may be, we do as you please.

Storage Options

Like our name says, moving and storage is what we do. While we do prioritize making your move easy, we do offer storage services as needed. Our options include self-storage, business storage, and climate-controlled storage. You can rest assured that any item that does not require fast-moving will stay safe in our storage facilities.

Even if some items require certain temperature levels to maintain them healthy, our climate-controlled storage will do the job.

Visit Summit

When searching for moving companies in Houston, there is only one that comes above all. Summit Moving and Storage is the best moving company. For more information regarding our moving and storage, visit us online or call us at (713) 623-1444.

Other companies in surrounding areas will not offer exceptional services. However, no one comes close to the care and attention we give. Trust Summit as the best Houston TX Long Distance Movers around!

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